ParamountPlus.Com/Vizio Activation Code to Activate Paramount+, How to Use It

Vizio Smart TV allows you to access Paramount Plus. To join up, activate, and begin streaming Paramount+ on your VIZIO Smart TV, follow these instructions. Find out how to utilize Paramount Plus on your VIZIO Smart TV to its full potential.


Owned by Paramount Global, Paramount+ is a paid-on-demand video service available in the United States. It also includes original television shows and movies, live sports coverage, and, in the United States, live streaming of local CBS broadcast stations.

Paramount Plus Login

  • Use the Sign In With Paramount+ option on the Paramount + login screen.
  • Simply Click Continue after entering your Paramount+ login information, including your email address and password.
  • The Paramount+ home screen appears after that.

How to Activate a Paramount Plus Account using paramountplus/Vizio

Even if your current device is different from the one you first signed up on, if you already have a Paramount+ membership, you may stream on any connected, compatible device! For instructions, simply choose your device below.

Paramount+ Activation
Paramount+ Activation

How to Activate Paramount + on Vizio TV

  1. Proceed with the Vizio Smart TV and use the remote to push the V (Vizio) button.
  2. Install the Paramount + app by opening the app store or Google Play on your smartphone.
  3. Choose Sign In after the app is launched. It will then display the Paramount Plus activation code.
  4. Register your account by visiting the website at
  5. Submit the Activation Code after logging into your Paramount + account.
  6. Here on Vizio Smart TV, choose the media to view.

How to Activate Paramount Plus on Apple TV

Install the app before activating Paramount Network on Apple TV, then follow these instructions to activate your subscription.

  1. Launch the Paramount + App and select your TV provider.
  2. The displayed activation code should be noted down.
  3. Open a browser and type
  4. The activation code must be entered.
  5. Log into your television provider after completing the authentication procedure.
  6. Your streaming device is now ready to start playing Paramount+ content.

How to Activate Paramount Plus on Roku TV

Be sure to follow the steps listed below to enable this Paramount+ service network on Roku. To do so:

  1. Go to the home screen on Roku TV.
  2. To find the Paramount Network in the Search section.
  3. Launch the Application and Activate it by entering the activation code.
  4. To get the activation code, Use your PC browser, and log in to
  5. After that, provide the activation code. Use your TV provider’s account and password to log in.

How to Activate Paramount Plus on Amazon FiteTV Stick

You may enable Paramount + on the Firestick by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Start your Amazon Firestick and select applications from the menu that appears.
  2. Use the category list to find the app, After you discover it, open it by clicking on the app.
  3. Please select the GET option to start downloading it and then wait until it is finished.
  4. To open it, select the option. From either the drop-down menu, select your television service.
  5. You will immediately be provided with an activation number.
  6. Use a browser to access the URL
  7. Then activate it, give the activation number, and establish a connection with your TV provider.

How to Activate Paramount+ on any Android Smart TV

  1. The Paramount+ service should be started.
  2. Choose one of their subscription packages.
  3. Create an account by signing up.
  4. Create a new account right away. Log into your account if you are already a user.
  5. You’ve successfully subscribed when you click the button.
  6. Once you click the Subscription option, Paramount Plus will be successfully enabled on your Android TV.
  1. Where do I begin Paramount Plus?

    The Paramount Plus app may be downloaded from the Vizio app store once you have a Vizio Smart TV that is compatible with it. Open the app after installation, then log in using your Paramount Plus account.

  2. How to get free access to Paramount Plus?

    You can access Paramount Plus for free by signing up for the 7-day trial.

  3. Why won’t Paramount Plus function on Apple TV?

    Due to slow internet or server unavailability, the Paramount+ app might not function. The app’s outdated or earlier version might occasionally be to blame. Connect the Apple TV to a reliable Internet connection and update the app on the Apple TV to address these issues. Restart your Apple TV to see if the issue still exists.

  4. What if my Screen doesn’t display an Activation code?

    Please contact us at if you followed the directions to login in on an existing compatible device but no activation code appears on your screen so we can assist you in getting back to streaming.

  5. Where Should I Insert the Paramount + Code?

    Visit “” on a computer or mobile browser to enter the Paramount Plus code. In the following box, enter the Paramount + activation code.

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