How to Pair Firestick Remote

When managing additional multimedia devices on your TV, the discomfort of carrying around two different remotes could come. The TV’s original remote is the first, and the plugged-in device’s remote, such as a connected cable TV or smart box, is the second. You must switch between remotes regularly, so the experience isn’t pleasant.

That the FireStick remote can connect and control the TV using this method. You can regulate the level of sound and power or turn on/off your TV through a connected FireStick remote. Attach your FireStick remote to the TV to get the process going.

How to Pair a Fire Stick Remote to a TV?

You must reboot your Fire Stick before pairing a remote control. Conduct this while the Fire Stick begins to fire back up. The Fire Stick will correspond with the remote soon after it has rebooted. Whenever you attach the Fire Stick’s basic remote or another suitable substitution, the steps are the same either way.

The instructions below can pair a Fire Stick remote to a tv.

  1. Disconnect the supply of electricity to your Fire Stick.
  2. Your FireStick Remote’s Batteries must be withdrawn.
  3. Release the power again or charge to the Fire Stick.
  4. Restore the batteries in your Fire Stick remote control, or insert substitute batteries if the remote seems completely new.
  5. Upon your Fire Stick control, pause the Home button briefly.
  6. Let go of the Home button whenever the remote’s light blinks once.
  7. Give yourself the menu screen to come up on your Fire Stick before ensuring that the remote is associated or paired.
Pair Firestick Remote
Pair Firestick Remote

How to Pair an Additional Fire Stick Remote?

Up to seven remotes, including third-party or independent remotes, can be stored within your Fire Stick’s memory simultaneously. You can pair, link, or connect a second Fire Stick remote through the settings options if you still have permission to use your original remote and its performance.

Observe the instructions below to pair a supplementary or additional Fire Stick remote.

  1. If you want to return to the home screen, push the Home button on either the present remote control or the Fire TV remote application.
  2. Pick Settings.
  3. Make a decision on Bluetooth devices and controllers.
  4. Pick some of the Amazon Fire TV remote controls.
  5. Tap “Add New Remote”
  6. Utilizing your new remote, keep pressing and holding the Home button.
  7. Push the button that says Select on your old remote, following a few moments for your Fire Stick to begin recognizing it. 
  8. Your old and newly acquired remote will be featured on the screen once the setup procedure is accomplished.

How to Pair a Replacement Firestick Remote?

Observe the instructions below to connect, link, or pair a Replacement Firestick remote.

  1. Pressing the Home button on your Firestick’s native remote to navigate.
  2. Opt for the Settings of the Home button on your Firestick.
  3. Pick Bluetooth devices and controllers.
  4. Head over to the Amazon Fire TV Remotes homepage.
  5. Navigate to the subsequent screen and click Add New Remote.
  6. Press the Home button on your new Firestick remote control while you expect it to be acknowledged.
  7. Tap Select on your old remote control. Then, those remotes appear to pop up on your list.

How Can You Pair a Fire Stick Remote to a Different Fire Stick?

Observe the steps below to connect, link, or pair a Fire Stick remote to an unlike or different Fire Stick.

  • Assure that the Fire Stick remote’s batteries are completely fresh.
  • Navigate to Settings in addition to Controllers & Bluetooth Devices more than Amazon Fire TV Remotes on the Fire Stick you want to use to associate or pair or connect the remote to.
  • Pressing and holding the Home button on the Fire Stick remote for approximately ten seconds, according to Add New Remote.
  • The remote control’s light or indicator should start twinkling or flashing quickly. The remote promptly corresponds with the Fire Stick as its indicator ceases glowing or blinking.

Still, you found that the remote is not paired, make use of the following instructions.

  • Ensure that the Fire Stick and remote control are approximately ten meters away.
  • Trial with different kinds of batteries.
  • Activate the Fire Stick once again.
  • The Fire Stick remote needs to be reset.

Follow the following directions for formatting or resetting the Fire Stick remote.

  • The remote’s batteries deserve to be disconnected.
  • Press the Menu, Back, and Left controls simultaneously at together.
  • Reinstall or reinsert the pack of batteries inside the remote control while keeping pressure on these buttons or controls.
  • Let go of the control buttons whenever the remote’s indicator starts to flash very quickly.
  • The remote will be in pairing or connecting mode after being restarted.
  • You can also get assistance from Amazon customer support for further processing if the problem is still unresolved.

How to Pair a Non-Firestick Remote?

Remotes that do not function as firesticks need to function cooperatively. Particular Bluetooth profile categories, such as the more advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP), serial port profile (SPP), and human interface device profile (HID), can be supported by Amazon Fire TV.

The specific kind of Bluetooth profiles your remote supports should be described in the user handbook, which can also mean that Amazon Fire TV is compatible with one another.

  • You can access your Fire TV’s settings preferences section.
  • Specify Bluetooth-enabled gadgets or devices and controllers.
  • Pick Multiple Bluetooth Devices.
  • Find Bluetooth Devices to Add or insert.
  • Once you have done that, your Amazon TV will begin searching for your device. Tap the device’s identity or name from the sequence that displays accessible devices once it is detected or recognized.
  • Whenever your non-Firestick remote is successfully associated, you ought to obtain an email with a confirmation message. Following that, you can begin using it identically to what you would use with a conventional Firestick remote.

How to Reset an Amazon Fire Stick Remote?

An Amazon Fire Stick Remote controller can be reset in multiple distinct methods.

Resetting the remote using the remote itself.

  1. Power or turn off your Fire TV device.
  2. Take advantage of your remote while tapping and holding the Left, Menu, and Back buttons or controls.
  3. For about a total of twelve seconds, press the controls or buttons down.
  4. Give up or release all of the buttons.
  5. Reconnect or restart your Fire TV.
  6. Now reconfigure or restart the remote control.

Using the Fire TV menu to Reset the Remote.

  1. Navigate to Settings in addition to Remotes & Devices more than Remotes on your Fire TV.
  2. Specify the remote that requires resetting or restoring.
  3. Opt for Reset Remote.
  4. If you want to reset the remote, refer to the displayed on the screen guidance.

Resetting the Remote using a Paperclip.

  1. Find a small reset button on the remote’s rear or back side.
  2. The space opposite the reset button should have been occupied with a paperclip.
  3. For a duration of fifteen seconds, hold down the reset button.
  4. The Reset button must be pushed to hold.
  5. Finally, reset the button on the remote control.

Some other extra resetting methods exist to reset an Amazon Fire Stick Remote. Please observe the given options and follow them.

  1. Inspect that your remote’s batteries are fresh from the manufacturer.
  2. Think about living farther from your Fire TV.
  3. Proceed to restart or reboot your Fire TV.
  4. Use the most modern Fire TV Stick 4K remote if you already have one by ensuring it is working with your device.

Troubleshooting a Firestick Remote?

There are multiple solutions to troubleshoot the troubles in connecting, configuring, or pairing the Firestick remote controller with your Amazon Fire TV.

Verify that the remote can be reached within range or distance: The farther away you are from the Amazon Fire TV, inside the standard Bluetooth ranges or distances of between 6 and 30 feet, the higher the quality, which means getting nearby.

Ensure there is a straight line or path from the remote control to the TV: Get rid of everything that might impact the Bluetooth connection between the remote and the Amazon Fire TV, and do not stand by. Additional routers, gadgets, and ovens for microwaves belong throughout the aforementioned group.

Think about replacing the batteries: If you’ve been using the remote for an extended period of time, attempt to change the batteries. A Firestick remote demands twin AAA batteries, so replace the old ones and place the brand-new ones in the battery box at the back of the device.

Verify that the remote can be reached within range or distance: The farther away you are to the Amazon Fire TV, inside the standard Bluetooth ranges or distances of between 6 and 30 feet, the higher the quality, which means getting nearby.

Verify any damages in the remote controller: Your Fire Stick remote might quit functioning because of these two problems carried on by failing parts and external damage such as water damage.

Reactivate or Reset the Fire TV through Amazon: Resetting or re-activating your Amazon Fire TV to its original defaults could potentially assist you in remedying the situation or issue if operating system errors in the TV are causing the connecting difficulties.

Reboot or Reset the Firestick remote control: Rebooting or Resetting the Firestick remote could frequently help you overcome your problems with connectivity.

Verify the compatibility of your replaced remote controller: Compatibility: Review to determine if the alternative remote you obtained for your Fire Stick is compatible, functional, or appropriate.

  1. Do all remotes for FireSticks be effective?

    Certain Fire TV remote controls are mutually exclusive, whereas not all of them. When substituting a misplaced or ruined remote, be certain that the substitute suits the current generation and kind of your Fire Stick.

  2. Can the FireStick remote be substituted with another one?

    An alternative remote can be implemented in place of a Fire TV remote. Before making purchases, though, validate that the alternative is suitable with the latest generation and variation of your Fire Stick.

  3. Can I use my phone to turn on my FireStick?

    You can interact with your Fire TV Stick using Android and a smartphone or iPhone application.

  4. How can I couple multiple Fire TV remote controls?

    Using your Fire TV, browse to Settings, Decide on Controllers & Bluetooth Devices following. To connect the device to a remote control, pick Amazon Fire TV Remotes and tap and hold the Home switch or button for approximately 10 seconds.

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