Planet Fitness Student Discount 2024, How to Avail it

Planet Fitness offers an enticing student discount, making fitness accessible for students on a budget. With the Planet Fitness Student Discount, students can enjoy affordable gym memberships that provide access to top-notch facilities and equipment. This opportunity promotes a healthy lifestyle amid the demands of academic life.

Staying active at Planet Fitness can enhance both physical and mental well-being, boosting concentration and overall vitality. This exclusive discount empowers students to prioritize fitness without straining their wallets. Don’t miss out on the chance to stay fit and focused during your educational journey with the Planet Fitness Student Discount.

Planet Fitness Student Discount

Planet Fitness, at the moment, doesn’t offer student discounts. However, students can still choose this gym since it offers affordable. PF centers located in different places are managed individually so the students can get discounts.

Planet Fitness Student Discount 2024
Planet Fitness Student Discount 2024

Students should enquire from the nearby PF centers if they offer student discounts. State and local taxes subject to a fee of $49 annually are applicable at Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness student discount offers two low-cost memberships, namely:

Planet Fitness Classic Memberships

On choosing the classic option, students have unlimited access to Home Club and enjoy free fitness training and free Wi-Fi in participating clubs. The members pay $10 a month.

Planet Fitness PF Black Card Membership

The Black Card membership has more added advantages. Students enjoy unlimited access to a home club, free Wi-Fi, free fitness training, and worldwide travel deals. Members can bring guests anytime, access Hydro Massage, massage chairs, total body enhancement, and 50% off drinks with some restrictions applied. The members pay $22.99 a month by accessing any Planet Fitness worldwide.

Planet Fitness calls for high schoolers between 14 and 19 for a third-year Summer Pass Program. The program offers free fitness training from 15th May to 31st August. The teens are encouraged to visit any Planet Fitness location in the US. The minors should sign up with the help of their parents or guardians.

The teens post a TikTok video tagging @planetfitness with hashtags like #contest and #HSSP23US for US members. The Canada members should tag @planetfitnessca with #contest and #HSSP23CAN as the hashtags. PF awards $ 10,000 in individual academic scholarships in Canada through the TikTok video submission contest. In the US, the ten lucky teens receive the award.

How to get Planet Fitness Student Discount

To get a cheap Gym membership plan that is within your budget, members should:

Negotiation on the initiation fee

The initiation fee for some gyms costs up to $100, and this may be beyond the budget for members. When signing up, you should enquire from the receptionist about a “no sign-up fee” membership option for students.

Off-Peak Membership Plans

The off-peak memberships restrict gym usage to quieter times of the day, making it cheap. Members can’t access the gym at the busiest times of the day (6-8 AM and 5-8 PM).

Discounts for Multi-Person Memberships

Membership may be cheap when signing up more than one person. The gym may offer a multi-person discount on a student membership plan by joining more than one student.

Free Classes for Students

Some members pay an additional fee to take group classes. When signing up with the gym staff, ask if they provide free class passes for students.

Free Personal Training Sessions for Students

Gyms charge personal training sessions at $50 – $100+, and some have free one-to-one individual training sessions meant for students.

Additional Discounts

Students should enquire about any additional discounts the gyms offer besides the usual membership. Students with college ID cards can ask the gym staff to subsidize their membership plans.

How to Apply for Planet Fitness Student Discount

PF applicants use the following steps in signing up for the Planet Fitness student discount.

  1. Visit any physical Planet Fitness center nearby.
  2. Approach any of the Planet Fitness staff to enquire about signing up.
  3. The staff will snap a picture of you to be used for your membership profile.
  4. Try out their facilities by visiting their free fitness training sessions before you opt for a membership.

Who is Eligible for the Planet Fitness Student Discount?

Planet Fitness is accessible to teenagers aged between 13 and 17 years. These teenagers require parents or guardians for supervision when signing up for the membership agreement. After registration, the minors can access the gym without needing parents or guardians.

All individuals age 18 years or older qualify for Planet Fitness without parental consent. The members must sign up at the gym using an Identification card, providing relevant details like name, address, mobile number, and email address.

How to Verify Student Status for Planet Fitness Student Discount

Members at Planet Fitness need the following materials to verify their statuses.

Personal Identification

Members should provide valid identification criteria like a driver’s license, passport, or ID card from the Government necessary for age and membership verification.

Contact Info

The site encourages updated and accurate personal information like name, address, phone number, and email address. Provision of the details is crucial for communication on any updates and promotions.

Payment option

Various payment methods are accepted, including debit cards, credit cards, or bank account details.

Parental Supervision for Minors

Members aged 13 to 17 need parent/ guardian supervision when signing the membership agreement.

Does Planet Fitness Offer a Student Discount in 2024?

Planet Fitness does not offer student discounts to college students. However, it provides essential equipment, group classes, and customized training included in your monthly membership fee. The gym operates 24 hours a day, hence suiting everyone.

For complete information on the PF Student Discount 2024, please visit the official Planet Fitness website at

What’s Unique about Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a judgment-free zone where respect for one another holds. Derogatory language and body shaming are strictly forbidden.

Can I visit the Planet Fitness gym with a guest?

A member registered with a Black Card membership in Planet Fitness can always bring a guest with the membership card.

Is College ID Useful when signing up for a Planet Fitness membership?

Registration in Planet Fitness requires a valid ID; however, the use of college IDs varies on the gym’s location.

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