Google Find My Device: How to Find, Lock or Erase a Lost Android Device

Google Find My Device, which used to be known as Android Device Manager, is a useful tool that allows users to identify and automatically secure their smartphones, tablets, or smart home devices. If the gadget is lost, you can locate it and can also be deleted or erased data on the android device.

Google Find My Device

You install Google Find My Device on all of your Android devices and then use the application to find your device from your PC or another Android device. Sign in to your Google account to get the same service that you get on a PC/laptop and etc.

google find my device
Google Find My Device

How to Setup My Device on Google

You can use your smart device or PC to set up your’re my device on Google, it is also similar to Find My Phone Samsung, you can just follow the below steps.

  1. To get to quick settings, drag down from the top of the screen and make sure both Wi-Fi and Mobile data are switched on.
  2. Go to the settings tab, then Click Google and then Google Account.
  3. Choose the security and location option, It will show an on or off button under Find My Device. If it will show turned off, then you can turn on the Find My Device option.
  4. Then, you can return to the security and location option and scroll down to the Privacy location option.
  5. By default, the location button is off, and then you can turn it on the location button.
  6. You can see recent location reports from applications on your phone in this section.
  7. Your phone is viewable on Google Play by default, but you can disable it.
  8. Go to to verify the status of your device on Google Play. You’ll see a list of your devices on that screen. Select the reveal option under visibility.

How to Active Google Find My Device on Android

Google’s Find My Device service is already turned on. Google sets it on by default, once you link an Android phone to a Google account, so it should be active from the beginning. Here’s how to activate Google Find My Device on Android follow the simple steps given below.

  1. First, Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  2. And then select the “Google” option.
  3. After opening the Google Settings tab, then you can select the “Security” tab.
  4. You can now choose the “Find My Device” option.
  5. On the Find My Device tab, make sure the feature is activated by swiping to the right of the button.
  6. Now it will activate your Find My Device on Android.

How to Active Google Find My Device on PC/Laptop

To activate Google Find My Device on PC users must be signed in on their PC using a Google account, logged in with a local administrator account with their computer, and have location settings enabled in to use this feature. You can follow the below steps for activating to find my device on your PC.

  1. To open the Start menu, click on the Windows symbol.
  2. Go to the Settings tab, After selecting the settings option, select the ‘Update & Security’ option.
  3. Then you can choose the Find My Device option. If you don’t see this option, go to Windows Update, choose check for updates, and then install all available updates.
  4. Select the Change option. If this box is greyed out, press “Turn on location settings to access this service”, and then activate location settings in the option that shows.
  5. Then, turn on the “Save my device’s location periodically” option.
  6. Now it will be active Google Find My Device on your PC.

How to Find Lost Phone on Google Find My Device

To find your lost phone, you must be signed into a Google account, and you can set the location and Find My Device to set on. Then you can follow the below instructions to find your device.

  1. Open the Find My Device application on a different device or visit this link
  2. Login to your Gmail account and Locate My Device will provide an approximate location.
  3. To identify a nearby device, press the Play Music button. For a few minutes, the device will sound noisy.
  4. Once you’ve found your phone, press the Mute button to stop the sound.

How to Find My Device on Android (

You can find My Device on Android using this link to follow the given instructions.

  1. Open the browser on your smartphone or computer, and then go to this link
  2. Log in to your Google Account, If your lost device has multiple user profiles, log in with the main profile’s Google Account.
  3. A notification is sent to the missing phone, and then the location of the phone will be displayed on the map.
  4. The location is nearly equal and may not be correct. If your phone cannot be located, you will be shown its most recent known location if it is available.
  5. We have three options to choose the required action you want to perform.
    • Play sound: Choose the “PLAY SOUND” option to ring your phone at maximum volume for 5 minutes. Even if the phone is set to any other mode, it will ring.
    • Lock: Select the “SECURE DEVICE” to use your PIN, pattern, or password to lock your phone. You can set a lock if you don’t have one. You may leave a message or mobile number on the lock screen to enable someone to recover it.
    • Erase: You can select the “ERASE DEVICE,” option to all data on your phone will be completely erased and may be not deleted memory card data. After deleting your device, the phone’s Find My Device feature will no longer operate.

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