How to Share your Location on Facebook Messenger

Sharing your location on Facebook Messenger is a feature that allows you to inform your friends or contacts about where you are at any given moment. It comes in handy for purposes like meeting up with someone to ensure your safety or simply keeping others updated about your location. Sharing your location on Facebook Messenger

What Does ‘ISTG’ Mean in Text

ISTG is one of the most modern internet wordplay, phrase, composition, or acronyms between today’s youngsters. Here’s what this flexible terminology means and how may utilize it in your text messages and social media platforms posts. “ISTG” internet slang or terminology stands for “I swear to God,” this short form is generally owned to communicate the seriousness


How to Set Facebook Marketplace Settings to Local Only

Now a days it has become a common thing for everyone to order and purchase things online. Many online platforms are doing online business with different types of business products. Among them, Facebook Marketplace is one of the biggest and most popular platforms where people look forward to selling and buying their products or second-hand


How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

This article describes a few ways to recover a deleted Facebook Messenger communication. These include asking your contact for a chat record and checking whether you preserved it. You may also download your Facebook data and hope your message is still on the server. How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages You may restore deleted Facebook


Facebook Dating Not Showing Up? Here’s the Fix

FB Dating feature is a magnificent and very interesting feature introduced by the Facebook app. This wonderful feature assists the users to investigate their soul mate or their perfect match for dating online. You can find your perfect online dating match by a few preferences such as religion, age, location, height and the number of


How To Contact Facebook

Despite being a hugely successful social networking tool, Facebook has certain drawbacks. Customers’ inability to contact Facebook customer support is one of the most prevalent problems. Users who attempt to contact Facebook encounter issues, which makes many of them angry. Most consumers now look for Facebook contact information. We’ll lead you through the Facebook customer


How to Lock your Facebook Profile

Facebook has introduced a new safety feature called profile lock. Users can use this feature to restrict access to their profile to those who are not on their friend list. Other persons who are not on the user’s friends list will be unable to view the profile once it has been locked. Lock Facebook Profile