How to Cancel or Close Credit Card Online

Close your Credit Card Account Online if you Decide on Different methods like Calling Customer Care, Written Request to the Credit Card issuer, Sending an e-mail, or Submitting an online request to close the Credit card Online…

If you are no longer using your old credit card or want to close a credit card then you should be following the below process in order to do that. Though for each bank the closing process might be a little different the high level remains the same which is stated below.

Cancel Credit Card by Submitting Cancel Request (Email & Branch)

If you have your Bank’s customer care email address or their Branch offline address, then you can submit them either an email or an offline written letter, which should state your request towards the credit card you would like to close.

At the same time, for an offline branch letter, you should go in person to submit the request form since post letters are not accepted anymore.

Cancel or Close your Credit Card Online
Cancel or Close your Credit Card Online

Cancel a Credit Card from Online Banking

All the Banking services now offer their users new flexibility. Here, you can log into your mobile banking or online banking and then select the Credit card you wish to close.

  • First, you have to Pause the “Automatic Payments.
  • Secondly, if there are any balances or overdue, then you have to pay them accordingly
  • Once done, you will see an option to “Close Credit Card” You have to click and follow the process to close the card for good.

*Note: Both mobile banking and online banking have a similar process when it comes to closing your credit card for any of the banking services out there.

Can I cancel a Credit Card by Calling Customer Support?

No Banking service or Bank will allow you to cancel your credit card via the Customer support number because this requires the customer’s own personal remorse. You can call your banking service customer support to check if they can help you to guide in order to manually cancel and close the credit card but never in any situation, customer support will cancel or close your card.

Cancelling your Credit Card? – Important Steps to Remember

It is easier to cancel the credit cards now, but you have to make sure you follow the below essential steps that are integral when you decide to cancel or close a card.

  • Points Redemption: Your card will have points that are redeemable then you can turn into money or coupons.
  • Check for closure amount or penalties: Check with your customer if there is any penalty with the card closer and if there is any you should pay it upfront and then close the card.
  • Card closure confirmation: Once the card is closed, you should receive an email confirmation from the bank that is important for you to keep.

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