Banglarbhumi App (JOMIR TOTHYA) Download

Banglarbhumi App ( JOMIR TOTHYA) Download from the Android Play store by the Land and Land Reforms Department of West Bengal at…

Banglarbhumi is a state-based innovation by the West Bengal government which is accredited by their Land reforms and management department. This online portal has been brought into place in order to ensure that the vast majority of the land is digitized.

Jomir Tothya

The specific reason for the digitization of land is to ensure that all the people have the specific information and details of all the lands, properties, and plots owned by them using the Banglarbhumi portal. In the same context as the world has grown to the extent of mobile hustle, you will want to know how to download the Banglarbhumi app as well.

Banglarbhumi App

One thing that you have to understand is that on the Android play store, you will find lots of apps related to Banglarbhumi but none of them is official apps and cannot be used to check for any of the services you wish. But in the below guide, we have clearly mentioned the official app name and also the process you can have it installed.

Banglarbhumi App
Banglarbhumi App
  • Open the Google Play app store and then in the search bar, enter “JOMIR TOTHYA” and then click on the search option
  • Note: JOMIR TOTHYA is the official Banglarbhumi app name and the name is different because it is in the Bengali language
  • Then you have to select the official app which will be having Land & Land Reforms and R.R. & R depth, Govt of WB as the publisher for the app
  • After selecting the app click on the install button and wait for a few minutes for the app to be downloaded first and then it will be installed in a quick time

Finally, you have now installed the Banglarbhumi official app on your Android app store, then simply open the app and then log in with your account details to get started with the West Bengal property checking process.

Download Here

  1. Can I download the Banglarbhumi app for iPhone/ iPad or iOS Platform?

    No, the Banglarbhumi official app name is JOMIR TOTHYA and this app has only been released for the Android app store which means it cannot be downloaded for any iPhone, iPad, or iOS device as well. But in this case, I would suggest iOS users make use of their official website which services the same purpose as well.

  2. How do I change the Language in Banglarbhumi JOMIR TOTHYA app?

    If you have newly installed this app then when you open it for the first time then it will ask you for your preference to select the language and you can select between English, Bengali and Hindi language as per your preference. After that is selected then the app will run in the language you have selected.

  3. Can I reset my account details password change or username change via the Banglarbhumi app – JOMIR TOTHYA?

    In the first place, you can only reset your password because the username will always be your phone number. For the password, you cannot use the app to reset it and you will have to make use of the official website in order to do so.

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