How to Connect Printer From Internet Windows 11

Connecting a Printer To the Internet in Windows is not an impossible thing the printing Systems also upgraded to make printing from the internet. In this article, we have given simple and complete Steps to Connect a Printer from the Internet to Windows 11 Operating System.

Users who have to make regular printings can access the facility by connecting their printer to the internet. You can connect any Printer to the internet by the process to get a better experience through printing from the Internet.

Those latest operating Systems are supported along with another old version of Windows. Below we guide you on how to connect to your printer from the internet. For this setup, you need to create a local user account on your PC windows 11.

Create a Local User Account

Create a local user on your Windows 11 PC or laptop for your printer by following simple steps.

  • Open Computer Management Console by Pressing the Wndows+R key to open RUN, and run with ‘compmgmt.msc‘.
  • Now the computer Management Console is opened, expand the local users & groups tab, and select the users’ folder.
  • Then right-click to create an account under user account type in the new user dialogue box, and provide that username and password.
  • Use this account details like username & password to share the printer to the internet.
Connect Printer From Internet Windows 11
Connect Printer From Internet Windows 11

Sharing Printer to the Network in Windows 11

Now you need to connect the user to the network on your Windows 11, follow the steps to connect your printer to the user by sharing over the network.

  • Open settings and click Bluetooth and devices, Select the Printers & Scanners option and Proceed.
  • Then Select your printer, and go to printer setting options.
  • Select the Sharing tab in the properties, then check the box to share your printer, then click Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click Change Advanced sharing settings located on the sidebar options in the network & sharing centre section.
    1. Check Turn on network discovery and Turn on file and printer sharing for both Private, Network Discovery, Gust, and All Networks.
    2. Check turn on password-protected sharing.
  • Save the Printer Name located on the Properties.
  • Select the Security tab, then add the new local account credentials like the username & password of the printer user account generated on the above steps.
  • like your PC-2\printer (PC-2 is your PC Name and printer is your printer).
  • Give permissions to the printer by selecting.
    1. Print
    2. Manage this printer
    3. Manage Documents
  • Your Local Printer is successfully set up for sharing in sharing centre in windows 11.

Install VPN to Create Network

We need to create a VPN network to connect the printer user to your local computer. By following simple steps we will connect the printer to the VPN by creating a network.

  • Go to
  • Download and install Radmin VPN on the local computer
  • Press the “Create network” button, and Set the network name and password, by entering your own username and a secure password, for example, the username is Pavzi_Printer and the password 12345.
  • Press the “Create” button, then a new network will appear in the Radmin VPN Main window.
  • After setting up your shared printer, you can Connect to your Printer from the Internet.

Join the Network from your Remote Computer

To Access the printer user we need to Join the VPN network. To install the same VPN on your remote computer also by follow the steps.

  • Download and install Radmin VPN on the remote computer.
  • Launch the software, this time select “Join Network” and join by using your printer network username and password, and press “Join” button.
  • The network created earlier and its nodes will be shown in the Radmin VPN Main window. The connection between the computers is established.

How to Connect a Printer to the Internet

Connect the printer to print anywhere from the connected or networked computers from the internet. You can now connect to your printer with the simple steps on the control panel.

  • Go to the credential manager through the control panel on Windows 11.
    1. Click the windows credentials.
    2. Click the Add a Windows credential.
    3. Specify the computer to share the printer.
  • Specifying the username and password to authenticate

Once you complete the steps, the new account information will be added to your device to sign-in automatically the next time you access the printer shared.

If you have not installed the printer drivers already, please install them by downloading them from the manufacturer’s official website. To watch the process visually follow the YouTube link, and any questions please comment we will give a reply.

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