Healthy Food for Human Beings

Healthy is a serious issue for humans. In human life, we come across many health hazards and many foods which bring intensive change in humans. Transforming a healthy human into an ill one sometimes causes mortal death also.

So, eating food is necessary to maintain our body balance. But eating indigestible food or food with much oil may cause illness in humans.

What is healthy food?

Foods give proteins, vitamins, and emery to the human body which in return help in building a human and increasing its immune system to resist several kinds of diseases. Let’s discuss some of the healthy food that needs to be taken by human beings for proper bodybuilding of their system.


The best way to gain energy whether it is from a human or animal or another being is by eating vegetables. Vegetables are the main source of proteins and vitamins. They consistently help in bodybuilding with no harm done to humans.

Some of the best vegetables

Green Vegetables: Green vegetables are the best for human growth. They do all kinds of human growth and help in marinating body balance also. You can find many kinds of green vegetables in your nearby market.

Potato and others: Potato, Cabbage, and other vegetables are also good sources of human growth.


Fruits may be divided into two parts, Fruits and Dry fruits. Dry fruits are generally made from fruits by drying or some other process.

Fruits: Fruits like Orange, Apple, Banana, and Pineapple increase human heat and resist so many diseases and germs.

There is also a proverb for eating Apples, An apple a day keeps a doctor away. It is very legit and true that eating an apple daily keeps your doctor away.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruits like cashews and others are really good for the digestion process. So, let’s discuss what foods should be not eaten by human beings.

Non-Matured Fruits: Eating a none matured fruit causes no damage. It doesn’t even help us when we eat them.

Road Side: Street food which can also be called roadside food is considered one of the human enemies.

Oily Food: Street food contains more oil which is bad. As well some of the cooked food canting oil is also not good.

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