How to Get Attractive Signature for Your e-Mail

Sending mails has become a process in our daily life. Mails are sent to various people all over the world. But have you consider making your mail look different. By different, I mean making it look attractive than other mails .If you add a signature to your mail which connects it to some of your major social networking sites, then it is awesome to use and the one who receives your mails, may like it. Many people are suing signatures for their mails for better reasoning.

I use Wise Stamp website to add attractive signatures for my mails. Whether a Gmail or another mail, you can make use of wise stamp. Wise stamp is an international website providing various stuff which includes free attractive signatures for mails. This how you mail would look like after adding Wise stamp signature to it. It is easy add and takes less than few minutes to add a signature with social networking links of yours.

How to add attractive signatures for your mail
Wise Stamp works AOl, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail perfectly and with no bug issues. But other mails are not tested.
1. Go to
2. At Top extreme right, you will have a button “create a signature”
3. Click on it and continue.
4. You will be taken here and you need to customize how your signature looks.
Then click on done and continue
5. Then your browser will attempt to install wise stamp app on your browser. Allow it and let wise stamp be installed on your browser.

6. Then you’re done. Now you can send mails to anyone with your new attractive signature.

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