EPF Balance Check for EPF Account Balance Status

EPF Balance Check with or without UAN Number and by Sending SMS or Missed call, EPFO Mobile App, UMANG App – EPF Balance Check from different ways…..

EPF (Employment Provident Fund) is an integral source of an employee, EPF is a scheme which is useful for all employees, it is a retirement saving scheme maintained by EPFO (Employment Provident Fund Organization), it is compulsory for registering all companies having more than 20 employees, once the money is accumulated in your PF account should not be returned back when you being an employee.

PF Balance Check

Every 12% of your salary in your account will be going to your EPF account, this 12% is divided into two parts one is 8.8% is going to your pension and the remaining 3.67% goes to your EPF account, this PF earns interest (8% – 12%) from government and board trustees, these savings will return after your retirement,

The process of checking the balance of the Employment Provident Fund is made easy these days, now you can check your EPF at any were time without depending on others and no need of filling out forms and submitting into the EPF office to check your EPF balance, easy and quick accessing into the EPF account balance will keep the employees updated of the increment in their balance in the PF account from time to time.

EPF Balance Status

Here are some ways you can check your provident fund balance, now a days checking or accessing your EPF balance becoming easy it is taking less than 5 minutes there are so many ways to check your EPF balance to check any were and at any time they are 5 ways listed below

  • EPF balance online.
  • EPF balance online (UAN not required).
  • EPF balance via sending SMS.
  • EPF balance by giving a missed call.
  • EPF balance via EPFO Mobile App

What is UAN?

In 2014 ‘EPFO launched the Universal Account Number (UAN) or UAN – portal to give more facilities to users through a single window; after logging in to this account users will able to find their EPF balance and other passbook details at a time, this is a 12 digit number and after the introduction of UAN all processes have become simplified and become faster to enquire the balance, Once you receive your UAN, you have to activate it online.

Check EPF Balance Online (UAN required)

Checking of EPF balance online is very simple, to do this you have to create a Universal Account Number (UAN) consisting of 12 digit number and after getting UAN just activate it online and then after the activation login into your UAN account and then download your PF account passbook and check money balance in your account.

EPFO recently released ‘One Member One EPF account’ to give encouragement to users by giving extra features like IT-enabled services and linked with aadhar details, here are some steps are given below to download your PF details.

  • First Log on to the EPFO website of‘ https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp’.
  • Fill in your UAN and member portal password.
  • If you are not registered click on the registration or signup button.
  • After filling in Gmail and password and other details.
  • Click on ‘Login‘.
  • You can now view your EPF passbook.
  • It will show the following details about your PF account.

Checking EPF Balance online without UAN Number

This feature is very simple than online checking with a UAN account, this web facility is mainly for those users who have not received a UAN code till now, to access this facility you have your PF account details such as your PF account number and password etc. after logging in fill the details and then you will receive an SMS contains your account balance.

  • Open the Web Page http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/
  • Then you can see a link named as “Click here to know your EPF Balance” click on it.
  • Click on that link to go to EPFO website.
  • Select your state.
  • Select your establishment code.
  • Enter your PF account number, name, and mobile number.
  • Select the I Agree checkbox.
  • Click on ‘Submit‘.

Checking EPF balance via sending SMS

EPFO also provides balance checking via sending SMS via a registered mobile number the message is in the format of ‘EPFOHO UAN, the last three letters followed by regional or preferred language example message format ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’,  this service is only for those employers who are already registered in UAN, the preferred language codes and process are given bellow.

  • Send an SMS to mobile number 7738299899.
  • You need to send the message as EPFOHO UAN ENG. ENG is the first three characters of the preferred language
  • if you want to receive the message in your regional language change it with the necessary code as given top of the process.

Check EPF Balance by giving a missed call

You can also check your PF balance by giving a missed call to the number 011-22901406 from a registered mobile number, this process also needs UAN account, this process is very easy as compared to all the above processes, if you do not have UAN account go to that web portal and create an account immediately for further purposes, Once the UAN is integrated with your PF account, aadhar, dob and etc.. follow the below step-wise process

  • Give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number.
  • After giving a missed call, you will receive an SMS providing your PF details.

If you are unable to do this take the help of your employer and check your number is activated or not.

Check EPF balance via EPFO Mobile App

Now you can check PF account balance through every smartphone by downloading the ‘m-seva app’ by EPFO, you can download this app from the Play Store, this app is useful to those who are registered with UAN activated number or UAN portal, you can see your balance by downloading a file from the app, This app can also be used by subscribers to activate their UAN, the process is given below.

  • Download the ‘m-seva’ app on your Smartphone from Play Store.
  • Click on “Member” and then on “Balance/passbook”.
  • Now enter your UAN number and registered mobile number.
  • Then it will check whether the number is activated or not.
  • After verification,
  • it will show updated EPF balance details.

Check EPF balance via UMANG App

This app is mainly useful for checking EPF account balance and you can see your passbook by downloading a formatted file from the app, this is the same as the m-seva app, this app is useful to those who are registered with UAN activated number or UAN portal, you can download this app from a play store in any smartphone.

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