Best Affiliate Programs in India

Now a day’s Bloggers and Online entrepreneurs have turned their income sources into a next level by using effectively to generate money is really required. I am also an affiliate user and recommended it for better earning purposes. So, here in India we come to through many fillet programs but most of the Indian bloggers prefer using two affiliate programs. The first one is Flipkart Affiliate program and second one is Amazon affiliate Program.latest affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are offered y various companies and website but using them

We will be discussing the both thoroughly and ways to earn though these affiliate programs easily and very fastly.I will be giving some of the bullet proof methods.
1. FlipKart Affiliate Program
One of the India’s famous online selling stores is It’s been in this business for a long time. Users prefer it because,. Flipkart gives you chances to earn up to 10% on some products. They send you money in 2 ways. One is direct payment and second one is gift voucher which can be redeemed readily.
This method has become very famous these days. Every blogger in Indian has turned an affiliate of flipkart for some extra income and pay them up.

Here is the commission rate of flipkart website

2. Amazon Affiliate Program
Amazon Affilliate program is famous all over the world and is considered as the ultimate earning method for everyone. But in India, we give it second position .Because it being a foreign company. It is a trusted band. It is very easy to integrate and on holidays. IT gives you a boom time to earn extra.
Here is the Amazon affiliate commission percentage on its products

It has more products online than any other online selling store and is the first option considered by millions of users and buyers online.
Let’s discuss some of the bullet proof methods to earn from above mentioned Affiliate programs easily and rapidly.
1. Use your website
Grown your website up to a high mark and then future one of the company ads n your website. Then your website visitors turn out into your affiliate buyers.
2. Social Media
Make effective use of Social media sites like Facebook .I intended to use FB ads for better click rates. Most of the people now are using Facebook advertisement or earnings good.
3. Review it
Choose any products from any website and then write a good review about the products. So your readers get interested in it and but it.

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