How to Recall an Email in Outlook

Delivering an email to the incorrect person, failing to include an attached file, sending a hurtful email in the excitement of the situation, and making funny mistakes are just some of the many common email mistakes we all want to correct as soon as we become aware of them.

An email recall is one method for correcting those errors. Recalling an email or message is simple, as the application calls them in Outlook. The personal computer program contains a useful feature that allows you to recall and change a message you would not send or want another chance to rewrite. It’s simple but not always clear, and that’s why we’re going to help you through ways to recall an email in Outlook.

What Does it Mean When You Recall an Email in Outlook?

While trying to recall an email, you perform steps in advance to guarantee that the message fails to reach those who are supposed to receive it. Recalling an email allows you to stop necessary or private information from reaching the wrong person’s hands or to correct an error before it’s too late to fix it.

The method used changes depending on the email provider you use. As a result, recalling an email in Outlook might be different from recalling a message in Gmail.

Recall an Email in Outlook
Recall an Email in Outlook

How to Recall or Replace a Sent Outlook Email

While you try to recall an email, Outlook can inform the person who received it that the conversation has been recalled. To go back to an Outlook email, do the following steps.

  1. Go to the Sent Items folder in your Outlook email.
  2. To go to another window, double-click the message that was sent you want easy to recall or replace it.
  3. Explore the Message section, choose the Actions dropdown menu, and click the Recall This Message option.
  4. Choose one of the options in the Recall This Message popup box
  5. Select the ‘delete unread copies of this message option to recall the message.
  6. To replace the message, choose ‘Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message’.
  7. Check the Tell Me if Recall succeeds or fails for each recipient check box to indicate that you want to be notified of the final results. And then click the OK button.
  8. Edit the original message if you choose Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message option. And then click send button.
  9. You will get an Outlook confirmation message showing whether your try to recall or replace the email was successful.

How to Recalling a Message in Outlook on the Web

There is no recall option for forwarded items in Outlook on the web. However, you can cancel the conversation within ten seconds. This is the way that you do it follow the steps given below.

  1. Using Outlook on the web, select the gear symbol to access the View All Outlook Settings option.
  2. Slide down to the drop-down menu and look for the Undo Send option under the Compose and Reply tab. Specify the cancellation timer to ten seconds.
  3. At present, a cancellation duration exceeding ten seconds is not permitted.
  4. Create and send an email using Outlook on the web. The Sending notification box includes an Undo option that will appear at the bottom of the email window.
  5. If you want to stop sending the message, press the Undo option.

How to Recall an Outlook Email by Adding a Delay

You can set a delay to emails that you cannot be sent out right away for any cause. Follow these instructions when you need to recall an email with a delay. 

  1. While starting Outlook, go to the top-left corner and choose the File option.
  2. Drag over the Rules tab and press on Manage Rules & Alerts after selecting the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. You will find a window that allows you to set up different rules. Choose the New Rule option.
  4. A new window will open over the previous one, with several options. Select Next after selecting Apply the rule to conversations I send.
  5. You will get many options to select from at that point, keep them alone and press the Next option. Following that, on the confirmation page, select the Yes button. To activate it, check the check mark close to Defer delivery for several minutes.
  6. You will be allowed to add exceptions at this stage. Choose each one of them if they can help you in any way. In any case, proceed by clicking the Next option.
  7. You will be able to identify your rule at this final stage. After you’ve given it a name, click Finish, and the newly created rule will be stored and enabled.

Alternatives to Recalling a Sent Outlook Email

When you cannot use Outlook’s recall tool, below are some alternatives to recalling a sent Outlook message. 

Sent an honest apology email

Making a mistake is normal. When you recognize your error quickly enough, the most effective solution is to compose an honest apology email. Make careful to clarify why you’re apologizing and how you’ll avoid it from happening again. You might also help resolve any issues or worries created by your mistake.

Request a Follow-Up Conversation

When you believe it would be preferable to discuss the issue in person or over the phone, you can request a follow-up conversation. This allows you to clarify the problem and apologize in person or over the phone.

Delay Sending Outlook Emails

Several issues decide a recall request’s future. Email recall usually fails. A safe approach is to delay delivering your Outlook emails. This will allow you to assess your email message next to ensure everything is correct.

Manage Rules and Alerts

Drag over Rules after clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of your banner. Select the Manage Rules & Alerts tab.

Making New Rules

On the Rules and Alerts pop-up, select the New Rule tab. The new Rules Generator window will be shown. Under the Messages that I Send button, choose the Apply rule checkbox and then press the next option.

Confirm Rule Application

The Rules wizards will ask you whatever conditions you would like to check.

Avoid checking anything and press the next button. A confirmation page will appear, informing you that this rule applies to each message you submit. Select the Yes option.

Postpone Delivery

A new Rules wizard box will appear, allowing you to specify the action you want to include with the message. Verify the box marked to defer delivery and update the rule text to specify the number of minutes you require to delay delivering emails.

Name the Rule and Enable It

When you click the Next option, a new window appears, allowing you to change this rule. Uncheck all boxes and press the next option.

You may name this rule in the newly opened Rules Wizard window. Finish by clicking the Finish button. And accept the rule.

If you decide to send an email now, Outlook delays delivery by over 5 minutes. The email you sent will remain in the Outbox during this time, and you can make changes to it and resend it.

How to Find Out if Your Email Recall Has Been Successful

Once an email is successfully recalled in Outlook, you can identify it because a recall result comment appears at the start of the subject line.

Requirements for Recalling an Email Message

There are a few limitations to recalling an Outlook email message

  1. You and your recipient must have an email account on the Exchange server and use Outlook as the email application.
  2. The recipient’s email address is open when you try to process a recall.
  3. The original email has not been read and is still in the recipient’s inbox.
  4. No process affected the email, including a rule, spam filter, or add-in.
  5. Your recall will fail if any of these requirements are not satisfied.

What to do if you can’t recall an email in Outlook

You cannot recall your message if the recipient opened it in Outlook. You may, however, set Outlook to allow you extra time to look into a message before sending it. You may configure this for all your Outlook emails by following these steps.

  1. In Outlook, click the File menu in the upper-left corner.
  2. Go down and choose the Manage Rules & Alerts option.
  3. Your screen will be filled with the Rules and Alerts window. Choose the New Rule option from this menu.
  4. A further notification window will show up. Press Apply Rule to Messages I Send here. This is placed under the Start with a Blank Rule. To proceed, click the Next button.
  5. Avoid thinking about the remaining list requirements, and click Next to proceed. Following that, a confirmation window will show. To confirm, press the Yes button.
  6. Choose the Defer Delivery option by selecting the Number of Minutes option. Pick the Number of links. A notification screen will display, asking you to select your chosen period. Enter your preferred time 120 minutes is the maximum, then press the OK button. After you’ve finished all of that, click the Next option.
  7. Choose the restricted options you need if you have any. Then, to proceed, click the Next button.
  8. Provide your rule with a name and, if accessible, tick the Turn On This Rule option. After that, click the Finish option.

In Outlook, how can I resend an email?

Using Outlook for Windows, click on the File menu, then Info, Message Resend, and Recall to send an email again. Right-click on the email in the Sent folder and choose Resend in macOS. Right-click on the message in and choose the Forward option, then remove Fw from the Subject column.

How Can I View Recalls in Outlook?

To view the progress of a recall, enter the Sent folder; press on the person whose email you recall, and after that, press on the Tracking button in the menu bar. Repeat this step for every email you want to verify the recall notification status.

Is the receiver aware that an email has been recalled in Outlook?

No, because the original message was not opened, the receiver is unaware that an email has been recalled. Users will only see the second email you send instead of the first.

Can I recall an email that was sent an hour ago?

After one hour, you can recall an email. Recalling a mail message in Outlook will continue to work if the recipient is still not opening the message. However, it is advisable to respond quickly because the recall will be considered ineffective once the email is opened.

How Can I Recall an Email in Outlook Without Using a Tab?

Recalling an email in Outlook without using a tab is quite easy. All you have to do is go to File, then Account Settings. After that, go to Email and check for Type options. In as many cases as all features have been turned on, you’ll find the recall option after verifying that it reads Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 account.

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