aka.ms/yourpc to Pair Android Phone to Windows PC, How to do it

This post will teach you “How to Pair Android Phone to Windows Computer through “www.aka.ms/yourpc” – the process of connecting your Android smartphone to your Windows computer. You may connect your phone to your Windows Computer using the Connect To Windows mobile app. So, let’s start by talking about the fundamentals.


A Windows computer and an Android handset may be connected through aka.ms/yourpc. Android and Windows smartphones are the only ones that can make advantage of this Microsoft function. One may connect their smartphone and PC via the https://aka.ms/yourpc functionality and use the phone’s features on the computer.

How to Link your Android Devices with a PC using www.aka.ms/yourpc

  1. Get the Connect to Windows application from the Google Play Store for Android.
  2. Choose Connect your phone and Laptop in the app.
  3. Observe the guidelines provided by the app. Just go to www.aka.ms/phonelinkQRC in your computer’s web browser and scan the QR code that appears.
  4. Using your smartphone, press Continue.
  5. The permissions the app requires can be enabled by selecting View Permissions (Phone, SMS, Contacts, and Storage).
  6. Your phone and computer will be linked after you’re done.
Pair Android Phone to Windows PC
Pair Android Phone to Windows PC

How to Link Your Devices with another Android Device

Your Android smartphone may be connected to another Android device in several ways. Here are a few such approaches:

  1. Just go to Bluetooth settings on one device, then look for adjacent devices to link. As soon as you see the other device’s name, press on it and input the pairing code.
  2. Wi-Fi Direct must be enabled in the Wi-Fi settings of both devices to be used. Then, on one device, look for neighbouring devices and establish a connection with them.
  3. To utilize this approach, launch the app on both devices, then seek a QR code link option. Then, use one device to scan the QR code that was presented by the other device.
  4. Moreover, you may exchange data between devices by using cloud-based services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Just download the files on one device, then upload them to the other.
  5. You can link two devices via NFC if they both support it. Place both devices close to one another after turning on NFC. They ought to communicate instantly.

Advantages of Connecting an Android Phone to a Windows Computer

Following the connection of your Android phone and Windows computer, you may use the pairing Personal app, which has the following primary functions.

Remote Control: Remotely operating the paired phone is possible using the controller phone. You may use the linked phone’s numerous functionalities, including operating settings, accessing applications, and much more.

Screen Mirroring: Anytime you wish, you may use the controller phone to check the screen of the connected phone. It can be used, for instance, for presentations or live streaming.

Remote Camera: The connected phone’s camera may be accessed from the control phone. You may use it to take pictures from a distance and utilize the front and back cameras to see the area around the phone.

Transfer Files: It allows you to transfer and exchange files between two Android phones in an incredibly quick and innovative manner.

Simple Access to Phone Records: You may simply access files stored on your Android phone from your Windows Computer with the Your Phone Companion software.

Using your computer, send SMS: You may communicate with your friends and family more easily by sending and receiving SMS messages from your Windows computer with the Your Phone Companion program.

How to Schedule or Receive a PC Call Using Windows Phone App

Both devices are ready to communicate after you’ve signed in on them. Start the Your Phone app on your Desktop after ensuring your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Your phone should now appear in the PC’s Your Phone app. At the bottom of the list, underneath your phone’s name and picture, there will be a dialer symbol with the word “Calls“.
  2. Do the same on your computer right now. The “Bluetooth & other devices” options will appear when you tap the Windows key and input “Bluetooth“.
  3. Then, both your phone and computer should show the same PIN. Press “Connect” on both sources to confirm the connection if they do.
  4. To enable recent calls to show up there, next, open the Phone Connection software on your Laptop and select the Send permission option.
  5. To make a call, choose the most recent caller’s number and select the Phone icon.
  6. Use the keypad or contact details to call a number or enter a contact’s name.
  7. Finally! The Windows 10 Your Phone app has everything you need to make and receive calls. You should be fine to go as long as your headset or computer speakers are set up properly to operate with calls.
  1. What Advantages does connecting an Android Phone to Windows offer?

    From your Computer, you can easily read and respond to text messages, see recent photographs from your Android smartphone, utilise your favourite mobile applications, place and receive calls, and manage notifications for your Android device.

  2. Can I use my phone to access my PC/Laptop?

    You may connect the majority of Android-based smartphones and tablets to your desktop or computer using either the Bluetooth or USB approach described above. Your computer will probably ask for your approval to transfer data across the two devices.

  3. Can You Connect Your Phone to Windows Computer?

    Using the Connect To Windows program, which you can certainly find on both your Android phone and your Windows Desktop, you can connect your Android device to your Windows computer.

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