Godaddy Email Login & Recover for GoDaddy Workspace & Office 365 Webmail

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar, offering a wide variety of products and services. Hosting, website administration, email hosting, DNS management, and more services are available. It has benefited millions of businesses in becoming more successful online.

GoDaddy Email is a hosted email service that allows you to send and receive emails using your own domain. You can view your emails on the move using GoDaddy Email’s iOS and Android applications. GoDaddy Email makes it simple to set up a professional email account. You may, for example, create email accounts based on your domain name (example: and synchronize your contacts across mobile devices using the GoDaddy Email Essentials package.

Godaddy Email

GoDaddy Email is a web hosting and domain registrar firm that offers email hosting. It allows customers to establish and administer custom email addresses for their domain names, including [name]@[]. You may view your emails using GoDaddy Email’s webmail interface as well as email clients like Outlook or Apple Mail. The service is available in a variety of price levels with differing storage limits and features.

GoDaddy Office 365 Web Mail

In comparison, Office 365 Web Mail is a web-based email service provided by Microsoft as part of their Office 365 suite of productivity products. It lets users access their email, calendar, and contacts from any internet-connected device. Office 365 Online Mail also includes collaboration tools like shared calendars, tasks, and contacts.

It is available in various price plans with variable storage limits and functionality, and it can be connected with other Office 365 programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

GoDaddy Email Login
GoDaddy Email Login

GoDaddy Email Login

  1. Go to the GoDaddy main page at
  2. At the page’s top right corner, click on the sign-in button.
  3. Enter your Username and password and proceed with the Login option.
    • You may also sign in using your Apple, Facebook, or Google account.
  4. After you set up 2SV, you must input an authentication code or use your security key to sign in.
  5. Now you have reached the Godaddy Account Dashboard, then go to My Products Page.
  6. Here, you can see your domains along with the Email Accounts list.
  7. Select and Proceed with the email account and log in by using the unique username and password of the Godaddy Email Account.

GoDaddy Webmail Account Login

  1. Navigate to the GoDaddy website in a web browser (
  2. At the page’s top right corner, click on the sign-in button.
  3. In the login boxes, enter your GoDaddy username or customer number and password, and then click “Sign In“.
  4. Having logged in, go to the top of the page and select the “Email” option.
  5. Choose the domain to which you wish to have access to the email account.
  6. Click the “Launch” button next to the webmail account you want to use (e.g., Workspace Email, Microsoft 365 Email).
  7. Click “Sign In” after entering your email address and password for the account you need to access.

GoDaddy Office 365 Login

  1. Visit the Microsoft 365 sign-in page at
  2. You may also access your email by entering your domain name. For example, if your domain is, your email sign-in page would be Create your unique sign-in page.
  3. Enter your email address and password for Microsoft 365. Your GoDaddy login and password will not be accepted here.
  4. Choose Sign In. Before proceeding, you may need to change your account type to Work or School rather than Personal.
  5. The official home page will be shown. To open a Microsoft app, choose it from the list on the left (for example, Outlook).

GoDaddy Workspace Email Login

  1. Webmail provides instant access to your email from any browser. It’s also a quick method to check that your email address and password are correct.
  2. Just go to Webmail by clicking
  3. Fill in your email address and password. (Your GoDaddy login and password will not work here.)
  4. To view your inbox, click Sign In by entering your Godaddy Workspace Email User ID and Password.
  5. Let’s get your email on your PC, mobile phone, or even both now that you have a webmail login.

How do Change/Reset/Recover your GoDaddy Email Password?

  1. Visit the GoDaddy website homepage, then log in to your account.
  2. Choose “Account Settings” from the dropdown menu after clicking on your name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click “Email” under the “Products” column.
  4. Choose the email address for which you wish to change/reset/recover the password.
  5. Type and confirm your new password.

How to Fix Godaddy Email Login Error

  • Check your login credentials: Make sure you’re using the right email address and password. If you’re unsure, use the “Forget Password” option to reset your password.
  • Clear the cache in your browser: Browser caches can occasionally create login troubles. Erase the history in your browser and try again.
  • Deactivate browser extensions: Certain browser extensions may cause issues with email login. Remove any installed extensions, clean your cache, and try logging in again.
  • Try it in another browser: If the following steps fail, try signing in with a different browser.
  • Check for service disruptions: If none of the following procedures works, GoDaddy may be experiencing a service outage. To confirm, visit their status page or contact customer service.
  1. What is the GoDaddy Office 365 Email Service?

    This subscription provides professional email based on your domain name, as well as a calendar and contacts sync that works across mobile devices and email clients. It includes 10 GB of email storage.

  2. What exactly is the difference between GoDaddy Workplace Email and Office 365?

    Compare features after switching from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365 to make your new email service operate best for you. Each Workspace Email mailbox comes with 250 relays per day, with the option to purchase up to 500 relays per day. Microsoft 365 has no SMTP relay constraints.

  3. What exactly is GoDaddy Workspace?

    GoDaddy’s Workspace is the email security solution that comes with GoDaddy hosting. While email is extremely necessary for any productive corporate communication, this email solution allows you to manage both Google and GoDaddy email in realtime.

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