Jio Data Loan Number & USSD Code for Emergency Data Loan

Jio prepaid customers will have access to emergency data loans by dialing the Jio Data loan Number or USSD Code when the subscriber needs 4G or 5G data emergency. This service will include the option to first recharge and then pay later.

This Data loan feature will be especially useful to customers whose daily data limit has been reached and who are unable to recharge instantly. Jio prepaid customers can get an Emergency Data Loan up to 5 times.  Customers will receive a 1GB data (up to 5 GB) pack as part of this offer.

Jio Data Loan

The Jio Data Loan feature avail to all users of the telecom provider who have used up their high-speed daily data limit and are unable to recharge quickly for a number of reasons the option of the ‘Recharge Now and Pay Later’ feature.

The Jio emergency data loan service is accessible by calling to Jio Data Loan Number, USSD Code, or active through My Jio App.

Jio Emergency Data Loan

The emergency data loan was a previously announced service by Reliance Jio. This service allows users to loan 4G & 5G internet high-speed data. It is developed for users who do not have money available to make mobile data charges.

  1. Jio data loan will be used up to five times.
  2. Every time, you receive a 1 GB emergency data coupon.
  3. Each Jio Emergency Data Loan Voucher costs Rs 15.
  4. That means the total loan cost is Rs. 75 increased five times.
  5. The emergency data loan option is only available to prepaid customers.
  6. There are no extra charges for emergency data loans.
  7. After five times uses, you must repay your existing bills to be eligible for another emergency data loan.
  8. You will apply for a Jio Emergency Data Loan using the My Jio App.

Jio Data Loan Number

Jio customer service will support you with any issue with the telecom service provider. So that, to have a Jio phone data loan on your sim, contact Instead of their customer service number using a Jio data loan number or a Jio emergency data loan number. This is the easiest way to receive a Jio data loan.

  1. Dail Emergency Data Loan Number 1299 from your Jio mobile number to get a loan.
  2. By this number, you will be able to get a 10GB loan.
  3. It will provide you with different options, and if one of them is a Jio data loan, take it immediately.
  4. Next, it will ask you how much data loan you require on your Jio mobile number. Just choose 10 GB and follow the steps.
  5. However, there is no alternative given if you are searching for a Jio Talktime loan number. This is only for the jio data loan.
  • The Reliance Jio Data Loan Number is 1299.
  • Dial through any Jio Number to avail of the emergency data loan facility.

Jio Data Loan USSD Code

According to the reports, Reliance Jio does not introduce any USSD Code to avail of data loans, customer of reliance Jio just dial 1299 from their number and follow the instructions to avail of the facility.

How Did Jio Emergency Data Voucher Facility work?

Jio has introduced the ‘Jio Emergency Data Voucher‘ service. Users can take data loans from the company by using this service. It is developed for customers who do not have use to money to pay for mobile service data bills. Reliance Jio offers a number of 4G & 5G data coupons & vouchers.

If you want to buy one, you’ll have to pay for this in advance. But, if you want it immediately and do not have the money to pay for it, you can get it as a Jio data loan using the company’s Emergency Data Voucher option.

  1. The Jio emergency data loan may be accessed by using the MyJio App.
  2. Login with your Jio number and choose the emergency data loan voucher.
  3. Choose the ‘get emergency data‘ option under mobile services, then click the ‘activate now‘ button.
  4. Your emergency data loan will be activated.

How to Get Jio Emergency Data Loan through Myjio App?

You may use my jio app to do any activity linked to your Jio mobile numbers, such as recharging, Jio emergency data loan or any other operation.

  1. First, install “my jio app” on your android or iPhone.
  2. You must log in to your Jio app, using with entering your registered Jio number.
  3. Open the My Jio App and go to the left side for a menu option. Choose that option.
  4. Then select the ‘Emergency data loan‘ option in the menu.
  5. After that, you will find the ‘Get Emergency data loan‘ and click the ‘Continue‘ button.
  6. And you want to choose your data pack.
  7. Click the Submit or Pay Later button.
  8. Now you will immediately receive a jio data loan.

What if I Don’t Pay Jio Emergency Data Loan?

  1. If you don’t pay the data loan during the period to jio data services, it will take some serious actions.
  2. If you do not pay the Jio emergency data loan, the service will not provide data to you again before you pay off your balances.
  3. Jio has the option to file legal action against the customer if the amount is not paid for a long period of time.

How Can I Repay the Jio Emergency Data Loan?

You need to follow the below step to repay the emergency data loan:

  1. Open the My Jio app, and look for the ‘Menu‘ option. Then, select the ‘emergency data loan‘ option.
  2. Then, you can click the ‘Continue’ option.
  3. If your loan is due, the option ‘loan balance due‘ will be shown, and you can choose this option.
  4. Next, it will be asked for an online payment method or other payment methods. Then you can select which payment methods do want you to choose.
  5. Finally, you can repay the Jio emergency data loan.

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