Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription? Here’s the Steps

It is a great time pass for us when we are getting enjoyment and entertainment from various platforms. Paramount Plus feature belongs to one of them which provides strange entertainment for their subscribers. After the introduction of OTT platforms which functions on the root of subscription like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. By paying fees for subscriptions on these platforms you can access a lot of shows and movies.

You can access your Paramount subscriptions through these amazing platforms. But, whenever you think that this subscription is not providing any useful content to you then you can cancel this subscription at any time. You can cancel the subscriptions by signing in to your own accounts on web browser pages, mobiles, or smart televisions as well as in the PCs associated with Paramount subscriptions.

Cancel Paramount Plus

There is no hesitation that the Paramount Plus subscription has such a magnificent feature which involves providing major entertainment to their subscribed memberships. The subscription can be subscribed to on OTT platforms such as Hulu, Netflix and as well as on Amazon Prime Video. By subscribing to membership, you can access a number of TV shows, and films all together on the platform.

For various reasons, we think of the cancellation of the Paramount Plus subscription. Such as when it is not giving useless information or we may think it is charging a high amount, etc. Before cancellation, you have to remember that, your cancellation could be done before the end of your subscription period of time.

Cancel Paramount Plus
Cancel Paramount Plus

You can cancel it by opening their website at, on computers, on Androids, iPhones, Smart televisions, etc, by signing in to their linked accounts with a Paramount Plus subscription.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus at

The following steps will lead you to cancel the Paramount Plus at

  1. Open the Paramount Plus website on your favourite web browser.
  2. Login to your account through which you have subscribed the subscription. 
  3. You have to enter your email address and the password to login into your account.
  4. Once you have successfully entered, your prepaid subscription to the Paramount Plus account, you are required to look for the title of your account.
  5. Tap on your account title and it will display many other options. Among them choose the “Account” button and knock on it. 
  6. A fresh page will be displayed whenever you hit on the “Account” button.
  7. Continue moving down the page till you get the “Subscription” option.
  8. And then you will find also a “Cancel Subscription” option next to it.
  9. Finally, click on “Cancel Subscription” to cancel the Paramount Plus.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on iPhone

Observe the following and get help to cancel the Paramount Plus on your iPhone.

  1. Begin to activate your phone and snap to the settings of your phone.
  2. Then, Tap on the title, which is displayed in the settings.
  3. Later, more options will be displayed whenever you tap on the Paramount Plus App.
  4. After that, pick your title which you need to tap on the “subscription” feature.
  5. In case you cannot see the “subscription” feature in the settings, let’s go and click on the “iTunes & App Store” feature. 
  6. Soon after, you have to hit on your Apple ID by knocking on the iTunes & App Store feature.
  7. Then after, plenty of options will be viewed after hitting on the Apple ID to view it.
  8. Now, tap on the “Subscription” feature after logging in to your Apple.
  9. Later, knock on the “Paramount+” option whenever tapping on the “Subscription” feature.
  10. At the final stage, follow to hit on the “Cancel Subscription” feature and tap on ‘Done’.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Android?

Cancel the Paramount Plus on Android by following the steps. 

  1. launch the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Next, a Profile Icon of your account will appear in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Then, tap on your profile icon on the displayed screen.
  4. After that, require to tap on the “Payment & Subscriptions” feature.
  5. Later, follow to hit on the “Paramount+ feature“.
  6. Finally, the “Cancel Subscription” feature will be viewed on the screen and follow to hit that to complete the cancellation process of Paramount Plus. 

How to Cancel Paramount + Free Trial on Apple TV?

Cancel the Paramount + Free Trial on Apple TV with the simple steps

  1. First, follow the “Settings” application by switching on your Apple TV.
  2. Later, follow to hit on “Users & Accounts” to choose your own account.
  3. Then, the “Subscription” tab can be seen on the screen and tap on it.
  4. After that, find the “Active Section” feature and drive to tap on it.
  5. Then after, knock on the “Paramount +” button from “Active Section”.
  6. Finally, choose the “Cancel Subscription” button and hit on the “Confirm” button. 

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on a Roku?

By following the given steps, you can cancel your Paramount Plus by using the Roku device through a web browser.

  1. Firstly, go to open the Roku website on your favourite web browser.
  2. Then, on your Roku website, login into your account which you connected to your Paramount membership.
  3. Now, follow to find the “Manage my Subscriptions” feature and then knock on it.
  4. Later, pick to cancel your subscription channel which you would to cancel.
  5. At last, the cancellation will be done after tapping on the Unsubscribe option.

By following the given steps, you can cancel your Paramount Plus by using the Roku app.

  1. First, find the Home feature and press on your Roku remote.
  2. Later, just show up on the Paramount Plus channel if you would like to cancel it.
  3. After that, knock on highlight the channel you would like to cancel.
  4. Then, on the remote press Star to display the available options list.
  5. Soon after, pick Manage subscription from the displayed options list.
  6. Next, pick the Cancel subscription to unsubscribe.
  7. Finally, ensure that by choosing Cancel subscription and tapping on the ‘Done’ button.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon Fire TV?

Following guidelines will be taken to you to cancel the Paramount Plus on an Amazon Fire TV.

  1. Follow to Amazon website and open your Amazon account. 
  2. After that, “Memberships and Subscriptions” will be seen on the screen by entering your Amazon account.
  3. Later, tap on the “Manage Subscriptions” feature and a list can be seen.
  4. Then, from the displayed new choose “Manage Your Prime Video Channels” and then a link can be seen to knock.
  5. After that, follow to the channels division of the Prime Video.
  6. Soon after that, a list of options will be viewed among them, pick the “Paramount plus Subscriptions”.
  7. Lastly, tap on the “Cancel Channel” button, and tap on the ‘Done’ button. 

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Free Trial In 2024?

Having a standalone account along with Paramount Plus then the under given instructions will drive to cancel Paramount Plus free trial in 2024.

  1. At the stage of beginning, go with your Account whenever you are logged into your Paramount+ account at
  2. Later, Move to the bottom of the screen and then follow Subscription & Billing.
  3. Then, Tap on the Subscription button and then hit on the Cancel Subscription button.
  4. Finally, to ensure the cancellation, tap on the confirm button and tap the ‘Done’ button.

How to Get a Refund for Paramount+ Subscription Cancelation?

According to the Terms and Conditions of the Paramount Plus subscription, you may not get any refund even you done cancellation about your subscription. In a very odd kind of situations, we may give refund, credit, discount, or any other credits only to a few or total of our subscribed members.

These credits will be provided to our subscribers according to our sole judgment and there is no guarantee in the future that we provide the same credits may be or may not be for our subscribers. You cannot apply any force on us to refund the credits for which you bought the Paramount plus Subscriptions.

  1. Can it possible to cancel Paramount Plus before paying?

    Surely, you can undo the process of your Paramount Plus subscription at other times and you can enjoy it all over the year until your billing cycle ends.

  2. Does Paramount Plus collect any Charge or any Fee for the Cancellation process?

    Paramount Plus do not collect any charges or fees from their subscribers while in the processing of cancellation of your subscription. But, the cancellation process can be done before the billing cycle period ends.

  3. How can I re-subscribe to paramount plus, after cancellation?

    At any time you can subscribe to Paramount Plus subscription even you have done the cancellation before.

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