How to Check & Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards

The Walmart MoneyCard Rewards program is a loyalty program designed to provide additional benefits and rewards to users of the Walmart MoneyCard. The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit card offered by Walmart, which allows users to load funds onto the card and use it for purchases at Walmart and other retailers where debit cards are accepted.

The Rewards program is an added incentive for Walmart MoneyCard users, allowing them to earn rewards on eligible purchases made with their cards. These rewards can be redeemed for various perks and benefits, giving users more value and savings.

To take advantage of the Check & Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Rewards program, users should ensure they have an active Walmart MoneyCard account and have enrolled in the Rewards program if necessary. It’s essential to keep track of the rewards earned and any expiration dates to maximize the benefits.

Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards

  • The Rewards program is designed to enhance the overall shopping experience for Walmart MoneyCard users by allowing them to earn and redeem rewards on eligible purchases. Cardholders can earn extra value and enjoy additional perks while managing their finances.
  • Earning rewards with the Walmart MoneyCard is simple. Cardholders can earn rewards by purchasing with their MoneyCard at participating retailers, both online and in-store.
  • The specific reward points and participating retailers may vary, so it’s essential to review the program’s terms and conditions to understand the current offerings and opportunities for earning rewards.
  • The redemption options for Walmart MoneyCard Rewards can include cashback offers, discounts on future purchases, exclusive promotions, or special rewards tied to specific events or seasonal campaigns. These rewards are meant to give cardholders added value and savings, making their shopping experiences even more rewarding.
  • To participate in the Walmart MoneyCard Rewards program, users need an active Walmart MoneyCard and may need to enroll in the Rewards program if required. It’s essential to keep track of rewards earned and any associated expiration dates to make the most of the benefits.

How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Rewards

To check your Walmart MoneyCard Rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Walmart MoneyCard website and log in to your account.
  2. Look for the section called “Rewards” or something similar.
  3. In that section, you can see your current rewards balance, which tells you how many rewards you have earned.
  4. You may also find a transaction history that shows the purchases that earned you rewards.
  5. Check the available redemption options in the Rewards section. These options can include getting cash back, discounts, or other rewards.
  6. If you have questions or can’t find your rewards balance, contact Walmart MoneyCard customer support for help.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the Cash Back Rewards program, you will be eligible to earn the following Cash Back Rewards:

  • 1% on qualifying purchases at Walmart stores in the U.S. and grocery delivery and pickup purchases made on or the Walmart App.
  • 2% at Walmart-branded fuel stations.
  • 3% on qualifying non-grocery purchases made on or the Walmart App.

How to Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards

Once you have eligibility, you can redeem your cashback rewards on eligible purchases online or in-store. To redeem your Walmart MoneyCard Rewards, follow these simple steps:

Your accrued Cash Back Rewards will be eligible for redemption after the end of each Reward Year.

To redeem Cash Back Rewards, your Account:

  • Must be in good standing, cannot be closed, blocked, or in a non-reloadable status, and Must not have a negative balance, all at the time of redemption.
  • To redeem your Cash Back Rewards, go online at or our Mobile App.
  • Once you have redeemed your accrued Cash Back Rewards amount, it will be applied as a credit to your primary deposit account balance.
  • You must redeem all of your accrued Cash Back Rewards that are eligible for redemption. Partial redemption is not permitted.
  • Cash Back Rewards eligible for redemption will expire after one year if not redeemed.
  • If we close your Account for any reason, any unredeemed Cash Back Rewards will be forfeited.

How to Redeem your Walmart Moneycard Rewards through Customer Support

In case of any trouble redeeming your cashback rewards, Call the Walmart MoneyCard customer service number at 1-877-422-6800. Select the option to speak to a customer service representative. Tell the representative that you would like to redeem your rewards.

How do I check my Walmart MoneyCard rewards balance?

Log in to your Walmart MoneyCard online account or use the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app to check your rewards balance. You can view your available rewards balance in the rewards section.

Are there any fees associated with checking my rewards balance?

No, there are no fees for checking your Walmart MoneyCard rewards balance. It is a free service provided to cardholders.

Is there a minimum rewards balance required for Walmart MoneyCard redemption?

Yes, there is often a minimum rewards balance required for redemption. The specific minimum may vary, so it’s best to check the terms and conditions or contact Walmart MoneyCard customer service for the current minimum requirement.

Are there any fees associated with redeeming Walmart MoneyCard rewards?

No, there are no fees for redeeming your Walmart MoneyCard rewards. However, reviewing the terms and conditions is always advisable to ensure you are aware of any potential fee changes or updates.

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