Camel Camel Camel – The Amazon Price Tracker & Similar Tools

Everyone can know about the Amazon Price Down Tracking tool Camel Camel Camel and their Similar Tools with usage details along with setup…..

When shopping online like Amazon, eBay, every one of us searches for a good deal, sometimes, it is difficult to find the right time to make a purchase, and they are over 480 million products on Amazon, which means they are thousands of good deals that we are missing out, Searching price by page will take so much of time so, to do this process easy now we have to explain about amazon price tracking tools.

Now, for example, you have to buy or purchase a product but you do not have efficient money or less budget to make a purchase and you are waiting for the best deals or offers in bargain price to purchase product for this purpose you are Searching prices by page by page will take so much of time, it is really too hard, to do this process easy they are a number of amazon price tracking tools or websites are available in online, the prices of a lot of products at Amazon tends to fluctuate in every one second or over time.

To enhance your Amazon shopping experience these price trackers will helps to provide price history charts, price drop alerts, price watches, daily drops and browser add-ons, and there are so many uses with this price trackers it helps in find outing best deals, message alerts when prices are down and below target price alerts, price change history in graphical method and etc.,

And also this trackers gives message alerts through email, nowadays this price trackers became famous, based on this popularity on price trackers some android and iOS applications has been created and it simplifies the work, and never overpay again! Shop smarter and if you have any droughts about price details directly go through this tools and then compare the up and downs of prices, so stop wasting time and money and download price tracker for Amazon today and start saving money.

Here are some best and different types of Amazon Price Tracking tools

  • CamelCamelCamel
  • Slick Deals Price Tracker
  • PriceZombie
  • Invisible Hand
  • Cheap Shark
  • Keepa Amazon Price Tracker
  • The Tracktor
  • Jungle Searches
  • Honey Price Tracker
  • Price Pirates

Above all price tracking tools have some extensions on browsers and their own android apps, total and detailed information about these tracers are given below by one by one.

Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel
Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel is the Best and Top Rated Amazon Price Tracking Tool

Camel Camel Camel is one of the amazon price trackers, and it is one of the popular price tracking tool in last year, Camel Camel Camel shows you how the prices of items are fluctuating up or down over time, and shows about how prices are changed through Amazon directly or through third-party sellers and most of the users choose camel camel camel as their amazon tracker because it provides clear and detailed information about product and it sends alert messages via email, to manage your notifications you have to sign up in camelcamelcamel official website.

To create an account in it just open camel official website and then go to ‘watch your prices’ present on the navigation bar and then you will find a‘login panel’ then click on ‘sign up’ to create account then a page will be open fill the page with necessary details and then click on ‘create button’, then it will show a message as ‘Your Camel Camel Camel Account Has Been Created Successfully’,

  • In simple steps, go to
  • Then go to your prices watches present on the navigation bar
  • You will see a long in panel on it and then click on sign up button
  • Present on bottom of login panel.
  • Fill it with necessary details like Gmail and create password greater than 4 digits.
  • Then click create my account button.
  • After clicking it will show a message like ‘Your Camel Camel Camel Account has Been Created Successfully’.

You can see top price drops in camel camel camel website and you can see total history of that item through a bar graph as shown in below figure, and also you can search popular products on amazon today or on that day, and you can search product details by just entering the Amazon URL, to locate the product in camel search engine, each item’s page are a have their price history chart, tracking not only Amazon’s price, but also third party new and used prices. You can even specify the chart to display only a range of daily, monthly, every six months, years, or starting to right now.

Camel Camel Camel Browser Extension Features

  • Camel Camel Camel will provide price history for every product on Amazon.
  • You can configure the Extension settings to display price history for the last month, six months, and year.
  • It is possible to adjust the slider bar to display price history graphs from Amazon or other web stores.
  • you can watch the sales rank graph (to see how a product has fared) in the last month, three months, six months and year.
Camel Camel Camel
Amazon Price Tracker

Price tracking add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome makes it easy to view the price history of any product, you can add price history charts into your browser and view them directly from retailer product pages by installing some extensions in your browser.

By installing these add-ons in your browser, you can see Camel price history charts on Amazon without leaving online shopping product pages, Easy access to the total price history data on their site and it supported for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. And it will notify directly through extensions.

Camel Camel Camel on Redit
Camel Camel Camel APP

You can check prices directly without installing any extensions, this can be done by dragging three camels to your bookmark bar, and this process is name as Camelet – A Browser Independent Bookmark let, to find these three camels ‘Go to tools on official website >bookmarklet> drag the three camels into your bookmark bar’ after dragging camels in to bookmark bar it will show as given below picture.

You can also download this camel camel camel related tool on your smartphone through play store named as ‘TryCamel’, and it is an open-source application, and its logo is provided or created by and it is not affiliated with camelcamelcamel, installing process in simple words, ‘Go to play store > search for ‘Try Camel’ > click on Try Camel heading > click on Install button > creates an icon on your screen automatically after installing’.

Slick Deals Price Tracker

This is the one of the best in all price trackers and to get notifications or alerts from this Slick Deals Price Tracker you have to create account in slick deals server to do this ‘Go to ‘’ > sign up present on the navigation bar click on it > a page will open with sign in details > fill up  >click on sign in’, you can sign in with Facebook account or you can connect with Gmail.

if you want to create or register separate account you can create it by filling with necessary details in login panel and then click on submit, after your sign in Slick Deals will start tracking the prices every day and for your chosen products.

Slick Deal’s is a type of tracker used to track products on online shopping websites including products, you can track or search best price of a product by simply entering the URL of the product which you want to track price and the Slick Deals price tracker will give live price of product and it is supported by 50 or more than 50 online web stores.

It is well known for bringing you great, up-to-the-minute discounts, coupons, and other deals from around the web, and it is also best for watching prices on Amazon, and on several other popular shopping sites, like Newegg, Gamestop, IKEA,, and others.

By using this tool you can search prices on any international shopping websites, it helps in searching of great deals and it provides great coupons which saves your money or gives cashback on your deals, by this email alerts which are combined with a special label in Gmail, made it easy to collect price history.

here you can find coupons in store link present on the navigation bar and you can find coupons by separately for every international online shopping websites and after clicking the website which you want to find coupons it will show the  all coupons related to it and here you can get travelling deals and coupons here.

This opens source tracking not just what you can get in one place, but make sure you’re getting the best deal even if you don’t buy your item at Amazon but also at other online stores.

Slick Deals Price Tracker

To manage alerts or notifications go to deal alerts and there you will find 6 types of deal alerts they are listed below

  • Travel
  • Home and improvements
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Clothing for kids
  • Nike
Slick Deals Amazon Price Tracker

Including this you will find custom manage message alerts or deal alerts, here you can change alerts timing and notification method and target form and rating after changing this fields with necessary details then click on create deal alert.

Process go to deal alerts > create and manage deal alerts > change or give title to it and > change target hots and notification method and timings of notifications and ratings > click on ‘create deal alerts’, and Enter product names, keywords, stores or any other search criteria and get notified whenever a new deal is posted that matches your entry,

Slick Deals Android app
And it has its own Android application or app available on play store and it is open sourced application, the installing process is ‘Go to Play store > search for Stalk deals > it will search for it and then click on heading > click on install button’creates an icon on your screen automatically after installing.

Price Zombie

PriceZombie is mainly used to compare price of products in many websites, PriceZombie is an easy to install, server side application that tracks the price history of millions of products in a wide variety of stores. Additional stores are added frequently so, Price Zombie monitors many online shopping websites and combines the products so, you can find the best price and you can watch price drops and if your price is go on sale it provides high resolution screen shot with all details on your web automatically, price zombie is all about saving you money.

Price Zombie Price Tracker

Price Zombie shutting down end of the month because of Amazon, so now we can talk about its browser extension and this extension is famous for Price tracker and price comparison, and it provides Price history charts and price drop alerts for over 100 stores including Amazon, BestBuy, OfficeMax, Target, Sears, Sam’s Club, Fry’s, Home Depot, and etc.,

You can download PriceZombie Extension to your web browser the download process is given below –

  • Open these URL
  • And then search for PriceZombie beta on the search box and then hit enter.
  • You will find results as shown in the figure.
pricezobile browser extension
  • Then click on add to chrome button side of the image.
  • It will download and installed automatically.
  • You can find this extension at side of URL bar.

After installing the price zombie browser extension, the price zombie icon will appear in side of the URL bar, an then if you want to check prices click the icon (to activate it or price zombie) then it will show price history charts and price ranges, at bottom of the screen you will find several tabs.

If price zombie finds same information on other stores click on second tab then you will see an alternate websites and their prices and then click on the website and purchase the item which you want to purchase, if you are register member of price Zombie it will watches the item an notify you when the item reaches the price you want to purchase and so.

If you want to register in Price Zombie then visit official website and there are some problems with this extension In some cases, might need to restart your browser before it gets activated, and it is open source Extension and registering in it is full of free cost.

They cannot store your information in their servers they want only your email address to send notifications to your email and they will show live price drops and send notification alert to you, so you can see item drops in real time, and they will help you to track price protection this means if you strike at a low price, you can get notification to your registered email account.

Features of PriceZombie:

  • Easy to understand and Browse to a supported retailer’s site and click on the Price Zombie icon to see price charts.
  • It will show live price dropping.
  • The main purpose of Price Zombie extension has built-in price comparison,
  • It will show you at a bargaining price if the price is the best currently available
  • Displays running 30 day and 90 day average prices.
  • Includes Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank.

Invisible Hand

InvisibleHand is quite same as all the web browsers and it does not track prices and it will show price history and charts of the item, define which the best time to purchase an item and Invisible Hand gets you the lowest price on shopping, flights, hotels & rental cars automatically without doing anything and it will provide coupons and compare the prices with other items and saves money by comparing and finding coupons.

Invisible Hand give notification when the product in which you’re shopping for is available for less at another site or price less I other site compared with other site, Invisible Hand check if there are coupon codes for the store you’re shopping, it helps to make sure you’re always getting the best deal, It works with Google Search and Instant and it is full of ads free and no malware, no spyware and 100% secured.

Invisible Hand automatically searches for the lowest price when you are searching for flights or shopping in online, as you know that InvisibleHand gives notification when a better price is available on a product or flight as you searching, the process for downloading Extension ‘Open chrome web store > search for Invisible hand > click on install > it will added automatically after installation’.

You can download InvisibleHand Extension to your web browser the download process is given below –

  • Open these URL
  • And then search for Invisible Hand beta on the search box and then hit enter.
  • You will find results as shown in the figure.
 Invisible Hand Browser extension
  • Then click on add to chrome button side of the image.
  • It will download and installed automatically.
  • You can find this extension at side of URL bar.

Invisible Hand Browser extension for Firefox quietly shows better prices for online shoppers or web shoppers, The Chrome extension which could potentially relay what you have been doing on the web to Amazon and other online websites.

Features InvisibleHand:

  • It stays out of your way
  • Real-time prices
  • Get cheaper flights
  • It works with Google
  • Reveal hidden prices
  • It learns as you use it

New features of InvisibleHand:

  • InvisibleHand automatically finds the lowest price on hotels.
  • It also provides one-click access to verified hotel reviews
  • InvisibleHand automatically finds and give notification for the best prices on online shopping.
  • Checks for better prices and automatically shows a discreet notification when you’re browsing a product which is cheaper at another retailer or website.

Cheap Shark tracker

CheapShark mainly focus on Gaming products, we track prices of games on other stores such as Amazon, GreenManGaming, and etc., it helps to find the best deals in games prices, CheapShark is all about finding the best deals on digital game downloads for PC,The one feature is highlighting in this extension feature is highlighting a game name on any website, right click and select “Search Cheap Shark” to automatically search the title on the Cheap Shark website.

The cheap shark extension for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are unofficial and it is not directly connected with an official website, the installing process given below.

  • Open these URL
  • And then search for Cheap Shark beta on the search box and then hit enter.
  • You will find results as shown in the figure.
Cheap Shark tracker Amazon Price Tracker
  • Then click on add to chrome button side of the image.
  • It will download and installed automatically.
  • You can find this extension at side of URL bar.

After installing Cheap Shark Browser Extension in Chrome, if you are looking for a big game, you will see a ‘Search CheapShark’ button right next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Click on it to check it is the best price or not and if you right-click on any game title on any website and choose ‘Search CheapShark’.

CheapShark Amazon Price Track

You can also go directly to Cheap Shark directly by visiting cheap Shark Official website and by go through store on official website the path is Open official website > click on searches > show lot of games > click on game which you want after clicking it will be redirected to shopping website> then purchase item’,  You can always go over to CheapShark directly to see the top deals by store or to search for a specific game if you don’t want to install anything.


Keepa is an Amazon Price Tracker, and it is one of the smart price trackers for Amazon, Keepa contains a group of tools such as price history graphs, price drop, stock availability alerts, deal alert and it offers browser Extensions or add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera. Keepa is the best way to track price drops, deals, and get or receive alerts on more number of online web stores.

We track any product for you and notify you once the product dropped below your desired price, It has an android and iOS applications and works on browsers but the presentation of data could be better and it has the ability to import wish lists to your smartphone by logging with your keepa account on your mobile, Prices on Amazon fluctuates a lot to enhance this keepa will provide product history charts and etc..

Keepa Browser Extension initialization process

  • Open the keepa official website or open given link ‘’.
  • And then go to ‘Apps’ provided on navigation bar as shown in the image.
Keepa Amazon Price Tracking Tool
  • A page will open containing icons of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge web browsers.
  • Click on the browser in which you want to install.
  • After clicking it will redirect to web store and then click on add to the browser.
  • And then it will install automatically.
Keepa Amazon Prick Tracking Tool

After installing the Keepa Price Tracker Extension, you can find the installed extension on right side of the URL bar, when you are searching for iPhone x mobile phone on amazon web store or any other web store, when you are opened the product URL then keepa will automatically be turned on and then it will show the product history graph at below the product details and you can control or change the size of graph between 200 to 500 pixels.

To change pixels of graph just ‘go to settings provide on right side of history of graph slide then go to Extension or add-on settings there you will find change pixels (between 200 and 500) change the pixels as you want and then reload the page for save your settings on keepa.

It is just like works as camelcamelcamel , the Keepa extension of the browser will make things easier and give shortcut ways, and it will allow you to view price history on the bottom of the product.

Other notable features include an Android app and ability to import wish lists to your smartphone by logging with your keep account on your mobile And it has the android app and that android app downloading process is given here.

  • Open Play Store in your mobile or click on the given link of
  • It will redirect to Play store on your mobile.
  • Then search for keepa price tracker in the search box.
  • It will show keepa app and then press install button then it will install automatically.
  • And then it will create an icon of keepa app on your desktop.

Features of Keepa Price Tracker:

  • Compare the Amazon price with other online web stores.
  • It will send notification alert if product drops below your desired price which you’re are tracking.
  • Keepa can send notification alerts to your preferred email, Tweet, Facebook, and Telegram,
  • Keepa helps to find the best deals every day.
  • Find products with the highest drop or at fewer prices in other web stores.
  • You can import your products (Wish list Import) which are tracking by keepa price tracker
  • You can control and Change the behavior of the extension the way you like it.

To enhance your Amazon shopping experience keepa will provide price history charts, price drop alerts, price watches, daily drops and browser add-on.

The Tracktor

The Tracktor price tracker will works same as how keepa works, but keepa is better than this because it offering more than 50+ online web stores, however, the tracktor is another popular price tracking tool of Amazon and it will show better performance in tracking and showing history graphs, and every day The Tracktor will display the top movers and shakers of the day and you are able to search the products by price or percentage and it has chrome browser Extension or add-on.

If you want to get notification alerts at real-time on the biggest movers and trending deals install this extension on your web browser, and extension for chrome is completely full of free cost, This will decide if the current price is good or not be based on historical data, and the tracktor extension for Firefox is in development.

Installing Extension

The Tracktor Amazon Price Tracker

After installing the extension, you can find it on the right side of URL bar, If you’re looking for best deals the just go through The Tracktor extension or website, then open amazon web store and start search for the product that you are looking to buy and after choosing the product click on that then it will show you the current price, and the product’s historical price on the same page, if the price of products is less than your desired price it will send notification alerts via mail or etc., and you can receive alerts on future price drops.

By using the Tracktor price checker engine, graphs are loaded directly into your web page and then you can track your desired items, the tracktor will track your desired items and notified when a price reaches a certain point, this extension only for Amazon and it will not works on other online web stores so keepa will better than it (The Tracktor), It is supported by more than 5 countries named as Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and this website is good for user-friendliness and simplicity, And it will always Be Trying to filter by percent change to find large discounts.

Features of The tracktor tracker:

  • It will send notification alert if product drops below your desired price which you’re are tracking.
  • The tractor can send notification alerts to your preferred email,
  • The tractor helps to find the best deals every day.
  • Find products with the highest drop.
  • Graphs are loaded directly into your web page.
  • You can control and Change the behavior of the extension the way you like it.
  • You can also view their top mover’s section to see the biggest price movements on the Amazon store.

However, Keepa is best for tracking price tracking and it is available for more platforms.

Jungle Searches

Jungle Searches is an advanced price tracking tool for, this is different from all price trackers, Amazon offers thousands of great deals, and their product prices are fluctuating in every minute, Jungle Search has made your work of searching offers on amazon page by page, Jungle Searches offers the simplest and easy way to find the best deals on, and it doesn’t have any extensions for web browsers.

Amazon searches do not provide the percentage off the range, and coupons included but these are all available on Jungle Searches, and it will searches for percent off deals eligible for prime.  In jungle search, the searching processes are of 4 types present on navigation bar they are

  • Advanced search.
  • Kindle search.
  • Book search.
  • Quick search.
Jungle Searches Advanced search
Jungle Searches in Kindle Search

Advanced Search:
If you want to search the products at a particular percentage offers and particular price, just go through Advanced Search and then select the category in which you want to search as in the image from the left side column, and then specify or fill the page columns such as Key Words, Brand Name, min and max percentage offer, min and max price, search by, reviews, search results fill all these and then finally click on search by then it will start searching in and escapes the prices above and below max price.

By above image it will escape the price from 0 to 200 and show the price between the min and max price and this same as min and max offer, you can also select search on other merchants it will show best prices on other merchants for better search.
Kindle Search

This is used to search books on and Kindle Search allows to you to search books of kindle on by category, Advanced Kindle Search for to Find Books by Author, Title, Genre, Publisher, and Price.

Here no categories are listed so you do not have to select category so, you can fill the blanks with necessary details such as keywords, author, Title of book, language of book, name of series, publisher name, max and min price and etc.., fill all the blanks and then check the form for any mistakes and then click on search kindle book then it will be redirected to ‘’.

Jungle Searches in Book Search

Book Search

Books Search allows you to search non kindle books and by, this is same as kindle search there is only one difference between both that is kindle search searches kindle books whereas books search searches non-kindle books, you can fill the blanks with necessary details such as keywords, author, Title of book, language of book, name of series, publisher name, max and min price and etc..,

Jungle Searches in Quick search

Fill all the blanks and then check the form for any mistakes and then click on search kindle book then it will be redirected to ‘’ and then it will show results that you are desired.
Quick search

Quick search is to fast search as that name suggests and it makes search easy, Amazon has thousands of great deals and fluctuating every minute so it is difficult to find the best price by page by page searching but this Quick search makes your search easy and saves your time, Quick Search offers a quick way to find the best deals and offers on web store by simply clicking on percentages by choosing the category it is very simple to search, that percentages represent the offer in percentage, after clicking on the percentage offer it will be redirected to web store and then show results for your search.

Honey Price Tracker

The Honey is one of the most popular and best prices tracking or comparing tool for Amazon products or, and it is supported by 5 countries named as United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and India, The Honey is easy to use and most advanced in price tracking tools, and makes the whole process that much easy and it has Extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, Droplist feature of Honey tracker makes it easy to add products and it depends on your shopping behavior and is based on your shopping behavior it will send useful notification alerts to you and send alerts when the price of product is below your desired price, you can improve the performance of honey extension by upgrading to advanced honey.

The installing process of Honey extension is given below

  • You can download Honey Extension to your web browser the download process is given below
  • Open these URL
  • And then search for Honey on the search box and then hit enter.
  • You will find results as shown in the figure.
honey amazon price tracker
  • Then click on add to chrome button side of the image.
  • It will download and installed automatically.
  • You can find this extension at side of URL bar.

Login process:

  • After downloading of honey extension, click on the icon of extension.
  • You will find more slides in bottom of extension page.
  • Go through 3rd slide then you will find login panel.
  • Fill it with your gmail account and password.
  • Then hit enter. It will log in after hitting enter button.
honey amazon price tracker

After downloading the honey extension you can find it right side of the URL bar and if Droplist feature is enabled you can receive email notification alerts s when the product price is below your desired price, and it is famous for coupons and promo codes and finding best deals, when you are searching for best deals at

you will see a button named as “Add to Droplist” using this you can add products to your wish list or drop-list, if the price dropped it will send notification alert to your registered email address, a pop-up window will open by asking watch the product for 30, 60 or 90 days when you when you click on “Add to Droplist” button, The price history works similar to your response, it will provide graphs for your desired products or items.

Features of Honey Extension:

  • It will automatically find coupons and then apply codes for your transitions.
  • Hit the Honey button during transactions it will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart.
  • It will show history charts of all products on
  • Honey will see transparent price history.
  • Instantly compare sellers

Price Pirates

Price pirate is one of the best comparison tool, and it has multiple web stores such as eBay, Amazon, and etc., and offers many other offers from thousands of online stores, and price pirates provides apps for android as well as iOS and also for PC’s for iOS and windows and Linux operating systems.

It is ultimate tool for comparisons, and it is by United States, and it shows Search results over the past few days and top seller over the past few days,and it has extension for chrome and opera browsers, the extension installing procedure is given below –

  • You can download Price pirates to your web browser the download process is given below
  • Open these URL
  • And then search for Price pirates on search box and then hit enter.
  • You will find results as shown in the figure.
Price Pirates Amazon Pricker Browser extention
  • Or go to ‘’.
  • Then click on Pricepirates Browser Extension.
  • It will redirect to chrome webstore.
  • Then click on add to chrome button side of the image.
  • It will download and installed automatically.
  • You can find this extension at side of URL bar.

Searching of amazon prices in Price Pirates is simple, when you are searching products via price pirates you have to enter keyword on search box and then click on search after clicking on search button it will search thousands of online web stores such as amazon, eBay and etc.,

Then finally give results, then click on the link which you want to buy then purchase the product, and it has android and iOS applications to download it ‘Open Play Store in your smart Phone > search for PricePirates> then click on price pirates powered by Price >click on install button’,

Downloading price Pirates software and apps:

  • Open the given URL ‘
  • Then click on responsive menu icon, click on download in that options.
  • After clicking on it, it will be redirected to downloading page.
  • Choose your operating system (windows, iOS) type and click on enter.
  • It will start downloading and then creates software icon on desktop.

Wrapping Up

These Amazon price trackers are helps to search good deals and if there is any best deals or good deals within bargain limits and give notification to your smart phone or PC when the prices are dropped or fluctuated and also this Amazon price Tracker helps to save you money by checking the prices of your desired items, and alerts you when the price dropped through notifications.

For this Amazon price tracker will generate notifications whenever lower prices are detected prices drop detected, this amazon price trackers will give detailed report on the price drops from daily, weekly, monthly, for every six months, yearly in, simple words it will show total and detailed history of an product.

*Disclaimer: The Content we produce on this page will be only such as advice or readable information. We provide the content on the page after getting it from different sources at that time. Still, the changes from time to time, like contact information such as phone numbers, email IDs, web links and any other about that product in any form, are not responsible to us. We provide the information you need and are not an authentic source. You may refer to the original/official website/page for further clarification and more info on that product.