SDMS UDISE Plus Login & Student Data Entry at

UDISE Plus is an updated version of UDISE. Teachers can use this website to get up-to-date information on the school’s daily operations. The site also allows parents to follow their children’s information quickly. The Department of School Education developed this database with the help of the National Informatics Centre in India.

Download the official notification and carefully study the qualifying requirements and application process if you wish to apply online. It will give basic information on ‘ UDISE Plus 2024’ such as its benefits, eligibility requirements, important features, application status, and application procedure.

The SDMS UDISE Plus Login for ‘UDISE Plus Student Data Entry 2024’ at is an online service designed to make collecting, storing, and reviewing student information simpler.

The UDISE Plus SDMS services allow schools to record information about students, maintain their progress, and provide reports for analysis. The method used tries to improve data-collecting performance, reduce duplicated data, and improve the correctness of data.


The UDISE Plus website is necessary to provide educational material. It includes detailed information on schools. The new version, UDISE Plus, is meant to collect current time details to provide the most up-to-date student and school details.

Teachers, parents, and other school participants may keep track of their students’ development online. The National Informatics Centre, the Department of School Education, and the Ministry of Human Resource Development combined to create the UDISE Plus service.

SDMS UDISE Plus Login & Student Data Entry
SDMS UDISE Plus Login & Student Data Entry

What is SDMS UDISE Plus?

SDMS UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) Plus is a website introduced by India’s Ministry of Education. The purpose of this organization is to collect information about schools and students all over the country.

This website upgrades the older systems; UDISE’s purpose is to improve the accuracy with which educational information is collected, stored, and analyzed. SDMS UDISE website allows schools to log in and enter information regarding students, teachers, facilities, and revenue.

The SMDS UDSIE Plus or UDSIE Plus Student Database Management System is a simple-to-use platform for managing student information like registration, advancement, students who fail, and more. This system creates reports at several levels, including central, state, district, block, and school, making tracking and analyzing information about students.

UDISE Student Data Entry

School administrators and Teachers may use the UDISE plus Student Login website via This website supports UDSIE Student Data Entry, allowing users to upload and change student information on the official website immediately.

SDMS UDISE Plus can store, analyze, modify, and share information. It matches the requirements of different organizations, such as multiple boards, autonomous institutions, open-school students, and vocational.

The UDSIE SDMS system is running for many states and autonomous organizations, combining information for different educational institutions nationwide. It includes information in the Unified District Information for Education Plus database.

UDISE Plus Student Data Entry

The UDISE Plus Student Data Entry procedure is important for keeping the UDISE database updated and correct. This includes gathering information like student registration, population statistics, student-teacher percentages, school services, and other relevant information.

Why is SDMS UDISE Plus Important?

Data helps in making reliable decisions and organizing. SDMS UDISE Plus confirms that the Ministry of Education provides reliable and current information about schools and students nationwide.

This information may be used to detect changes, gaps, and difficulties in the field of education. It provides administrators with the knowledge they need to make good decisions about the use of resources, developing courses, and policy execution.

The Central Government introduced the website to inform people about helpful changes in the field of education. A number of institutions are now using this system, and this serves as an extended educational information system for management.

UDISE Plus plays an important role in recognizing different types of schools in India. Parents may choose an excellent school for their child by using this website at, creating educated decisions and verifying a successful educational organization.

Benefits of SDMS UDISE Plus

SDMS UDISE Plus provides a number of benefits to schools and the education system as an institution. Following are a few of these advantages.

  • The website enables further examination of education-related information, assisting administrators in identifying changes, gaps, and difficulties in the field.
  • SDMS UDISE Plus facilitates gathering information for schools by giving them an online data entry portal.
  • When the data is submitted online, it can be accessed immediately, allowing administrators to make quick and accurate decisions.
  • The information produced on SDMS UDISE Plus is useful for identifying regions that require additional resources and providing proper allocation of resources.
  • The website supports transparency and responsibility by providing education-related information available to the public.

SDMS UDISE Plus Registration

SDMS UDISE Plus requires schools to register on the website to be able to use it. The registration procedure is easy and may be performed online. To register for SDMS UDISE Plus, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the SDMS UDISE Plus website at
  2. On the webpage, search for the ‘School Registration Now’ option and click on it.
  3. Enter the UDISE code for your institution and press the ‘Submit’ option.
  4. Type in the necessary information, like the school’s name, address, phone number, and email address.
  5. Fill out the registration form with all of the required information. To proceed, press the ‘Next’ button.
  6. Your mobile phone number will receive an OTP.
  7. To complete your registration process, enter the OTP and press the ‘Submit’ button.


You can access the UDSIE Plus SDMS website, but you must log in first; after successfully registering the school on the website, log in to the SDMS UDISE Plus portal and follow the given steps.

  1. Go to the official website at
  2. Find the ‘User Login’ section on the home page.
  3. Enter your login information, like your User ID and Password, and press the ‘Login’ button.
  4. You will get successful access to the UDISE SDMS Account dashboard if you have entered the correct credentials.

How do you update SDMS UDISE Plus Student Data?

Follow these instructions to update student information on the SDMS UDISE Plus website.

  1. Visit your SDMS UDISE Plus account at
  2. Go to the homepage and click the ‘Student Information’ tab.
  3. Find and choose the student whose information you wish to change.
  4. Next to the student’s name, press the ‘Edit’ button.
  5. Change the relevant information in the required fields.
  6. To save the changed data, press the ‘Save’ button.

SDMS UDSIE Students Data Entry Process

  • This information contains the registration of students, population counts, student-teacher ratios, and educational institutions.
  • Getting and verifying information from schools nationwide is part of the student data entry procedure in 2024.
  • The confirmed information is entered into the UDISE database by skilled employees.
  • Information is reviewed and presented by specified employees, giving an overview for tracking and evaluating education initiatives and plans.
  • Correctly submitting information is necessary for providing administrators with reliable and current information.

SDMS UDISE Plus Student Data Entry features

The following are the features of SDMS UDISE Plus Student Data Entry.

  • Policies and programs.
  • improved results for students
  • Accountability
  • Identifying educational system problems
  • The basis for tracking and evaluating the performance of
  • supports policy development based on evidence
  • improved allocation of resources
  • Making well-informed decisions
  • Supports the proper design and execution of programs
  • Provides a complete description of India’s education system.
  • Helps in the identification of best practices and areas for improvement

Is using the SDMS UDISE Plus Login for Student Data Entry 2024 safe?

Yes, the process was developed for the safety of information. The website is secured by a password, and user accessibility may be restricted depending on their school status.

What advantages does SDMS UDISE Plus Login for Student Data Entry 2024 provide for my school?

This SDMS UDISE Plus service can help schools by making the process of gathering and maintaining information about students easier. This will help schools in recording the performance of students, provide reports, and find places for development.

Who is in control of entering information about students into UDISE?

Schools have to submit correct and relevant details for student information input into UDISE.

What is the SDMS UDISE Plus contact information?

  • Contact: 011-26544 848 & 011-26544 847U-DISE, Phone: (011) 24305000 (Extn. 65409) / (011) 24305493.
  • Technical Queries Toll-Free Number for 1800-11-6200
  • E-Mail:,

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