How to Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon

Gift cards from Visa can be considered prepaid cards that have a particular specified amount of money put onto them. Equally online and offline, they can be accepted at any organization or business that recognizes Visa debit cards as payments. Gift cards offer an economical alternative to making use of credit as well as debit card for business transactions.

They can be obtained in several distinct denominations and are capable of being bought online or from different points of interest. When compared to credit and debit cards, Visa gift cards behave significantly. They have no need for identifiable data to be accessed and don’t have a connection to an account with a bank.

They still have some limitations or restrictions, such as They sometimes have only for a short period of time, some of them even contain expiration times or lack of activity penalty fees or fines, and whenever they become out of finances or money, they are unable to be replenished or recharged and They are restricted from ATM withdrawing money.

Picking a form of payment method additionally serves as an alternative or option before finishing out. Find on Proceed to checkout once placing products or items in your cart. Pick Edit if there is an existing automatic payment. Submit the Visa gift account information under Add a new debit or credit card.

Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon
Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon

Does Amazon Accept Visa Gift Cards?

Visa gift cards are not processed or accepted by Amazon officially. You can take advantage of a couple of alternative solutions, though, in order to purchase things on Amazon with a Visa gift card.

A possible approach is to add the Visa gift card as a way to make purchases to your account with Amazon. Follow all of these steps in order to do this.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account, then pick “Your Account” from the available options in the menu.
  2. Find “Payment Methods” from the “Payment Methods” tab menu.
  3. Tap “Add Payment Method” from the drop-down list or menu.
  4. As the mode of payment method type, opt for “Gift Card or Promotional Code“.
  5. Type or enter in a verification or security code, the time of expiration, and the Visa gift card number.
  6. From the drop-down list, Press “Add to Your Account“.

You can apply for the Visa gift card when making orders on Amazon once uploading it to your Amazon account. There are a couple of restrictions or limitations, however, that you should be conscious of.

  • You can’t purchase electronic or digital products, including Kindle books or MP3s, with a Visa gift card.
  • Visa gift cards are unable to be used when purchasing Amazon gift cards.
  • Visa gift cards are not permitted to pay for an Amazon Prime subscription or membership.
  • You may make use of another means of payment for paying the excess if the item you are considering purchasing prices higher than the number of funds left on your Visa gift card. You could, for example, apply for a debit or credit card.
  • A further option for using a Visa gift card when purchasing things on Amazon is to make use of it for getting an Amazon gift card. To go about this, browse or visit the Amazon website page and find the “Gift Cards” button or option that appears.
  • Submit the Visa gift card information as the form of payment method after specifying the amount of each Amazon gift card that you are interested in purchasing.
  • Following you’ve obtained the card as a present, you are free to utilize it to pay regardless of what shopping you decide on

How to use a Visa Gift card on Amazon?

Multiple methods of payment can be made through Amazon, notably gift cards, credit and debit cards, and Amazon Pay. Pay attention to the following instructions when applying for a Visa gift card on Amazon’s Website.

  1. Access your account at
  2. Add to your shopping cart with everything that you would like to buy.
  3. Keep going to the checkout.
  4. Choose the option to “Add a payment method” in the box referred to “Payment Method.”
  5. Put or enter or type in the card number, day of expiration, and the security code for the Visa gift card.
  6. Pick “Add your card” after which select “Gift Card” as the payment method of your choice or option.
  7. Consider in mind that when Amazon is unable to do anything for you, you’ll require to put in the gift card balance manually. You are going to need to add an extra or second payment method in order to make up the difference if your gift card does not contain a sufficient amount for you to make the purchase as a whole.

How to Add a Prepaid Visa Gift Card to Your Amazon Gift Card Balance?

Here’s how to apply for a prepaid card, which might be a Visa gift card, to add additional funds or money to your Amazon gift card balance when you perform purchases through the internet or online.

  1. Activate the account you created with Amazon and join in.
  2. From the options that appear in the menu choices, tap the Account option under your account name. The Account & List tab is also visible by clicking over it, located in the page’s upper right area or corner.
  3. Finding Your Payments.
  4. From the available list of Rewards & Balances options or possibilities, tap Amazon Gift Card.
  5. Pick the option to choose to Reload your balance.
  6. Tap “Buy Now” following adding the amount from your Visa gift card. Ensure watchful to add exactly the correct amount of payment or money.
  7. In the Add a payment method component or section or option, pick Add a credit or debit card.
  8. Be sure to include the essential prepaid Visa gift card account information or details: Card number
    • Name or title of the card.
    • Security code or Three-digit CVV code.
    • Date of Expiry of the card.
  9. If you correctly finish the above procedure, Amazon will add the remaining balance of your Visa gift card without providing an accounting or billing address.

How to use a Visa Gift Card directly on Amazon

Here’s how to add a Visa gift card to your collection of options for making purchases on Amazon.

  1. Activate the account you created with Amazon and enter in.
  2. From the options that appear in the menu, tap the Account option under Your Account. The Account & List tab is also viewable by clicking on it in the page’s highest or top corner.
  3. Managing Your Payments.
  4. Pick Cards & accounts and then push Add a payment method.
  5. Find Credit or Debit Cards from the options that appear.
  6. You must provide the Visa gift cards information, like name, Visa debit or credit card number, day of expiration, etc., on Amazon.
  7. Your individual address isn’t going to be requested as a billing invoicing address. You could utilize the one that issued the bank’s location or address.
  8. Hold off for authorization or confirmation immediately following tapping the Add option or feature.
  9. Whenever the amount remaining or balance on your prepaid Visa gift cards is entirely applied, you are able to access or visit the mode of the payment page to find another means of payment which include variables such as a debit card.

How to Delete a Visa Gift Card as a Payment Option?

Whenever you’ve expended the amount of cash on the gift card, it will be necessary to take away it from your checklist of payment other possibilities.

Here it is how:

  1. Navigate to your Amazon account and join in.
  2. Pick the Account link in your login information section. Likewise, you’ll be able to access the Account & List tab.
  3. Click Here to Make Your payment processing.
  4. Press the payment method, followed by choosing Delete.
  5. Amazon will want to know how you’d like to keep going. For verification or conform of deletion, press.
  6. For the sake of avoiding unwanted purchases, evacuate a Visa gift card as soon as possible after expending all of the money that is available.
  1. For what reason is my Amazon Visa gift card been rejected?

    Confirm that your Visa gift card’s value is not in excess of or greater than the item’s worth and that you have faithfully specified the card’s number, time of expiration, billing address, and contact information.

  2. Can Target Visa gift cards be made use of on Amazon?

    No, as well as you cannot spend a gift card provided by one shop at a different one. Only Target store locations are allowed to accept Target Visa gift cards.

  3. Is it possible to make purchases in part with a Visa gift card on Amazon?

    Amazon is unable to allow you to allocate expenses between two cards, but you’re able to find a way for you to convert the sum of money to the outstanding quantity of your Amazon gift card.

  4. What kind of credit score must you have in order to qualify for an Amazon Prime Visa card?

    A score on your credit report of 700 or superior must be obtained to be approved for the Credit Card. It indicates that somebody with sufficient but not righteous credit may be qualified to receive the card.

  5. Can Visa gift cards be put to use on Amazon?

    Prepaid cards can be utilized or accepted for a vast majority of purchases on, even though there are some prohibitions. For prepaid Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards, also conditions applied. They are unable to be used in conjunction with credit cards in exactly the same order.

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