How to Download Your Reddit Data

You are able to ask Reddit to offer you a copy or duplicate of your data by finishing out a request form. You are going to get a message from a private server on your Reddit account featuring a link to download the file at the last stage of the procedure, which might require a maximum of thirty days to complete. You may access a CSV document carrying the information through Microsoft’s Excel program or any other standard text editor in chief.

You can download a copy or duplicate of data or information by using different ways or various solutions such as Implementing Brownman’s tool Reddit-user-to-sqlite. When initiating an asking for details about utilizing the Reddit Content Request Form, Asking for guidance with Reddit, Making use of a gathering or data-scraping tool handed over by a third party and so on.

How to Ask Reddit for Your Data?

You can ask Reddit to offer you an electronic version of the information you provided by finishing or filling out an inquiry form. No more than thirty days could occur along the course of the process.

Subsequently, the link for downloading will be shared with you over a personal message on Reddit. You can access the CSV files comprising data to work with Microsoft Excel or any other text editor-in-chief. Your posts, comments, vote history, chats, and other data are all preserved in different folders.

Download Your Reddit Data
Download Your Reddit Data

Some certain disadvantages or drawbacks accompany this methodology. Beginning navigating across CSV files can be slightly complicated. When you basically wish you could download the information and proceed with your everyday activities, the lag is frustrating as well. Even so, for a great number of people, backing up is the most straightforward and most successful method of backup or preserving you are Reddit content.

Reddit could be prompted to gather your data or information in multiple ways.

  • Use the Reddit Data Request Form when submitting a request for information: This is the official way to request your data from Reddit. You will need to provide your username and email address, and you will be able to select the specific data that you want to request.
  • Make a Reddit Assistance inquiry: Interaction with Reddit Support or Assistance if you’re looking for helping hands filing a request or if you have any inquiries concerning the Information Requesting Form or Process.
  • Use a data scraping or extracting tool from a third party: Plenty of different third-party applications are out there that are capable of being used to scrape or extract information collected by Reddit. These tools or resources are capable of helping you gather information from other internet users along with content or information from the content of your posts and comments or opinions.

Following are some considerations or precautions that should be taken when seeking information via Reddit.

  • Your username and email address are required to be entered.
  • You must be very detailed about whatever information you are hoping to be seeking.
  • You could be asked to pay an administration charge for obtaining your personally identifiable information.
  • The information that you provide would like to take several weeks or a long time to be processed.
  • Reddit is going to examine the submission after you’ve entered it, and they’ll email or inform you about the outcome or results. In the unlikely case that the application receives approval, Reddit is going to give you an email with instructions or a link to download or obtain the information that you submitted.

Here are some indications of the information that Reddit is willing to supply after the request. Such as

  • Your posts and comments or your articles and remarks, your karma or your destiny, your trophies or your awards, your account settings or Settings for your account and your user history or Customer history.
  • You are also able to inquire for information or data or content about the subreddits you come after, the posts or the content you’ve appreciated or disliked or opposed, and the people with who you’ve communicated or interacted therewith.
  • Get in touch with Reddit Support or Service if you have any problems or inquiries with respect to accessing your personal information through Reddit.

How to Download Your Reddit Data Yourself?

  • Make use of Brownman’s tool reddit-user-to-sqlite if you are not interested in waiting for Reddit to provide your data or if you would prefer to keep it inside of a permanent database or archive.
  • Anyone Reddit the customer’s comprehensive public archive might be downloaded using this command-line program, and it afterwards turns it into an SQLite database file. On the other hand, keep keeping in mind how the July 1, 2024 API updates would render such a method obsolete or unnecessary.
  • If you are habituated to navigating command conformity, I recommend following the instructions in Brownman’s blog post that introduces the tool. For others as well, calm; it’s not quite as hard as it seems to be.
  • Setting up Python before anything else is mandatory. The most suitable way for performing this for those running Windows is to run and download the installer for your computer’s operating system.
  • You need to carry out this install pipx procedure afterward obtaining Python.
  • The aforementioned commands or directives, which can either be executed or issued in PowerShell or Command Prompt, are the most effective methods to get around this on Windows operating systems.
  1. Is there a way to download every single Reddit post?

    RedditManager is an online resource that downloads your finished saved portion as a page in HTML with connections to the source photos and enables you to organize it by subreddit. Access that in JDownloader 2, extract or download it, and execute RedditManager to remove those comments or posts.

  2. From where can I download Reddit information?

    Run the Reddit bot u/savevideo to preserve videos from Reddit. Through doing so, you can save any video that was previously submitted to the app or site with no departing Reddit. Step 1: Visit the Reddit thread in which the clip that you wished to conserve resides. Step 2: Over it, put “U/savevideo” and tap Post.

  3. What information does Reddit gather in one place?

    Everything that you submit to the Services will be gathered by us. This consists of the entirety of your communications and discussions with the admins in addition to us, together with any saved drawing of the comments and posts you make. It further includes any videos you broadcast through RPAN.

  4. How do I extract all of my personal Reddit data?

    You can fill out the data request form by filling out the following to request a copy of your Reddit personally identifiable information: Enter the address in an internet browser on your personal device. Authenticate into the Reddit account that holds the information you intend to get hold of. After implementing these instructions, tap Submit.

  5. How many days is data maintained on Reddit?

    Reddit retains a record of information about you, such as their internet provider (IP address), system specifications, and the internet browser. Other than for the IP address you submitted for setting up your username and password, Reddit removes all of these details from the server it uses automatically every 100 days, in order with the terms of its privacy policy.

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