Washroom Near Me, How to Find Public Toilets Near Your Current Location

When we are travelling we need to find Restrooms, Bathrooms, or Public Toilets in the current location. Using Google Maps, Google Assistant, Alexa, iPhone Siri, and other location finder services helps you to get Nearest Public Toilets and Washrooms easily.

Bathrooms Near Me

Here we have discussed various location finder services that help you find the nearest public toilets near your current location where you are standing.

Public Toilet Near Me

Here are the best tools to find a Public Toilet location

  • Google Maps.
  • Google Assistant.
  • Apple Maps.
  • iPhone “Siri”.
  • Android Phone “Ok Google”.

Google Maps helps you to find the nearest restrooms, the public toilet, bathroom finder option available inside Google Maps.

Restrooms Near Me

Here are the steps to find the nearest public toilets using google maps on your phone by searching “Restrooms Near Me“.

Public Toilet Find by Google Maps

  • Open Google Maps on your Smartphone (Both Android & IOS GPS Location Services Enabled Devices are supported)
  • Enter the “Public Restrooms Near Me” Query on the search box and press the find button.
  • Now the bathroom finder option will find and show the nearest restroom.
  • By selecting the nearest one you will get directions with status.

Open maps.google.com on your desktop browser to find, Google Maps will instantly show you the location of restrooms near your current location. Please check whether the location services are enabled or not, Google Maps need to enable it to show the best results based on your current location.

Referred to use your Smartphone to find location searches on google maps, because we search locations mostly on the travelling times at new pleases or outside of the home. We carry mobile phones, tablets PC, everywhere but desktops and laptop systems are useful to search from home or the office only.

Public Restrooms Near Me

Find Restrooms Near Me by Google Assistant

If you have to carry any Google Assistant devices, you can use them to find the nearest washrooms. All Google Assistant devices are supported to find location services to find the nearest washrooms or public toilets. By following simple steps you can reach the nearest public restroom in your current location.

  1. Say “Ok Google” to activate Google Assistant.
  2. Ask to say the command “Show me toilets near me”.
  3. Then it will open maps with place markers and guide you to reach the nearest one from all the toilets near your location.

Nearest Bathroom Find by Apple Maps

Apple also provided location finder services through Apple Maps, those who are IOS users can use it to find the nearest public toilets nearby their current location in simple steps.

  1. Open Apple Maps on your iPhone or IOS Mac Device.
  2. Search for “Public Restrooms Near Me
  3. The nearest Restrooms with destination directions are displayed.
  4. Select the nearest one to reach directions given by Apple Maps.

Public Restrooms Found by iPhone Siri

  1. Say “Hay Siri” and ask for Show Public Restrooms Near me.
  2. iPhone Siri responds and says information about the nearest one.
  3. Ask for directions, then directions are displayed on the Apple Maps App.
  4. Use the directions to reach the nearest public restroom in your current location.

Any Model of iPhone & Apple watch is supported to search for anything on your current location as per the above steps. The Apple Store provides a Flush – Toilet Finder & Map application especially for IOS users to find the nearest public toilets in their current location.

Find “Restrooms Near Me” through Android Phone “Ok Google”

  1. Android Phones have built Google Assistant working with the Voice command of “Ok Google“.
  2. Say ‘Ok Google” to activate the Assistant, and say the command “Show me toilets near me”.
  3. It will open Google Maps for smartphones and show all the toilets near your location.
  4. In case the location service is available on your phone you need to change the command by adding a particular location.
  5. For example “Show Toilets near Red Fort in Delhi“, or “Show Public Bathrooms near Eiffel tower in Paris“.

Advised to install your local government-suggested applications in your smartphones like Greate British Toilet Map for the UK, and Whare is Public Toilet App for South Australia, Australia.

*Disclaimer: Above published information is only for reference purposes, for any changes on this content we refer to visit the official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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