How to Restore Data your Pen drive if you have lost

Pen drives are being used for storing data from decades and they are in complete use now. Most of the people, travelling large distances or whoever wants to keep their data safe with them. Uses a pen drive to save their personal, important files. You might also store some of your data in your pen drive.

It might be some confidential or important data you save in your pen drive, what happens if your pen drive losses all your memory. Sometimes a pen drives might mal function and loose all your important data. So, you would want to restore all your data to your pen drive. Most people think it is impossible to restore or recover all data lost in a pen drive. But sometimes it is possible. You can use many kinds of tutorials which may help you to restore all your data.

I will be describing method on who to recover your data from your pen drive. Your pen drive might be damaged physically or internally. If it is damaged internally or mal functioned you can use below method. Many companies are introducing new software’s which recover your lost data from your pen drives easily and in no time, you can find all your personal data.

Step.1 Download Data recovery software from online

Run installer and install the software on your computer with in no time. Then run the software directly.

Then click next and chose which kind of file you want to recover. I will choose all files.


Choose to recover lost data from your pen drive.

You can see in the above image, all the data is re covered.

Then choose path to save all the re covered data to your local disc after san is completed.
So, this method will surely help you out to re cover all the lost data from your pen drive.

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