Kolkata Property Tax Payment Online at kmcgov.in

Kolkata Property Tax Payment Online for House, Building, Complex, Land and etc., Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) Property Tax Online Payment at http://kmcgov.in…

Kolkata is well affiliated with the structure of new digitized methods through which all the citizens can ensure that their payments are made on time. So if you are a citizen of Kolkata who owns a property then you have to make KMC Property Tax payment every year to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).

And if this is your first time trying to make the payment then you should follow our article below. In this article, we have explained how you can use the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s official website in order to make your payment easily. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the offline hassle of payment in the queue if you follow this method.

Kolkata Property Tax Payment Online

Now all you have to do is follow the below instructions that will help you understand how simple it is to make the Kolkata property tax payment from online.

Kolkata Municipal Property Tax Payment
  • Firstly open the Kolkata Municipal Corporation official website from here https://www.kmcgov.in/
  • Then click on the Online Services option from the left sidebar from the homepage and then under the submenu you need to click on Assessment-Collection option and this will redirect to a new page
  • In the next page, you need to click on Make Online Payment option from the left sidebar and then from the sub menu drop down either select the following as per your requirement
    • Current PD – Need to pay current property tax
    • Fresh-Supplementary – Fresh bill that has it just overdue
    • Outstanding LOI – If your property tax has become overdue and you have not paid for a long time
  • Then select the option which you think is accurate and then click on it which will open a new page
  • For all three options selected you will be redirected to the search page which will look the same and will have below details you need to fill
    • Assessee No – Enter your number here if you own the property
    • Contact No – Enter your phone number here
    • Email id: Enter your email address here and then click on the Pay button
  • This will open the payments page through which you will have to guide yourself by selecting your preferred payment gateway and then under it, you need to make the payment from one of the payment options you prefer.

Finally, now you have made the KMC Property Tax payment online in no more than 5 minutes by following the above guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make Kolkata property tax payment without creating an account?

Yes, you do not need to create an account if you want to pay because you can simply follow the above instructions and use Kolkata Municipal Corporation official website https://www.kmcgov.in/ to make the property tax payment online in quick time.

  • How can I find the invoice or payment receipt for Kolkata property tax payment?

You can simply go to the Assessment-Collection page and then click on Reprint e-receipt from the left sidebar, then select the receipt type and provide the information required like Receipt Date From and Assessee No to get the receipt.

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