Why Is My PS4 Controller Blinking Blue, White, Red, or Orange? Here’s the Fix

I just possibly noticed a number of colors flashing on the back of your Dual Shock 4 controllers when playing your PlayStation 4. Sometimes may appear more commonly than other people, but it’s not always visible what these lights are working to express, especially if they appear out of nowhere.

The blinking lights can indicate difficulties with your PS4, difficulty connecting, requiring a charge, identifying distinct players, and so on. Games can sometimes change the color of your controller light bar as a sign for the game.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Blinking Blue?

Your PS4 controller tries to connect to the game console, and the LED light on the controller flashes blue. Shortly after pressing the PS button, the light will become solid blue. Once it does not stop blinking, it might be because of some of the following causes.

PS4 Hardware Failure

Once your PS4 will not power on, your controller will not be able to link to it. Defective USB ports can also create controller issues.

Defective Cables or Ports

Once your PS4 controller fails to link to your system, try a new USB cable or another controller. Check that the USB cable you’re using is capable of transferring both data and power.

Bluetooth Problems

Once you are able to connect through USB but not via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth receiver is defective. Disable Bluetooth support sources. Remove your PS4 controller from your device’s Bluetooth list if you linked it to anything except your PS4.

Problems in Software

To clear away any software-related issues, reset your PS4 controller. When acceptable, use a different controller for updating your PS4.

PS4 Controller Blinking
PS4 Controller Blinking

Why Is My PS4 Controller Flashing White?

Once the LED light on your PS4 controller appears to be blinking white, it may have been caused by one of the following issues.

The Battery is Running Low

To charge the controller, connect it straight to the gaming system. The battery can require up to two hours to fully charge. When your PS4 controller is not charging, the problem might be with the port for charging, the charging cable, or the battery itself.

The Controller is Unable to Connect

 Verify the USB or Bluetooth connection after resetting the controller. When the problem continues, restart your PS4. Press down the power button to turn off the gaming system, then unplug the power connections and let the game system alone for 20 minutes. While the gaming system is still disconnected, press and hold the power button one more, then connect it again on.

Factory Reset

When you’re still having problems with your PS4, you may try resetting it to factory settings, but it will delete any information on the storage device that hasn’t been saved up to the cloud.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Blinking Red?

A PS4 controller with a flashing red light generally signals a hardware problem, like a defective charging port, cable, or battery. To begin, reset the controller and replace the power cable. If it does not resolve the issue, you may need to use another controller.

You can replace your controller’s batteries or charging connector if you know for sure it’s defective. Because this is a difficult solution that needs you to be able to open up your controller, you may be better off purchasing a new one. When your controller is still under warranty, send it in for service.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Flashing Orange?

A flashing orange light on your PS4 indicates that it is charging in standby mode. While the device’s controller does not charge when in sleep mode, click on the Settings menu, Power save Settings, Set Features Available in Rest Mode, Supply Power to USB Ports, and select one of the possibilities.

 Once the controller stops blinking before it has completely charged, there is most likely a problem with the cable used for charging or the USB connectors on your controller or the gaming system. When possible, consider switching connections, ports, and controllers.

To resolve minor technical issues, power off the PS4, then restart the controller and charge it for a few hours. If the device’s controller drains charge too fast, the battery it uses is most likely damaged.

How to fix the PS4 “Blue Light of Death”

Once the issue arises, you will see the PS4 controller blinking blue and failing to pair with the system. The reason for the PS4 blue light of death for some common factors is described below.

Check Your Storage Device

  1. Press down the power button for around 7 seconds to completely switch off the PS4.
  2. Unplug all PS4 cables from the power source in the socket.
  3. Disconnect the hard disc drive cover to ensure that the hard drive is positioned correctly.
  4. Verify that the hard disc is correctly placed and attached to the system.
  5. Replace the storage device’s cover and reconnect the connections to check whether the PS4 controller is still flashing blue.

Check the Power Sources

  1. To switch off your PS4, press and hold the power button.
  2. Unplug every PS4 power cable and verify the opening of the cable for any additional damage.
  3. When the cable becomes broken, and then should be replaced. If it appears unaffected, reconnected the cable and restart your PS4 to see if the problem continues.

Restart and Discharge Your PS4

  1. Press down the power switch for 7 seconds or until the beeps stop.
  2. Disconnect all power supply wires.
  3. To discharge the device’s internal power supply, press and hold the power button one more time.
  4. Reconnect with the power supplies and restart your PS4. The issue should then be resolved.

Restart in Safe Mode

  1. Press the Power button to turn off the PS4.
  2. To enter Safe Mode, continue to hold the Power button until you get two beeps one after you pushed the power button and another around 7 seconds later.
  3. On your controller, keep pressing and holding the PS button.
  4. Change the resolution, update the database, or restore the default settings, then restart.

How to fix the PS4 “White Light of Death”

To fix the PlayStation 4 White Light of Death Error simply follow the steps, those methods help you to fix the effort along with any additional occurred.

Restart the Console

While any doubt, restart. This is a long-standing saying that is also applicable to the ps4 white light of death error. So, try using the steps below to get the PS4 up and running.

  1. Press the PS and Share buttons at the same time.
  2. Wait a few seconds for your PS4 to turn on. Check to see if the error has been resolved.

Verify the HDMI and TV Connection

Considering the HDMI cable is a primary source of the white light of death ps4 problem, it is simple to ensure that the cable and connections are leak-proof. Proceed by disconnecting the HDMI cable from the console to the TV.

Verify the cables for breaks and guarantee sure that all ports are clean. Verify the connectivity on the console and the TV next. Confirm that they are also clean. Restore the connections and check to see if the problem continues.

Check Hardware Problems

The following clear step is searching for any hardware problems that may have produced this error. Continue by checking the consoles outside for any damage. When you have a T-13 screwdriver, you may open the PS4 casing and analyze the console for problems. Verify the different places and hard discs to ensure they are properly set up.

Restore the Console

When the steps listed above do not resolve your ps4 light white problem, you may try resetting your console. Here’s how to manage it while also resetting the console:

  1. Press down the ‘Power’ button on the gaming console to turn off your device.
  2. Remove all wires and wait 30 seconds for the PS4 to cool down.
  3. Reconnect all wires and power on the game console after resting.

Reinstall or Update the Controller Driver

Avoiding or missing updating your drivers is a common issue. Older drivers generally create problems until they do, but the PS4 steady white light is a prime example of this. But if your issue is caused by out-of-date drivers, you need to update them.

  1. Plug the PS4 into your PC and open the run window by pressing ‘Win+r‘. Enter ‘devmgmt.msc‘ in the run window and press enter.
  2. Right-click the gaming device in the Device Manager and select the ‘Uninstall’ button. Select the remove the driver and other software with this device option as well, and then click Uninstall.
  3. Connect again the gaming console to your PC and go to the company’s website to look for the most recent drivers.

How to fix the PS4 “Red Light of Death”

Below methods helps you to fix the Red Light of Death issue on your Play Station 4.

Check the USB Port

A broken or damaged USB port is the most common cause of the red light on the PS4 Controller. When the device has no charge, the USB port stops operating and the Controller on the bar displays a red light. As such, before connecting the USB connection, try to clean and recharge your battery.  If the problem continues, try connecting the cable to another USB port.

Replace the PS4 Battery

Your battery may then approach the end of its useful life. After an extended time of usage, the battery drains and does not charge when the cable is connected. This is why the red light on the PS4 controller flashes. So, for this start solution, we recommend purchasing a new battery and then replacing it with an existing battery; this should cure the PlayStation controller’s red-light difficulties.

Remove Your Charging Cable

Many people get a red light on their PS4 Controller while charging. During that time, you must remove the PS4 Controller charging wire to see the reason why the problem continues. Remove the charging wire if you notice a red light on the controller’s screen. If the problem continues after disconnecting the charging cable, it is not due to the charging cable.

Replace the PS4 Controller Ribbon Flex Cable

Once the ribbon cable is broken, you are going to be difficult to charge the PS4 console batteries, and the PS4 controller will not charge as a result. You can follow the below steps.

  1. Remove the PS4 and keep the case and the Ribbon Flex Cable first. Wipe the cable with vinegar and reconnect it before attempting to charge the battery.
  2. If you’re still trying to charge your PS4, try cleaning it. It thus is advisable to get a new PS4 Ribbon Wire.

How to fix the PS4 “Orange Light of Death”

Play Station’s Orange Light of Death Issue is fixable by following simple methods.

Replace the cable on your Dualshock 4 Controller

A lot of the time, USB cables are at fault. If you decide to use a different USB cable, this might be creating the Yellow or orange light issue. Test the cable with additional devices; if they operate properly, the cable is OK.

However, if you use an unlicensed USB cable, you may have connectivity difficulties. In this situation, try other wires. The color of the light changes from yellow or orange to white or blue. The wire was the problem then. If the problem is still not resolved.

Restart your PlayStation 4 Controller and Console

Many game consoles or other device issues can be fixed just by restarting the device. Restart the console as well as the controller. The PS4 console may be rebooted by pressing and holding the power button.

This will cause the console to restart. You may also restart the game console by switching it off and then back on. After restarting the system, disconnect and reconnect the Dual Shock controller. When you noticed any temporary problems, they will be fixed.

Continue to Press the PS Button

The PS button can be utilized to turn on the controller. Clicking it a number of times may resolve your problems. Turn off the game console and disconnect the controller. Plug the Dual Shock controller and restart the system. When asked, begin pushing the PS4 button. This might help with your issue.

Verify the Controller’s Incoming Signal

Once all of the previous approaches fail, the problem is not with the application but with the hardware. In this approach, we will connect the controller for the PS4 to a Computer and test it to see whether it is operating properly. Link your Dual Shock controller to your computer through USB or Bluetooth.

Go for the control panel. Bluetooth and other device settings are available. Go to the “Devices and Printers” in settings. You must right-click the Wireless Controller and choose the Controller Settings option. Select properties and verify each button’s functionality by pushing it.

How can I connect my PlayStation 4 controller to my computer?

To link a PS4 controller to your desktop or laptop, connect it to a USB port on the computer or connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. You might be required to modify the controller settings. Install the Windows driver for non-Steam games.

How can I switch off my PS4 if I don’t have a controller?

To switch off your PS4 without using a controller, simply hold down the power button for 7 seconds until at least two beeps are received. The console is going to turn off altogether.

What’s happening with my PS4 controller blinking white and red?

One is due to a battery drain battery failure, which means you must charge your PS4 controller to get it back on the line. Another possibility is that your controller tried to connect to your PlayStation 4, but stopped due to unknown reasons.

What do the PS4 controller’s colors mean?

The color given is decided by the order in which each user clicks the PS button. The primary controller to connect is blue, followed by red, then green, and finally orange or yellow.

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