Dharani GIS Map Download, Telangana Dharani ILRMS GIS Map Search

Dharani GIS Map Download for Telangana Dharani ILRMS Map Search from the State Land Record official website at https://dharani.telangana.gov.in…

So, as you already know ILRMS stands for the Integrated Land Records Management System which is essentially made for all the citizens of Telangana so that they can keep track of all the land records information.


They also have an option through which you will be able to check the maps which will give you the map view for lands for your selected region and district. In this way, you will be able to get a map aerial look of the land you have or the land that you might want to buy or purchase as well.

Dharani GIS

In this guide, we going to show you how you will be able to use the Dharani GIS Map search option easily.

Dharani GIS Map
Dharani GIS Map


So you might have followed the old method of going offline to the land to view the land plan which is time taking but with this method, you will be able to simply check the land map view online for Dharani Telangana.

Dharani Telangana ILRMS Maps Search

GIS Stands for Geographical Information system through this you can view geo area view for the lands from the below method.

  1. Firstly open the Dharani Telangana official website from here https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/.
  2. Then click on the GIS button from the homepage and this will redirect to the GIS page.
  3. Under Select Village, you will have to select the options from the given drop-down for all the below.
    • District: Select your district from the given dropdown options.
    • Division: Select the division under the district you have selected from the given dropdown options.
    • Mandal: Now select the Mandal from the given dropdown options.
    • Village: Then select the village from the given dropdown options.
  4. Once you have narrowed down your area of selection then you will be able to see on the screen the GIS map view of the land that you want to check.
  5. Then you can also use the on-screen controls in order to zoom in or out or move to some other place on the GIS map view for the lands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we need to create an account to use the Dharani GIS Map feature?

    No, you do not have to create an account in order to use this feature because you can follow the guide and make use of this method without creating an account easily

  2. I cannot find my district or village name in the Dharani GIS Map search drop-down options.

    You may not be able to find all the districts and areas that you want to look at in the land map view but the site is being updated now, so you may check shortly again and follow the same process to get the details that you need.

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