Facebook Dating Not Showing Up? Here’s the Fix

FB Dating feature is a magnificent and very interesting feature introduced by the Facebook app. This wonderful feature assists the users to investigate their soul mate or their perfect match for dating online. You can find your perfect online dating match by a few preferences such as religion, age, location, height and the number of children having the users can find their perfect dating match.

This amazing feature may not work properly for sometimes causes trouble for the users. The troubles such as entering the wrong date of birth which is not eligible for the users, using an outdated FB App, not having the permissions from location feature on your device, having poor internet connectivity, having a corrupted cache, having an ineligible country so on. By rectifying these issues you may get access to the FB Dating feature.

Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

There may be some possible reasons for not showing up your Facebook Dating feature or FB Dating feature at https://www.facebook.com/dating. Here are some reasons for not showing up on FB Dating Feature on your Facebook Account.

  1. This FB Dating feature has restrictions regarding the age of the users. Users who are having the age than 18 years can access this FB Dating feature not less than 18 years.
  2. Using an outdated version app will not allow the users to access the FB Dating feature. So, look for an updated version of your previous one and have access to the FB Dating feature.
  3. You may not have the permit from the location permissions option. It is compulsory to have the location permissions to allow the FB Dating feature app.
  4. This FB Dating app will not function from a computer, and it will work only on iPhone devices or Android devices.
  5. Check your suitable country name on this feature. Sometimes this might be an issue of your FB Dating feature not showing up. So, locate a suitable country to enjoy the FB Dating app.
  6. You may have some corrupted Cache files which are caused by your FB Dating not showing the issue.
  7. Primarily you have to check your network connection whether it is stable or struggling with low signals. If you have an internet connection issue then it may not be possible to use it.
  8. When the Facebook app functioning is not in a proper way or down at present, it is also caused by the FB Dating feature not showing up.
Facebook Dating Not Showing Up
Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up Error

The following issues are to be fixed about FB Dating not showing up.

Modify your Age

If you are under the age of 18 years, the FB Dating feature will not show up or will not work. It is a simple thing to modify the Facebook Age or Date of Birth in the app by following the following instructions.

  1. First, knock the three lines at the above right by opening the Facebook app.
  2. Secondly, move to the bottom to where it is located.
  3. Then hit on Setting & Privacy and follow to tap Setting.
  4. Next, move down all the way and knock on Profile Information.
  5. Later, tap to wake Edit, where it is leading next to the Basic info.
  6. To finish this modification, strike on the Birth year option, pick a year for more than 18 Years and make it fixed for the proper functioning of your FB Dating feature.

Updated to the Latest Version

An old version of the Facebook app will lead to not showing up of your FB Dating feature, then there will almost certainly be an obstacle to using the Facebook app. So update the latest version of your Facebook app from Google Play on an Android device or from the App Store for your iPhone.

The following guidelines are useful to update the latest version of your FB App.

  1. Look for a Facebook app in the search bar from Google Play or from App Store.
  2. Then, wait a few seconds for the update to end by knocking on the Update option.
  3. If the screen shows you an open option in place of Update, then it Is understandable the FB app is already updated version.

Enable Location Permission

Not having the location permission on your device also caused your Facebook Dating not to show up the issue. So, it is compulsory to turn on the location permissions to access your FB Dating app. Otherwise, FB Dating is not going to be functioning.

The following instructions lead you to enable location permission on Android Devices.

  1. The initial thing to do is activate your device and open up the Settings app.
  2. Next, knock on the Apps and follow to hit on it.
  3. Later, find your Facebook app and knock on it.
  4. After that, look for the App Permissions feature and then tap on the location option.
  5. At last, hit on Allow only while using the app feature to turn on the location permission.

Following instructions lead you to enable location permission on iOS Devices

  1. Follow the Settings app by activating your iOS device.
  2. Later, tap on the Apps option which helps you to lead for the next process.
  3. Next, go through the apps and knock on the Facebook app.
  4. Then, hit on Permission to view the locations.
  5. Finally, pick the Allow only while using the app feature to turn on the location permissions.

Clear your Facebook Cache

FB Dating not showing up the issue will be encountered when you are storing corrupted cache files or having more cache files. It might be one of the reasons for the issue of your FB Dating not showing up. So, by clearing your storage cache simply, you can resolve this issue. Clearing the cache on your device will not do any harm to your app and as well as to your data.

The below guidelines are useful to you to clear the corrupted cache on your storage devices.

  1. First, activate your device and lead to the Settings app.
  2. Later, search for the Apps feature by moving down the screen and knocking on it.
  3. Then, look for the Facebook app and open it by tapping on it.
  4. After that, follow the Storage option and follow to Cache.
  5. Soon after wipe out the cache available by choosing the Clear cache option and check the app whether the issue is solved.

Check Network Connection

Before you begin to use the FB app, ensure that your network functioning is constant or suffering from poor network connectivity. This is also one kind of reason that your FB app may not be showing up. Also, consider verifying your Wi-Fi and Mobile data connection switching if the trouble is caused by low signal network connectivity.

Check for Facebook Currently Come Down

If the Facebook servers are currently down, then it is not the issue from your side about the FB app not showing up.

The following ways are useful to find whether the Facebook servers are down or not at the current time.

  1. You can verify on Twitter, whether it is running hashtag #facebookdown, then the Facebook app is running down at present.
  2. Go with the website page “https://metastatus.com/graph-API” to enquire whether there have been any struggles faced by the servers of the FB app in the last 24 hours.
  3. When it is down the FB app server then you have to wait for hours or a day till the issue is solved by the FB app authorization.

Reinstall the Facebook App

Sometimes the issue will not be fixed even though we tried many different ways to resolve the issue about FB Dating not showing up. Then try to uninstall and install the FB app to avoid the issues about with.

  1. How can I enable the Facebook Dating feature on the Facebook app?

    Enter “Facebook Dating” into the search bar of your Facebook app and knock on the Facebook Dating shortcut. You need to have the awareness that this feature only works on Android and iPhone devices and it won’t work on your PC.

  2. How can I make sure someone is on Facebook Dating?

    Only the users who have registered for Facebook Dating profiles are permitted to view other’s profiles to find their soul mate or perfect online dating match they’re online according to preferences such as religion, age, location, height, and the number of children the users can find their perfect dating match.

  3. Why my Facebook Dating feature is not accessible to me?

    You may not have a proper age to access the Facebook Dating feature. The right age to access FB Dating is 18 or 18 above. Or you may have gone through the false rules and regulations or terms and conditions of the FB Dating app service.

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