How to Setup Dark Mode in Chrome

Google Chrome has added a new feature called Dark Mode, which enables the present tabs to be darkly lighted. The usual light version of Chrome appears to operate OK, but this dark mode will give you a more comfortable browsing experience.

This Simple guide helps to set up and enable or disable dark mode on Google Chrome on your Desktop PC/Laptop Browser, Android, iOS and other devices.

Chrome Dark Mode

On desktop, this feature is known as Dark mode, while on mobile devices, it is known as Dark theme. When you surf in Chrome’s Dark mode or Dark theme, your desktop, toolbar, settings, and certain other sites go dark.

How to Set Dark Mode on Chrome?


  1. Click the Start button, then Settings>Personalization, then Ease of Access.
  2. Now Turn on the Colour Filters, then select Inverted or Gray Scale Inverted.
  3. Your Chrome browser has switched to dark mode.


Chrome’s dark mode may be activated immediately by simply converting your entire computer to complete darkness. To set Chrome dark mode on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Choose ‘General‘ from the ‘System Preference’s menu.
  2. Then, select ‘Appearance‘.
  3. Finally, choose the ‘Dark‘ option to automatically activate all dark modes on your computer.
  4. You may now begin searching in your recently found dark mode for Chrome.


  1. Open Chrome on your Android device.
  2. Click the main settings (three-dotted) button in the top-right corner and choose Settings.
  3. Select the Dark mode button and Set the toggle switch on.
  4. Once you’ve finished the procedures, the browser should begin using the new dark colour scheme.


  • On your iPhone, select the Settings menu.
  • Select “Display & Brightness” from the “Settings” menu (grey gear button).
  • You may select between “Light” and “Dark” choices here.
  • When you choose “Dark,” dark mode will be activated throughout the system, including Chrome.
  • In the iOS settings, you may enable a dark colour mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode or Dark Theme in Chrome Browser

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser and go to Settings.
  2. Proceed with ‘Customize your Chrome Profile‘ or directly proceed to chrome://settings/manageProfile?
  3. Now you have seen various theme colours along with Dark Theme.
  4. Pick a theme colour, Chrome browser switched as per it.

Note: Dark theme can not display search results in dark mode, to see the results in completely dark mode must set up colour filters in Windows or Mac.

How to Turn Off & Turn On Dark Mode in Chrome

Turn Off Dark Mode in Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome Browser and search chrome://settings/manageProfile?search=dark
  2. Disable the “Dark theme” button at the bottom of the list.
  3. Dark Mode in your Chrome browser should be turned off.

Turn On Dark Mode in Chrome by flags

  • Type chrome:/flags/#enable-force-dark in the address bar.
  • This will open a secret Chrome options menu, as well as the Force Dark Mode option.
  • Enabled should be selected from the drop-down menu next to Force Dark Mode.
  • To restart your browser, click the Relaunch button at the bottom.

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