LSGD Kerala Sevana Civil Registration for Birth, Death & Marriage Certificate

LSGD Kerala Sevana Civil Registration for the Birth Certificate, Death Certificate and Marriage Certificate for Kerala State Citizens at ISG Kerala portal at…

The government of Kerala has introduced a digital record system through Local Self Governance through Civil Registrations Sevana. The System is designed to report Birth and death and register Marriages electronically in Local Governments (Registration units) where SAVANA works uninterruptedly to register these events.

SEVANA Civil Registration

Department of Civil Registrations, Kerala has introduced the system to make civil registrations such as Birth, Death, Marriage Registrations and etc. Every Citizen of Kerala can utilize the system to report Death, Birth and Marriage to register under Civil Registrations SEVANA to get digital certificates for those events from the local governance of Kerala.

It is very important to report or register a general event by submitting a relevant form at SEVANA. Those who registered can get a Digital copy of the Certificate under the Local Self Governance Scheme by ISG Kerala as a legal certificate.


An authentic user can log in for official purposes on the SEVANA Login page, here are the steps to log in.

  1. Visit the IGS Kerala Official website at
  2. Choose Official Login, now you have been redirected to SEVANA Login Page.
  3. Select a Department Name, and enter your Username & Password.
  4. Proceed with the Submit option to reach into the dashboard.

SEVANA Registration

Everyone can register for General Civil Registrations such as Births, Deaths and Marriages (Hindu and common) by Submitting a Registration from the Simple Steps.

Report or Register Birth or Death

  1. Visit the ISG Kerala Portal.
  2. Select and Proceed with Download Forms.
  3. Choose Registration of Births & Deaths.
  4. Now a list of links has appeared, Proceed with the Forms.
  5. Proceed with Birth Report – Direct Link HereForm No.2 Death Report.
  6. Fill out the Application form and submit it to your Local Body of Governance.

They will update the birth report at through SEVANA Software to generate a Birth or Death Certificate.

Registration of Marriages

Similarly, Select and proceed with the Registration of Marriages Form download link and choose the relevant section applied to you such as Hindu Marriage Act, Common Marriage Rules, and Special Marriage Act.

Fill out the registration form by attaching a Photo of the Husband & Wife along with supporting documents including a declaration and submit it at the nearby SEVANA Center or Local Governance Center.

SEVANA Certificate Search

Here are the steps to Search event (Birth, Death, Marriage ) which is has been registered at your local body.

  1. Open the Civil Registrations SEVANA Portal at
  2. On the Home screen, proceed with certificate Search or Quick Search Option.
    • Certificate Search.
    • Select the Local Body Details from the Dropdown.
      • District, Local Boady Type, and Local Body.
    • After Submitting, You will see a list of records for Birth, Death, or Marriage, Proceed with the year of the event.
    • On the Next page, Enter the Details for the Certificate.
      • Example for Birth Registrations.
      • Enter the Child’s Name, Date of Birth, Gander, Name of the Mother & Father and etc.
  3. Now Proceed with Search to get the registration details on the screen.

SEVANA Quick Search

  1. Visit the ISG Kerala Portal, and Proceed with ‘Quick Search‘ located on the home page.
  2. Select the Type of Certificate (Birth/Death/Marriage).
  3. Select your local body details such as District Name, Municipality, and City/Village.
  4. Provide Necessary details by Selection the Date of Birth, Gander, Name of the Mother and etc.
  5. Verify the Word and Submit to get complete records of the event.

SEVANA Certificate Download

Civil Registrations Kerala Certificate Download for Death, Birth & Marriage Certificate Digital copy available by following simple steps at ISG Kerala Portal. The below Steps help to download easily…

Birth Certificate

  1. Visit Civil Registrations Kerala, Search Page at
  2. Proceed with Certificate Search and Provide Complete Information.
  3. Then, Submit the Search form to get the Birth Certificate.
  4. Proceed with the Download option.

Save the digital copy and make multiple copies of the printout and use it for reference purposes.

Death Certificate

  1. Visit the ISG Kerala Civil Registrations Portal and Search for Registration Details.
  2. Find the record by Search or Quick Search option.
  3. Now you have seen the complete details of the event, now download the Death Certificate.

Use the digital copy or Xerox copy for reference purposes as a legal document.

Marriage Certificate

  1. Search the Marriage (Hindu/Common) Registration details at
  2. Select Certificate details by selecting the Year of Marriage along with Bride/Groom Details.
  3. View the registration details and make a printout of the Marriage Certificate.

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