How to Reset Google Chrome Settings

Google Chrome offers a feature that allows you to enhance its functionality through the addition of extensions. However, you need to proceed with carefully because some of these extensions may have an unwanted impact on Chrome’s performance by slowing it down by displaying pop-up ads or leading you to websites. Should any of these issues occur, it is recommended to reset Chrome to its default settings.

Resetting your Chrome browser can prove helpful if you notice that it is running slowly, crashing frequently or behaving unusually. By doing a reset Chrome will be reverted, to its settings. Remove any modifications you have made. This process can effectively address any difficulties. Restore performance to your browser.

Once you’ve completed the reset, it is advisable to update and restart the browser. Additionally, make sure to check for updates on any extensions you want to use in order to verify that both Chrome and its extensions are set up with the security features and updates. In this post, we have explained how to reset your Google Chrome browser settings using different methods.

Reset Google Chrome Settings
Reset Google Chrome Settings

How to Reset Google Chrome

Resetting Google Chrome to its default settings is the quickest way to reset any modifications you made to your Windows or Mac computer’s web browser. Follow the given steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer or Mac.
  2. Then press on the three dots in the upper right corner. Select the ‘Settings’ option.
  3. Scroll down and click ‘Advanced’ at the bottom of the page.
  4. After going down again, select the ‘Reset and Clean up’ option.
  5. Now click the ‘Reset settings to their original defaults’ button.
  6. Next, a pop-up message will display on your screen to confirm your selection.
  7. If you wish to proceed with the reset, choose the ‘ Reset Setting’ option.

Google Chrome Reinstallation on Windows

This setting does not delete your Chrome settings. You can sign in again. Your preferences will be synced. However, it clears the data on your device. Restores Chrome to its default settings on your computer, which may enhance its performance, but you need first to uninstall the Google Chrome application. Follow the steps to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome on your Windows PC.

Uninstall Google Chrome from Windows

Follow these steps to uninstall Google Chrome on your Windows computer:

  1. First, press the Windows and ‘R’ keys together to open the Run dialogue box.
  2. To get to the Control Panel, type ‘control’ and press enter button.
  3. Then choose either the ‘Programmes or Features’ or ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.
  4. Search and choose Google Chrome from the list of programs.
  5. Now, you can uninstall it, press the ‘Uninstall’ button, and then continue the on-screen directions.

Reinstall Google Chrome on your Windows

Follow these instructions to install Google Chrome on your Windows computer:

  1. Visit the official Chrome download page at
  2. Click the “Download Chrome” button to begin the installation process.
  3. Check your download options before clicking the ‘Accept and Install’ option.
  4. Once downloaded, the installer is normally found in your ‘Downloads’ folder. Simply double-click on it.
  5. Once you have finished the installation, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Google Chrome Reinstallation on Mac

You will not erase your Chrome preferences. Your settings will still be synchronized. However, it will delete the data on your device. Chrome will be restored to its default settings on your enhancing Mac speed.

Before proceeding, you need to uninstall the Google Chrome program. To uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome on your Mac, follow the instructions provided below.

Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac

  1. Search and launch the ‘Applications’ folder. You can easily do this from the Dock or the Finder.
  2. In the list of installed applications, choose the ‘Google Chrome’ application.
  3. To uninstall Google Chrome, drag the ‘Google Chrome’ application to the trash or bin. Also, right-click the ‘Google Chrome’ application and select ‘Move to Trash’ or ‘Move to Bin’.

Reinstall Google Chrome on your Mac

Follow these steps to install Google Chrome on your Mac:

  1. Go to the Chrome download page at
  2. To begin downloading the installer, click the ‘Download Chrome’ button.
  3. Then check your download options in the following message box, then click the ‘Accept and Install’ button.
  4. After downloading, the installer is normally found in your ‘Downloads’ folder.
  5. To begin the installation, double-click the installer. Follow the directions on the screen to finish the installation.

What Happens when your Google Chrome is Reset?

Resetting Google Chrome returns it to its default settings. Once you reset Google Chrome, the following changes have to happen on your computer’s browser:

  1. The default search engine will be changed to Google.
  2. Cookies, cache, browsing history, and web page data will all be deleted.
  3. All extensions, upgrades, and themes will be disabled.
  4. The default settings for your homepage, new tab, and bookmarked tabs will be restored.

Any website preferences you have will be removed.

Resetting Chrome on Android via uninstalling updates

Google Chrome is the default app on many Android smart phones and cannot be uninstalled. You have the option to delete all updates and reset Chrome to the previous state it was set up in before you first received it. It does, however, erase all data on your device and then restore Chrome to its default settings.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Search for the ‘Apps’ or ‘Apps & Notifications’ option and press on it.
  3. Then click on the “Chrome” in the list of applications. On the top right corner of your display, press the three dots symbol.
  4. Now select ‘Uninstall Updates’ and confirm the option you have selected. This will restore Google Chrome to its default settings.
  5. To proceed, press ‘OK’ button when a security alert displays.

Resetting Chrome on iOS via reinstalling

You will not reset your Chrome settings on your iOS. You will delete the Chrome app and sign in again, and your settings will be synchronized. But it also clears your device’s stored data and resets local Chrome settings. Follow the below steps.

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iOS device. Navigate to the ‘General’ menu.
  2. Then, Select the ‘iPhone Storage’ option. Search and choose ‘Chrome’ from the list of applications.
  3. Next, choose the ‘Delete App’ option and confirm it was selected. Google Chrome will be removed from your device.
  4. On your iOS device, go to the App Store. Then click the bottom-right search bar and enter ‘Google Chrome’.
  5. Finally, choose Google Chrome to download and install the app and restart Chrome.

How can I restart Google Chrome?

You may see the information by clicking the browser. Look for Google Chrome.

Then select the address bar to enter ‘chrome://restart‘ in the address box and press enter to observe the browser closing down and restarting.

Will Reset my Chrome Browser to clear all of my data?

When you restart your Chrome browser, all of the extensions you’ve installed are deactivated. Also, any temporary data from your visited websites, such as stored information, will be removed. However, you can be secure that your list of websites visited and passwords saved will be stored.

How can I Reset my phone’s default browser?

To change your default web browser on an Android smartphone from the default one, such as Google Chrome, visit the Settings menu, applications, Find, and pick ‘Default applications’. You may now set a different browser as your default.

How can I Restore my Android browser?

Give your Google account information and choose the ‘Data & Personalization’ option. Look for the Google Chrome symbol by pressing the see all option under the “Things you create and do” section. Click it, and then select ‘Download Data’ to restore the lost bookmarks and browser history.

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