Amazon Hub Counter/Locker and Pick-Up Order

This has increased the strain on traditional mail delivery systems, which are already old, overloaded, and suffering budget cuts. Amazon Hub Counters was established to make online shopping delivery and returns more convenient and safe to give better customer service.

Amazon Hub

An international network of pickup locations is called Amazon Hub. Any company with a physical presence may participate in the program and offer safe package pickup and returns to Amazon users. As a result, they may see an increase in customers and revenue at their site.

How Does Amazon Hub Counter Work

Local stores provide Amazon Hub Counter as a service so that users may pick up their orders there. Customers of Amazon now have the option to pick up their orders whenever the store is open. Customers of Amazon can benefit from it since occasionally, they may not be home to accept their orders, or their pick-up location may not be in a convenient spot.

What is Amazon Hub Locker or Counter

Amazon has officially introduced two different and unique delivery models: Amazon Hub Counter and Amazon Hub Locker. Regrettably, the majority of merchants and customers require thorough explanations of how each delivery strategy works. You must appreciate the variation between Amazon Hub and Locker to avoid making crucial errors when selecting the model to use for your retail organization.

amazon hub counter
amazon hub Counter

Amazon Hub Apartment Locker

Because Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers are linked to your home address, you don’t need to do anything extra when placing an order. Just mention your home address, and the product will be delivered to a lock box in your building for apartments.

  • You must first register for an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker in your residential building before you can begin receiving shipments there.
  • Contact the property management in your building and request access to the Amazon Hub Apartment Locker.
  • Having enrolled, you may purchase from Amazon as normal and have your products delivered to a locker.

How Can we use Amazon Hub Lockers to Return Orders

If your return shipment is accepted, our Returns Center will provide the option to deliver it to an Amazon Hub Locker. If you select this, a map will allow you to locate a nearby locker.

  • Just go to the Returns Center.
  • Please send a return request.
  • You will receive a code in an email from us.
  • Use the locker drop-off code to access it.
  • Also, on the touch screen display, enter the verification code.
  • Finally, respond to the directions that are displayed on the screen.

How to Find Amazon Hub Lockers

While choosing a shipping address during the checkout process or when adding a new address to Your Account, you can access Amazon Hub Locker locations.

Where to locate an Amazon Hub Locker:

  • Access point Search may be found at
  • Search using a landmark, postcode, or address. The search results will display open places.
  • When selecting Ship to this address at checkout after adding it to your address book, you may use it as your shipping address.
  • All of the products in your order must be able to be delivered to a locker for this to be possible.

How to Start Using Amazon Hub

  • Visit the website and provide the location where you want to pick up your delivery.
  • Great, you should begin by looking for hub locations near you.
  • Provide an address closest to your selected pickup location. Double-check to see if it reads “locker” or “counter.”
  • After you’ve found the appropriate Amazon hub location for you, click the yellow “Add to address book” option to save it to your Amazon address book.
  • When you’re ready to check out, select this address as your delivery address.

Why Use a Hub Vs Home Delivery?

Counters and Lockers are excellent from Amazon’s standpoint. We can transport a lot of products at once to a single place, and users can then come to pick up their items.

  • Amazon Hubs allow customers to receive their purchased things promptly. Amazon usually has convenient pick-up locations near your home or business.
  • Customers would no longer have to worry about being at home for delivery or Amazon sending their product to the incorrect address.
  • Customers are free to pick up their belongings whenever it is convenient for them, as long as they do so before the maximum hold duration expires.
  • Time saved by not visiting each residence is enormous.
  • Also, monitoring and calling customers to deliver products saved a lot of time.
  • It can be worrisome to mail a valuable item to your house, particularly if you live in a neighbourhood where package theft and “Porch Pirates” are frequent.
  • High-end cameras and other items are increasingly being purchased on It’s not ideal to have it remain on your doorstep all day.
  • So, it will be Amazon’s responsibility to keep the item secure until you get there, not yours.
  • Counters operate similarly since the operator at your neighbourhood shop will hold the product secure until you arrive.
  • Returns are also easy with Lockers and Counters since you simply go in, scan a code, and hand over the package, and you’re done.
  • Money saved that might equal more than half of the shipping costs! Because you are now paying the courier to deliver all of the packages in one location.
  1. What if a user has a problem when utilizing a Hub Locker?

    If you have any problems with an Amazon Hub Locker, you may contact the Amazon support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Amazon service can track and assist you in understanding the Amazon Hub Locker near you. Moreover, customer service may notify you if the Hub Locker is not operational at the time.

  2. Can I Return items to a Hub Locker or Counter?

    Even so, not only is it conceivable, but it is also simple! For example, signal to the assistant that you wish to return a purchase on your account and input the code or show the barcode/QR code.

  3. What is the price of operating an Amazon Hub?

    Joining the global Amazon Hub network is free. Amazon pays for the production, shipping, installation, and maintenance of lockers, leaving you to focus on what you do best: serving new clients who walk through your doors.

  4. Can we Pickup our order at the Amazon Hub?

    After receiving your delivery notification, you may pick up your item at an Amazon Hub. We will notify you through email when your shipment is available for collection. The email contains a cargo tracking Number and a unique pickup barcode, as well as the address and hours of operation for your chosen site.

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