Bihar Apna Khata Land Record Bihar Bhulekh Khasra

Bihar State Land Record Online Search for Bihar Apna Khata (बिहार अपना खाता) abhilekh Land Record, Bihar Apna khata Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni Online and Verification process and your account records online check at….

The Government of Bihar and the state Department of Revenue and Land Reforms has provide the service to check Apna Khata by using your account (बिहार अपना खाता), and Bihar Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni biharbhumi online Bihar Bhunaksha mauja online Nakal service available for all land owners of the state to check their property status and download Bihar Bhulekh Khasra nakal online from the Bihar State IRC website. Bihar

Bihar State Government and Revenue and Land Reforms has started the your account (अपना खाता) service to check online record status of patta or property through Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni Online and Verification and downloading of Bihar Apna Khata Nakal online from the Bihar Apna Khata abhilekh Land Record search service.

Bihar Apna Khata Online Land Record Search and Download Nakal- Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni Online and Verification process

We have providing step by step process to search or download your account (बिहार अपना खाता) for getting present online record status or details of your property under Bihar Department of Revenue and Land Reforms. The Bihar Government has provide the service from Bhulekh (भूलेख) web portal and land or property owners can get their account details using Apna Khata details from the following steps.

Required Details or Documents for Bihar Bhulekh Apna Khata Online Verification

  • Khasra Khatauni Xerox copy of your account (अपना खाता खसरा खतौनी नक़ल)
  • Bihar Mouza Account (बिहार मौज़ा समस्त खाते)
  • Account Number of Mouza As per government records (खाता खसरा संख्या अधिकार अभिलेख)

Online Verification Process of Bihar Apna Khata Land Record Bihar Bhulekh Khasra

  • Open the Bihar State Department of Revenue and Land Reforms Official Website and your account search direct link of
  • After Open the Bihar State Land Records Portal you will seen the state map with all districts ( Zilla’s) names as per following screen image map
Bihar Map
  • After Seen of above screen you need to select your responsible district, and click on the district witch is your account related to search as per above image
  • After clicking or Selection of district you have seen all zones in the district as per following image, once check and select your responsible zone or circle in the district as per previous
bihar apna khata
  • In above screen you will see all mouza’s and number of account holders and all details of the selected zone or circle, check once from above screen
  • Now you need to select your zone or circle as per above image, then you will see all mouza names(मौजा का नाम),Number of Revenue Stations (राजस्व थाना कुल) and Khesra (खेसरा) details as per the following image
  • Now Click on the first letter of your mouza, the Bihar Apna Khata Details is displayed
  • And there is another way to search your Account details with selecting of Mouza details from the displayed mouza’s list, click on your responsible mouza from the list and click on search account option as per bellow image.
  • Than you will seen bellow screen with list of Accounts and the owners list along complete details like रैयतधारी का नाम, पिता/पति का नाम and etc.
  • Now select your details from the displayed Royalty Name and he/her father or husband name’s click on देखें option to display the account holder details with complete details of land
  • After Clicking of देखें option you will seen the details as er following image
Bihar Bhulekh

Check once to confirm and take a copy of print out to use a nakal of Bihar bhulekh, Bikar Bhulekh Apne Katha nakal is only reference purpose to check the land owners details only and the copy is not valid to use legal purpose, for further information please visit your nearest circle office.

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