How to Change or Reschedule IRCTC Train Ticket Journey Date

Many people who need railway tickets plan in advance and even buy tickets 1-2 months before the train’s scheduled departure date. It means that getting a confirmed train ticket for an unplanned journey is more difficult.

Maybe we will face many situations during our journey. All passengers who have a sudden change in their travel plans due to unexpected reasons can use the service of changing their journey date instead of canceling their tickets.

How to Change IRCTC Confirmed Ticket Journey Date

  1. IRCTC does not allow you to change your journey date online.
  2. You have no option to change the journey date if a confirmed ticket is available only once at the IRCTC station counter.
  3. Go to your local railway station’s IRCTC reservation counter.
  4. You must have the ‘Confirmed Ticket’ copy of the printout.
  5. You can also need to carry the id proof of the Aadhar Card or Voter ID card of the passenger.
  6. Next, you can request to apply the change IRCTC confirmed ticket journey date.
  7. To change the date of the journey, the passenger must submit his confirmed ticket to the IRCTC reservation counter 48 hours before the train’s departure.
Reschedule IRCTC Ticket Jurney Date
Reschedule IRCTC Ticket Journey Date

How to Reschedule IRCTC Counter Ticket/Offline Ticket?

  • Go to your nearest railway station’s ticket reservation counter.
  • You should go bring the printout of the confirmed ticket.
  • And you must carry the Aadhar Card or Voter ID card of the passenger for who the confirmed ticket has been rescheduled.
  • You can apply for rescheduled confirmation ticket.
  • Reschedule journeys on confirmed tickets will be accepted in the same or higher class by any next train on the same day or the next day, for the same destination.
  • The request must be submitted at least 24 hours before the departure time, but this can change depending on the person submitting the request.
  • During IRCTC working hours, if you submit the tickets within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time.
  • IRCTC will charge a 25% cancellation fee, and 4 hours before the scheduled departure time, you will be charged 50% of the ticket fee.

How to Change Journey Date on IRCTC RAC or Waiting Listed Ticket

  • Visit the IRCTC reservation counter at the nearest railway station.
  • You must carry the RAC or Waiting Listed Ticket printout with you.
  • You should also have the Aadhar Card or Voter ID card of the passenger whose RAC or Waiting Listed Ticket has been rescheduled with you.
  • You can apply the request for a ticket RAC or Waiting Listed Ticket.
  • Rescheduling a journey on a RAC or Waiting Listed Ticket is allowed in the same or higher class by any following train on the same or following day, for the same destination.
  • The request must be requested at least 24 hours before the departure time, but this can change based on who makes the request.
  • If your RAC or Waiting Listed Ticket is submitted during the working hours of the IRCTC reservation counters and within the allowed time limitations of 3, 6 and 12 hours and depending on the distance.
  • After that original scheduled train’s departure, then a clerk charge will be deducted.

Important Things Need to Know

  • Passengers requesting to extend their journey must inform the ticket-checking officials before or after reaching their destination.
  • If there is a difference between the actual booked cost and the updated journey cost, the amount will be returned or recovered.
  • Postpone or pre-pone the journey will be allowed ticket is available only once.
  • On the train, confirmed or RAC waiting listed accommodation is available for a new reservation is necessary.
  • Even if tatkal costs are paid, postponement or preponement of regular railway ticket travel will not be applicable against the tatkal quota.

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