How to Hide Apps on your iPhone

Having a huge number of applications on your mobile may it causes to bring down the charge of your battery it may cause long buffering when you are working with an app or it may cause bring down the functioning of your mobile and also causes a decrease in the space of your mobile.

To avoid these kinds of problems, it is better to keep some of the applications in hiding positions that you are not using thoroughly without deleting them. There are some unique features, which are useful to hide or put out from the mobile’s sight such as App library, Spotlight, or asking Siri for help, Even if you hide them in particular places, possible to reuse them whenever you want. Because you are

Note: It may not be possible to hide the apps totally, but you can make it someone difficult to find the apps on an iPhone.

Hide Apps on your iPhone

Yes, it is needed sometimes to make our apps invisible on our mobile without deleting their information or data. Here are some reasons why we need to hide the apps on our mobile, which can be useful to hide or make invisible the mobile apps.

Here are the most ordinary reasons to hide or lock apps on iPhones.

Yes, it is needed sometimes to make our apps invisible on our mobile without deleting their information or data. Here are some reasons why we need to hide the apps on our mobile, which can be useful to hide or make invisible mobile apps.

Hide Apps on your iPhone
Hide Apps on your iPhone

Here are the most ordinary reasons to hide or lock apps on iPhones.

  • For the organization of the Apps: The apps we install on our mobile, may not be using them all by you and they may stay unused for a long time.
  • For Increasing Productivity: When you keep some apps in a hidden position, they may use to keep up your productivity and decreased screen time.
  • For Seeking Privacy: Some user doesn’t like to show their apps which they maintain secretly for different reasons. So, hiding the apps for privacy is a nice feature and keeps your data in a secure place.
  • For security: If you have any information that you don’t wish to share with others then you can hide the apps in a secure place where others cannot open it.
  • Parental care for their children: Sometimes, children use the apps without any knowledge and it leads to some unfamiliar activities like hacking, stealing money, unwanted charges, etc.

Note: Don’t think that there is only one way to hide the apps. Still, there are some other ways on iPhone which are made particularly to hide the apps for your personal needs.

How to Hide Apps on Your iPhone Using Folders

On the Home Screen of your iPhone, after creating a secured place called a folder and then hold to press any app and drag it into the folder for hiding.

  1. Follow your iPhone Home Screen.
  2. In the case of old versions of iPhones, press the Home button at the lower of your screen. On an iPhone X or newer, swipe up the lower screen.
  3. A pop-up menu will display when you touch and hold the pressing of any app.
  4. Later, choose Edit Home Screen.
  5. To create a new folder on your iPhone Home Screen, touch and hold the app and drag it to place on top of another app. Then a new folder creates with the two apps inside.
  6. Then, just touch on the folder to open it on your home screen.
  7. Later, pull the app to the right side to create a new folder window. To do this drag the app to the right side edge of the folder. Then it creates a new folder window, where you can hide the apps.
  8. Lastly, look for an empty space to touch on your Home screen and touch Done, placed in the above-right corner of your Home screen.

How to Hide Apps Using the App Library

Observe the following to hide apps on your iPhone using the App Library

  • On your iPhone, activate the Home Screen.
  • Next, hit and hold the app you desire to hide.
  • Then, touch on the Remove App feature.
  • Lastly, touch on Remove from Home Screen.
  • Then the app will be removed from the iPhone home screen and moved to the Apps Library and hidden in it.
  • Finally, you can find any hidden apps using the search bar at the top of the App Library screen.

Note: To get back the apps which you have hidden in the Apps Library, just tap and hold the app and select Add to Home Screen. You can also bring back the hidden apps by taping and holding an app in the search results and pulling it to insert on your Home Screen whenever you want.

How to Hide Apps from iPhone’s Search Results

To hide apps from your iPhone’s search results,

  1. Go with iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Then choose Siri & Search.
  3. Next, go down, By taping on the app’s name, can put off Show App in Search.
  4. Put off all the extra settings, to stop the app from displaying in other locations on your phone.

Note: Whenever you would like to hide an app from your search results, you must put off the notifications too.

How to Turn Off Notifications on iPhone App

Here are the following steps to turn off notifications for an app on your iPhone

  1. Active your iPhone and follow Settings.
  2. Next, tap on Notifications.
  3. Then, scroll down to select the app,
  4. Then, hit the slider next to and Unmark Allow Notifications.
  5. Finally, you can see the Allow Notifications turned off which significance the slider is changing into an ash colour.

How to Hide Apps from Your App Store History

Procedure to hide an app by opening the App Store on your iPhone.

  1. Go with the App Store app which looks in the blue ‘A‘ icon by activating your iPhone.
  2. Then hit your ‘Profile’ icon located on the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. If it is not displaying, hit on the ‘Today’ tab in the lower-left region of your screen.
  4. Later, follow to ‘Purchased’. If it is displaying the number of users on your iPhone, you have to select your account too along with them.
  5. Later, touch on the ‘Hide’ feature by swiping left on an app.
  6. Finally, Choose the ‘Done’ feature which is in the top-right corner of your screen.

For more and complete information about hiding purchased apps on iPhone please read the Apple iPhone User Guide here.

  1. What is necessary to hide iPhone apps?

    Generally, apps are structured to help users to keep their data confidential, for confidential chats, and for private media files from other users.

  2. Is it Possible to Hide apps on iPhone or iPad?

    Yet it is possible. For that, At the above-displayed screen on your iPhone/iPad, Hit on the account button, or your photo or initials and hit on Purchased. Then choose the app that you desired to hide, then swipe left on it and touch on Hide.

  3. How Can I Push an App as a Hidden icon?

    Go Right-click on any free space on the taskbar or Press and hold and select the setting of the Taskbar. Look for the app which you like to hide and select Off at the Taskbar corner overflow.

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