DevBhoomi Bhulekh Uttarakhand Land Records at

Bhulekh Uttarakhand, also known as “Devbhoomi Bhulekh,” is a digital land records management system in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. The government has taken the initiative to digitize land records for access. Known as “Bhulekh ” this system is essential for modernizing land administration and promoting transparency in property transactions within the state. Bhulekh

eRekha: KLIM Kerala Land Record Search for Survey Records, District Maps, FMB Online at

eRekha Kerala was introduced by KLIM to check the state’s Old/Re-Survey Records, District Maps, FMB, and Other Land Records online at… ‘eRekha’ is a platform that provides access to land records and relevant information in the state of Kerala, India. It is part of the Kerala Land Information Mission (KLIM), a government initiative aimed

Bhulekh Bihar Khesra/Khatauni, Land Map at

Bihar Bhulekh is a website that keeps track of Bihar’s land records. It is linked to an effort by the government to update land records throughout the country. The main purpose of the website is to provide residents in Bihar with details on their property, such as maps, ownership data, and parcel numbers. You may

BHOOMI-RTC Karnataka Land Records for Mojini V3, Pahani, etc.

The Bhoomi Online RTC portal in Karnataka is a website the government provides to help people easily get information about the land. This portal enables citizens to easily access and acquire certified copies of essential land records, including RTCs, mutation records, and other relevant documents. Bhoomi Karnataka The Bhoomi Karnataka Online Portal is an official

Banglarbhumi West Bengal Records at is a government portal in the state of West Bengal, that provides online access to land-related records and information. The portal offers a convenient way for residents to check Khatian (land records) and plot information online. Banglarbhumi is the official website of the Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department

E Dharti Apna Khata Rajasthan Land Records Jamabandi Copy, Print at

E Dharti also referred to as Apna Khata Rajasthan, is a portal for land records introduced by the government of Rajasthan. The main objective of this initiative is to offer access to land-related information and records for the state’s residents. E Dharti is a platform that provides land-related services, making it easier for individuals to

HimBhoomi-ROR Jamabandi, HP Land Records Online at

HimBhoomi is a system implemented by the government of Himachal Pradesh to manage land records. It is part of the centrally Sponsored Scheme for the Computerization of Land Records. Aims to modernize and digitize land-related information in the state of Himachal Pradesh. HimBhoomi HimBhoomi provides a user platform that enables landowners to access their land

Jamabandi Punjab Land Records (PLRS Fard) at

The Punjab government has introduced Jamabandi Punjab Land Records, also referred to as PLRS (Punjab Land Records Society) with the aim of digitizing and modernizing land records. It allows landowners and citizens to access crucial information related to land holdings, ownership, and transactions online. Jamabandi Punjab Land Records (PLRS Fard) Online is a platform in

UP Bhulekh Khatauni Check at

The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced UP Bhulekh, an online platform that gives information about land records. This website allows users to search for land details like Khasra and Khatauni easily. The main aim of UP Bhulekh is to provide citizens with land titles, increase transparency, and reduce land disputes in UP state. Khatauni, a

Jharbhoomi View Account, Register-II, Panji-II Khesra, Khatian, Payment, etc

Jharbhoomi is a platform that was developed for managing and digitizing land-related information and records in the state of Jharkhand. Its main objective is to reduce property disputes and promote transparency in land transactions and ownership, Known as Jharbhoomi. Well, this platform acts as a centralized system for maintaining records, maps, surveying operations, settlement operations

Jamabandi Haryana Land Records at

Jamabandi Haryana (Haryana Land Records) is a website that allows you to search for information on land records in Haryana.  Jamabandi is a document that is developed for every plot of land in Haryana. It indicates who owns the property, what they do with it, and what its present status is. The Patwari works similarly

Mahabhulekh 7/12, 8A Property Sheet View Digital SatBara at

Mahabhulekh is a digital land records portal in Maharashtra designed to provide easy and efficient access to land-related information for the residents of the state. This online platform was introduced to modernize and digitize the land records management system, ensuring transparency and reducing bureaucratic red tape in property-related transactions. Mahabhulekh Through the Mahabhulekh portal, individuals

Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Plot Details (RoR), Village Map, Bhu Naksha at

Bhulekh Odisha, also known as “Bhulekh Orissa,” is a digital land records management system in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. It is an initiative undertaken by the government to computerize and digitize land records, making them accessible to the public in a transparent and efficient manner. Bhulekh Odisha The term “Bhulekh” translates to “land

MP Bhulekh Khasra or Khatauni Copy, Land Map at

MP Bhulekh, short for Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh, is an innovative and digitized land records management system implemented in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This digital platform has revolutionized the way land records are stored, accessed, and maintained. It offers a comprehensive and transparent solution for land-related information, which was previously a cumbersome and time-consuming

Bhuiyan CG: Khasra, Khatauni, Bhunaksha at

Bhuiyan is an online land record for Chhattisgarh in India. This website provides online services, departmental logins, citizen services, and land reports that can be seen and downloaded. Bhuiya CG has two main parts, Bhuiyan and Bhunaksha. Bhuiyan is information about Khasra, and Bhunaksha is a tool for managing Khasra maps. It may give land-related