Why is My Xbox One Controller Flashing & Not Connecting? Here’s the Fix

A Video Game Console, which is one of the most worthy is the Xbox One. This efficient gaming equipment was expanded and promoted by Microsoft and is the inheritor of the Xbox 360. The first Xbox device from the third generation of Xbox gaming systems was the Xbox One.

One of the most efficient gaming equipment nowadays is the Xbox controller. Notwithstanding being long-lasting, they are troubling and occasionally don’t get along with other products. While Game Play, you might have observed blinking or flashing lights on your controller. Being batteries that are low battery or empty, or all of these conditions your Xbox controllers commonly glow when they make attempts to link to your gaming system or PC.

Why is My Xbox Controller Blinking

An everyday gamer would understand your inconvenience when the controller starts functioning suspiciously in the middle of a period, halting the game from continuing. You could observe the light glowing constantly whether you used the Xbox One controller or the new Xbox series controller.

If the lights are glowing or blinking effortlessly, your Xbox controller is attempting to connect to a console or computer. If the lights are blinking or glowing slowly, it is signifying that the pack of batteries is troubled with some kind of issue at present.

Xbox One Controller Flashing & Not Connecting
Xbox One Controller Flashing & Not Connecting

Here are the reasons which will indicate that your Xbox controller blinks/flashes.

  • Because of the Low, Weak, or Lost Connection: The Xbox controller indicates the blinking or flashing when the battery is too low, weak, or lost connection. By trying to reconnect, almost all the blinking or flashing issues will be stopped.
  • Consuming the Battery of the Controller: The blinking or flashing will be stopped when recharging your controller by inserting it into the power source and it is very simple to recharge your controller.
  • Having defect in Xbox Controller: If the Xbox controller has any defect, then it is a must to take assistance by contacting to Microsoft. By contacting them, they can show the way to stop the flashing or blinking of your controller.
  • Connected other Bluetooth devices or mobiles: Connected other Bluetooth devices or mobiles are caused to block the path of your controller. They can create some obstacles which cause the blinking or flashing and cause trouble to your controller.
  • Having problems with the controller devices: Blinking and flashing problem comes with improper power supply, USB cables, etc. So, ensure that your USB cables are in good condition, as well as verify your supply of the power.

Why is My Xbox One Controller Flashing and Not Connecting to PC

Wired controllers and Wireless controllers mainly lead to your Xbox One controller flashing/blinking and not connecting issues with your PC.

  • Problem with Wired Controller: When you are trying to connect the wired controller by inserting it into the USB port of your PC, sometimes it may display a message like “USB Device Not Recognized”. It makes us realize that your PC’s USB ports may not function or recognize the wired controller while you are connecting time. And the solution for this problem using the other port or upgrading your USB drivers.
  • Problem with Wireless Controller: When you have connected your wireless controllers to your PC, Still your controller is blinking or flashing which means your PC may not pair properly or not synced with your PC. So, update the controller’s firmware and try to re-sync.

How to Fix an Xbox Controller that’s Blinking or Flashing

The general factors are either poor or drained batteries or improperly paired way from the devices or consoles are the reasons behind the Xbox Controller. That’s Blinking or Flashing.

Notable discussions are given below to resolve the blinking/flashing of your Xbox controller.

The Controller’s Batteries Should be Verified

Having low or completely out-of-charging batteries can lead to your controllers glowing, flashing, or blinking. It brings us to the understanding of the problem that your controllers’ signals are too low or too poor. So, the rectification for this problem is to recharge your batteries fully or replace the batteries.

 The following instructions are given below to reinstall the batteries in your controller.

  1. Gently grasp the controller vertically in one hand.
  2. Squeeze the battery cover and push in the arrow’s position with the thumb on the other hand.
  3. Reconnect the batteries after lifting the cover, being sure that you put them appropriately by paying consideration to the “” and “+” signs.
  4. Slip the battery cover back into position to reinstall it.
  5. While reinstalling the batteries, have the confirmation whether the batteries have been installed or not, the batter contacts are not twisted, deformed, or spoiled.
  6. Verify the battery’s present strength by freezing the Xbox button placed in the above right corner of the screen.

The Controller’s Range Should be Verified.

Sometimes there is a possibility that your controller is a too long distance from the game console and is facing blinking or flashing trouble. So, fetch the controller closer to your console and observe the blinking position.

One more possibility of your controller blinking that connected wireless routers, Microwave ovens and other devices might be avoiding the syncing proof. So, check the gaming area for disabling the other connection for the paring clearance of your device. 

Verify Whether your Console or Device is Paired with Too Many Other Devices

Verification of paired other controllers with your console will make it for your smooth gaming without any interruptions. You can allow to pair up to eight various other controllers with your console. So, exceeding paired controllers by more than 8 will lead to your own controller incontinence. To resolve this, pair off the paired controllers from your sole.

Follow the below instructions to pair off the other controllers.

  1. First, observe the face of the controller and hold down the “Sync” button until the Xbox button initiates to flash/blink.
  2. Then, stay till and sense the controller vibrates two times.

Properly Paired Conformation is Needed for your Controller

 Not pairing your controller with the console is also a considerable issue for the cause of blinking of your controller. If you are paired your controller with the other gamers consoles then it is compulsory to re-syncing your controller with your console or device.

The following two methods are useful to re-pair your controller with your own device or console.

  1. Use a micro-USB cable to pair your controller: This is a more secure connection provided a hard-wired connection pairing with your controller. A micro-USB cable is a comfortable way to pair your controller with your own console.
  2. Pair your Controller by Using Wireless Method with your Own Console: The other way to pair your controller with your own device is by using the wireless device.

The followings are useful to pair your controller with your own console by using the wireless device.

  1. In the beginning, Press down and hold the Xbox button to put on your controller and wait for a few miniatures for its flash or blink. If it remains glowing that means your controller is already paired.
  2. Later, Identify and press the pair button which is placed on the front view of the controller when you found the light is not in a solid glowing position.
  3. Next, push the pair button on the Xbox Series X console which is viewed on the front right side of the device and just above the port of the USB.
  4. After that, Push and grasp the Pair button o the controller for up to 20 seconds.
  5. Finally, the light will be flashed or blinked once it is paired and the light of the controller will stay in the lit position.

Updated Xbox Firmware is Needed to Get Rid of the Flashing/Blinking issue

For every six months or more your Xbox controller will be asked for the updating of our Xbox firmware. So, move forward to get this and you can get rid of the issue about flashing light on your controller.

  1. First, push and grasp down the “Guide” button n your controller.
  2. Next, press the “A” button when you are provoked on your monitor screen.
  3. Then, pick the “Update Controller.”
  4. Finally, pick to “Next” button whenever you have observed the finishing of the updating.

Turn it Off and Restart Your Xbox Console

It is the simplest way to resolve your Xbox controller lashing/blinking issue. In this process, first power off your console and unplug the power cord. After a few minutes, turn on it back before plugging in the console’s power cable.

Get Assistance from Xbox Customer Support

 To get rid of the flashing/blinking issue of your controller, you can take help from Xbox Customer Support. If your device is avail of the warranty, you can ask them to get repaired or replace the controller console.

  1. May I sync an Xbox One controller without the button?

    Yes, you can use a USB cable to sync your Xbox controller without using the sync button. Simply position the cable’s one end in the remote’s slot and the USB into the console’s port.

  2. Does any Xbox controller function with other Xbox?

    Comfortable news for all the gamers who are using Xbox controllers. Because Xbox Series X|S is connected to a number of Xbox One devices such as controllers and headsets.

  3. Why my Xbox One controller is not responding and how can I fix it?

    Push and hold the Xbox button on the front of the controller at least for 6 seconds. This will turn off the controller. After a few minutes, again push the Xbox button to turn on the controller back.

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