ASOS Student Discount 2024, How to Avail it

ASOS is a British online fashion and beauty retailer that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, footwear, and beauty products for men and women. ASOS stands for As Seen on Screen, which reflects the company’s original focus on providing clothing and accessories inspired by celebrities and their fashion choices in movies and television shows.

ASOS was founded in 2000 and has become one of the largest and most well-known online fashion retailers globally. The company features a vast selection of products from various brands and its own in-house labels. ASOS is known for its trendy and diverse fashion offerings, catering to different styles and preferences.

Customers can shop for clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products across multiple categories, including casual wear, formal wear, activewear, swimwear, and more. ASOS is famous for its quick response to current fashion trends and commitment to providing a unique online shopping experience.

In addition to fashion offerings, ASOS often provides features like personalized recommendations, style advice, collaborations with different designers and influencers, and student discounts illustrated in this guide.

ASOS Student Discount 2024
ASOS Student Discount 2024

ASOS Student Discount

The ASOS student discount program is a fantastic opportunity to elevate their fashion game while staying budget-conscious. As one of the leading online fashion and beauty retailers globally, ASOS allows eligible students to enjoy exclusive savings on their purchases.

By partnering with student verification platforms, ASOS ensures that students can access a percentage of their orders, allowing them to explore a diverse array of clothing, accessories, and beauty products at a more affordable price. With its commitment to keeping up with the latest trend and catering to various styles, the ASOS student discount program makes it easier for students to express themselves through fashion without breaking the bank.

How to Get ASOS Student Discount

To access the ASOS student discount, follow these general steps;

  1. First, ensure you are enrolled as a student at an educational institution. You need a valid university or college email address to verify your student status.
  2. Choose a verification platform. ASOS often partners with student verification platforms like UNiDAYS or Student Beans. Visit their websites or download their apps to create an account if you still need one.
  3. Use your university email to sign up on the chosen verification platform. They may require you to provide some information to confirm your enrolment. This could include your school name, student ID, and graduation year.
  4. After verifying your student discount, the platform will provide a unique discount code. You will use this code to apply the discount during your ASOS shopping.
  5. Move to the ASOS website and shop for your favorite fashion items, clothing, accessories, and more.
  6. When you are ready to check out, there is usually a field where you can input a discount or promo code. Enter the unique code you have received from the verification platform and apply it.
  7. After applying the discount code, the discount will be subtracted from your total purchase price.
  8. Proceed to complete your purchase by providing your shipping and payment information.

Who is Eligible for ASOS Student Discount?

Eligibility criteria for the ASOS student discount include the following points though they may vary based on your location and the specific terms of the promotion;

  • Student status: you need to be a currently enrolled student at a recognized educational institution. This can include universities, colleges, high schools, and vocational schools.
  • Verification: You must verify your student status through a student verification platform like UNiDAYS or Student Beans. These platforms confirm your enrolment and provide you with a unique discount code.
  • Valid email: You might be required to use the correct university or college email address during the verification process. Some platforms may also accept other verification forms, like uploading a photo of your student ID or using your school’s portal.
  • Age limit: The student discount is often available to students who are 16 years of age or older
  • Location: ASOS student discounts might be available in specific regions or countries. The availability of the deal might vary based on your location.
  • Terms and conditions: there might be specific terms associated with the discount, such as the items it can be applied to, the duration of the discount, and any limitations on its use
  • Frequency: Some discounts might be available for a single purchase, while others might be applicable for multiple orders within a specific period

Benefits with ASOS Student Discount offer

The ASOS student discount offers several benefits to eligible students, making it a popular program among those looking for trendy fashion at affordable prices. Here are some of the benefits of the ASOS student discount:

  • Cost savings: students can enjoy a percentage off their purchases, which can significantly lower the overall cost of their shopping.
  • Affordable fashion: the discount allows students to access a wide range of clothing, accessories, and beauty products from various brands at a cheaper price. This enables them to stay stylish and keep up with fashion trends without straining their budgets.
  • Trendy and Up-to-Date Styles: ASOS is known for staying on top of the latest fashion trends. The student discount allows students to access these modern styles without paying the total price.
  • Easy online Shopping: ASOS operates as an online retailer, providing students with the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes or on the go using their devices.
  • Special occasions: Students can find outfits for special occasions, such as parties, events, and formal gatherings, at a reduced cost, helping them look their best without overspending.

Does ASOS Offer a Student Discount in 2024?

The ASOS student discount provides a percentage off the total purchase price rather than a fixed cost. The value for ASOS student discounts in 2024 is often around 10% to 15% off the regular price of items.

However, the actual discount percentage and terms can vary based on location, time, and promotions that ASOS is running. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the current ASOS student discount percentage or any changes in the program, I recommend visiting the official ASOS website or contacting their customer service directly.

What do I qualify for the ASOS student discount?

To qualify for the ASOS student discount, you must currently enroll at a recognized educational institution. You must usually verify your student status through a student verification platform like UNiDAYS or Student Beans.

How much is the ASOS student discount?

The discount can vary, but it’s often around 10% to 15% off the regular price of items. The specific percentage might change based on the location.

Can I use the student discount more than once?

The terms can vary, but the student discount is often available for multiple purchases within a specific time frame. Check the terms and conditions for details.

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