How to Delete Amazon Order History

There is no specific button or option on Amazon that allows you to totally remove purchases from your order history. However, you may archive an order to prevent it from appearing in your order history. This simple guide will explain how to delete Amazon purchases order history on Android, iPhone, and PC in order to erase or remove them.

Delete Amazon Order History

Alternatively, here will explain how to archive your Amazon order history which helps you to remove or remove or disappear completely from the order history purchase list on the desktop version or using the amazon mobile app for your account by the simple steps.

How to Archive Amazon order History on PC?

  1. Sign in to Amazon using your credentials.
  2. The Desktop version will be redirected to your regional site, like or
  3. Select the Accounts and Lists tab. In the account listings, choose Your Orders.
  4. Now, find the order you wish to Archive and click to choose it.
  5. After you’ve chosen your order, click the Archive Order button.
  6. A confirmation box will show on your screen as soon as you click this button. Finally, from this window, click the “Archive Order” option to conceal your selected order.
  7. Similarly, you may hide as many orders as you wish by repeating the same procedure.

How do you Archive your Amazon order History on Android mobile

  1. Open the Amazon app on your android mobile and log in by Username and Password.
  2. Navigate to “Your Orders” and choose the item you wish to hide.
  3. Now click on “View Order Detail” and proceed with listing “Archive Order” to hide order history.
    • Keep in mind that any orders you hide will not be completely erased from your account. You may still view them by going to your account page and then choosing ‘Order and Shopping Preferences‘ and then ‘Archived Orders‘.
  4. Now you can see all your previous archived orders and move them back to the main list if you need to by clicking on the “Unarchive Order” button located next to the product.

How to Archive Amazon Order History on iPhone

  1. Login into the Amazon Account through iPhone App.
  2. Navigate to “Your Orders” and choose the item you wish to hide.
  3. Now click on “View Order Details“.
  4. Now click on the listing “Archive Order,” to hide order history.

How to hide Order History by using Amazon Hub locker and Amazon Counters?

  • Enter a location in the ‘find pickup locations near‘ search box and find a Locker or Counter near you and add it to your address book.
  • When checking out on Amazon, choose Locker or Counter as your delivery point.
  • When you receive your delivery email notification, go to the Locker or Counter location and follow the easy instructions in the email.
  • This is the best choice to avoid order history that cannot be noticed or displayed in the mobile app or PC amazon order history.

For more support call the Amazon customer helpline and discuss with a support agent to get help to hide/delete or archive specific orders from your account orders list.

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