How to Login to AOL Mail?

Login to AOL mail for a person with an account is very easy as only a few steps are supposed to be filled in and one is able to log in and read their emails, reply, or decide what they want to do with them. The steps are easy.

Steps followed while logging in to AOL Mail Account

  • The first step is to open the web browser. The browser to be used depends on one’s choice. However, for a device to be able to open a browser, it must be first connected to the internet. After opening the browser, one should use it to access
  • The second step is whereby one inserts their email address or username. It must be the one that was used to register the account. If wrongly entered, the user might not be able to successfully login to their account. Therefore, one should remember it well. The user should then click on the “Next” button.
  • After doing that, one is then required to enter their password. This password must be the one that was set when the account was being created. If forgotten, one cannot be able to login into their account until they set it up again. It must also be kept as a secret to avoid other people from logging in to your account without your knowledge.
  • Once that is done, the user should then click on the “sign in” button that is found on their screen.
  • If the username and the password used are correct, the user is then directed to their AOL account and they can manage them and read emails. However, if either the username or the password or both were wrongly entered, the user will be required to re-enter the correct details.

How to Create AOL Mail Account

AOL Mail
AOL Email Login

One cannot be able to log in to an AOL mail account if they have not created one. Therefore, if one wants to have this account, one should follow these steps to create one.

  • Ensure that they have a secured internet connection on their device. This is to help them use a browser.
  • Opening a web browser of the user’s choice should be the next step.
  • should then be typed on the browser’s URL section. After that is done, the enter key should be hit in order to proceed.
  • One is then redirected to the sign in page of AOL.
  • Apart from the sign in option, “Don’t have an account? Sign up” option will also be given on the screen. It should be selected to create a new account.
  • User’s full name should be filled in the required field.
  • A username or email address of the user’s choice should be chosen. This is what appears as the user’s identity.
  • One is the required to generate a strong password. By it being strong means that i9t should be lengthy, not easy to predict and if possible, it should include some unusual characters such as numbers. This is to ensure that the account is secure and it cannot be easily hacked.
  • The phone number of the user should be entered along with the country code. The number should be correct since it is sometimes used to send verification codes when need be.
  • Date of birth should then be entered and the user’s gender chosen.
  • One should then click on the “continue button for the account to be created. One will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the AOL. Failure to accepting those terms and conditions leads to termination of this account creation and therefore it should be accepted for the account opening to be a success.
  • When all that is done correctly, the AOL account is ready for use. One is only required to sign in/ login so as to be able to use their AOL email address.

How to reset a forgotten AOL Email Password

It is normal and okay for someone to forget their password. This happens often, mostly when the user has many different passwords. However, this does not mean that it is the end of one using their AOL Gmail account. If the password is forgotten, it can be easily reset using the following procedure.

  • The user should click on the “Forgot password” link found on the AOL Email sign-in page.
  • The AOL Email address or username should be inserted in the box provided.
  • The CAPTCHA code displayed should also be inserted in its appropriate text box before clicking “Next.”
  • If one would like to get the reset code through their mobile phones, they should click on “Text My Mobile” and type or confirm their mobile number before clicking on “Send.” The same process should also be used when one wants to receive the reset code through another email address but instead of clicking on “Text My Mobile,” they should click on, “Alternate Email Address.”
  • After receiving the code, it should be inserted into the space provided, and then click on “submit.” The user will then be required to type the new password and retype it to confirm.
  • After doing so, the password will have been successfully reset.

Features of AOL email account

In order to keep at per with its competitors, AOL mail has amazing features that enhanced the quality of the services offered and ensures that it is more efficient for its clients. Some of the main features that the users of this account get to enjoy are as follows.

  • AOL email storage space. This account offers an unlimited email storage space which enables its users to store a lot of emails without having to delete them because there is not enough space. This makes it better since one can keep an email there for future reference.
  • Email attachment size. It gives its users a privilege of sending an email with an attachment of up to 25MB in size.
  • Email organization. AOL mail gives its users a chance to create a folder that is customized where one can organize their emails. This helps people in sorting out their emails in their inbox.
  • Automated email sorting and filters. This is one of the best features since it helps the user in sorting out incoming emails into relevant folders. This makes it more convenient since one saves a lot of time.
  • Filter for spam and junk emails. This feature helps in ensuring that all irrelevant messages sent to the client’s mail are filtered and kept in one folder.
  • Email stationary. This is a feature that enables one to send messages in style. One can predesign images, fonts, and styles used in messages, with the help of this feature.
  • Email signature. One can create a customized text signature while using AOL mail account. The signatures can be just simple or include links and images. This is a great feature since it gives the user an ownership and identity of the sent messages.
  • The features give the user a chance to customize the how their webmail looks using the themes provided. These themes help in breaking the monotony of the same look, images, and color.
  • Text and instant messages. This is an AOL mail feature that enables the user to send either instant or text messages directly to cell phones from their email accounts.
  • Free POP and IMAP access. IMAP and POP enable one to download email messages through the help of standalone programs.

Benefits of using AOL mail account.

There are several benefits the one gets to enjoy while using the AOL mail. Some of these benefits are as follow.

  • An unlimited storage capacity of each account. The AOL mail account being unlimited gives the user a wide space to store all their emails and attachments. The mail creates a clouded memory in which the documents are all safely stored.
  • 25MB maximum attachment capacity. AOL mail relatively good space for the attachments that one can attach on a mail. 25 MB space is enough to enable one to upload images, songs, PDF, small size videos among other documents.
  • AOL ensures that there is enough space for its users all through. This is achieved by ensuring that the accounts that have stayed without being used for a relatively long period without being used are expired. This helps the organization recover the void or unused space.
  • AOL emails are friendly to their users. It supports different types of protocols such as SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 among others.
  • AOL is easily accessible. The users can easily access AOL mail services and they can also link it other electronic mails such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. This means that one can be able to send or receive emails to other electronic mails using AOL emails.
  • It is safe to use AOL. It provides the user with many important features such as virus protection, spam protection, and spell check, hence allowing the user to do a clean and smart work.
  • Easy to use AOL. It is usually very easy for one to create and sign in to AOL mail. People also are able to do other tasks such as opening and sending emails with a lot of ease.

Key products and services offered by America Online

America online company deals with a number of different products. The main ones that it deals with are the following.

  • This refers to a number of products that are offered by this organization. Series of information of different kinds is one of them. It also gives news to its users. Some of its blogging websites are such as Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, Cambo, Engadget and many more. This keeps its users informed and updated.
  • Advertising is also one of the America Online businesses. A number of companies that do their adverting and services online use American Online portfolio. Some of these companies are such as ADTECH,, and 5 min media among others.
  • This firm also offers internet services. Some of these services offered are; AOL Mail, dial-up Internet service and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). It ensures that their services are reliable and efficient.

Between 1990 and early 2000s, this firm was Internet service providers that were most prominent. This was as a result of their proliferation of the free-trial discs and the tendency that the company used to have of extending free trials for a more lengthy time. This strategy attracted many used making the firm most prominent providers of the internet. Most people used to enjoy the free trials which worked efficiently and effectively. The fact that most of the times the duration of these trials could be extended made it be more consumer-friendly hence attracting more users.

Introduction to AOL Mail
AOL is an abbreviation used to stand for America Online. It is a widely used media company. It is well digitalized to ensure that the users get efficient services. The company is known to have developed a number of online businesses and maintaining them as well.

The business that it has developed and that is maintaining include websites, internet connectivity, a search engine and email service among others. This firm was founded in the year 1998. By then it was a Control Video Corporation. At this time, it was only dealing with downloading Atari gaming consoles content. It later collapsed after a short term of providing service to its clients.

Later in 1985, Steve Case, the owner, decided to open Quantum Computer Services. By this, he aimed at creating an online bulletin board to be used by the people who owned Commodore 64 computers. This firm was natured to more than 100,000 members from just a few thousand members.

It started producing and marketing products that could be used by an average number of home users. They dominated this using their internet-based solutions for those who were using them at their homes. Their services included emails, internet connectivity, and communications. As a result, they had a wide coverage and their clients largely increased.

 In 1991, it was changed to America Online. In 1993, AOL advanced and launched their email addresses, a windows version that could give access to other internet users. In the year 2009, it was officially renamed AOL.

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