xResolver, Best Alternatives for XBOX XResolver

xResolver is an online service that monitors the Gamertags and IP addresses of Xbox, Playstation, and PC gamers. xResolver was designed to safeguard the login and Gamertag from internet hackers. xResolver’s primary function is to translate Gamertags and usernames with IP addresses. To carry out these activities, the resolver comprises an Xbox resolver that makes use of bots for scraping data. This information comprises the Xbox player’s user id, ISP address, and IP address.


xResolver is a web-based system that maintains the IP addresses of online players. These IP addresses are gathered by xResolver from the participants’ usernames. The Xbox console is represented by the letter X in the name of this online database. Yet, it is still capable of operating with other game consoles. As a result, sometimes it is also named PlayStation resolver and Xbox resolver.

How to Use xResolver

The web-based xResolver tool is generally designed for Xbox and PlayStation users. The user interface enables users to profit from resolvers (changing IP addresses). You may use these instructions to utilize xResolver and xResolver PS4.

  1. Go to the homepage of xResolver.
  2. Choose Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver from the list on the left. We select Xbox Resolver here.
  3. Enter your Xbox Gamertag or an IP address in the Xbox Gamertag to IP Address or IP Address to Xbox Gamertag sections, respectively.
  4. Next, select ‘Resolve’.

Best xResolver Alternatives

The xResolver tool is free, but it has restricted functionality; to use it to its full extent, you must test ‘premium access’. You should be aware of the options listed below. Keep in mind that employing these technologies is not regarded as an ethical practice. If you must use any of them, ensure you have a valid reason for doing so, such as booting an abusive or cheating player from the server.


Xbox Booter

The Xbox booter provides quality content on the IP booter, IP puller, and IP receiver, and how to use it to start people offline. On Xbox, booting someone offline is really easy and maybe a lot of fun for certain players.

  • Enter an Xbox Live Gamertag to recover its XUID below. A DoS attack is carried out by a Perpetrator who utilises a single Internet connection to exploit a software vulnerability or flood a target with fake demands – generally in… It’s fairly ineffective for larger tasks like web pages and mobile apps.
  • The Xbox gamer tag search is a helpful tool for quickly finding anyone’s profile. The difference between regular and distributed denial of service attacks is crucial.
  • Use Resolver to take control of your network and follow the complete template. All information regarding IP, username, geographical location, city, and Internet providers is obtained straight from the server data packets themselves using powerful algorithms. Do you want to know your IP -Address Xbox One or Xbox Series X? If you use Resolver, this process is convenient. It is a well-known IP address in internet games that will accomplish anything and discover the answer you need to find.


Whereas OctoSniff is simple to operate, it does require some computer skills (ARP/Connection Sharing). Windows 8 or newer is needed for OctoSniff. Just one device may be used to run OctoSniff. We forbid the sharing or sale of accounts or licenses. The only difference between OctoSniff Ultimate and Normal is that Ultimate comes with 1,500 Points that may be used on the website.

  • OctoSniff IP Sniffer is a network research tool that allows users to get information about the other players with whom they interact. OctoSniff’s complete version is now available for free download.
  • This is mostly compatible with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4/PS5/PS3, and Xbox 360/One. It has several properties that make it an excellent sniffing tool.
  • It has a designed look and powerful filter methods that make it much easier to locate different games on the move without worrying about updates.
  • With its unique characteristics, no other tool or application on the market can match Xbox Resolver decryption. It works quickly and decrypts all packets, much like Xbox chat and game server IP.
  • It has been specifically created so that non-tech people won’t find it to be difficult to use. It has a user-friendly visual user interface makes it easy to locate all the packets you need.

PS4 Booter

  • We can monitor and collect the IP address of each connection on your device using software for network monitoring. Today, we’ll propose the greatest PS4 IP extractor and explain how to get it. PS4 Booter is also a free open-source program. On PS4 and Xbox, it is used for network troubleshooting, analysis, creating communication software and protocols, and acquiring IP addresses.
  • Certain games may be played alone, while others can be played multiplayer with others. There are various game apps that do not require an Internet connection. How can internet gaming be made simpler? The player has the ability to modify the IP address and username of the opponent. The PS4 username eraser software has a variety of handy features. To share information and connect with one another, the Internet and websites need IP addresses and network traffic addresses. When someone attempts to open a webpage.
  • For those of you who are new to the game, DDOS stands for distributed denial of service. This is an attack attempting to overburden the host with data requests, causing it to fail. So if you have been playing PS4 games for a long time and you know nothing about DDOs, then you know how DDOS works on PS4.
  • To prevent young gamers from accessing unsuitable content or games, use parental settings on the PS4 or Xbox One. Remove any dangerous files that hackers may have put on your device using anti-malware software.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

For those who don’t know what LANC is, it’s one of the most well-known free IP pullers, grabbers, and sniffers that works with PS4 and Xbox. The same prerequisites that we had to install for Lanc Remastered also apply to PCPS.

  • Go to settings, choose network and internet, and then select a different network adapter on Windows 10 and more.
  • After that, go down to IPV6 and uncheck the option by right-clicking on your internet connection.
  • Let’s restart your computer after installing all the apps and deselecting IPv6.
  • Once your device is loaded up let’s download PCPS / Lanc v3.

Console Sniffer

  • Data packets are the foundation of console sniffing. When you contact the server, all of your information is transferred in tiny data blocks. Each of these packets has an address that indicates where it originated. TCP or Internet Protocol transports and organizes all of this (IP). TCP assigns a port number, while IP assigns an IP address. After then, the computer sends it to the Internet. All of this information is erased from the server, and the procedure is restarted. This is known as information routing. All of this is done to deliver data to the server where it is required.
  • The technique of gathering all of this data for later analysis is known as console sniffing. IP spoofing operates in the same way, but in the opposite direction. The origin of the packages is typically traceable. Spoofing is used by attackers to get access to your system. With this method, you may conceal the origin of the packet and insert a fake IP address into the data header. During the attack, the computer cannot identify where the information comes from since you are sending it. Also, blocking the IP will be ineffective since an attacker may quickly update the code. IP spying is only allowed when done on a private network.
  • Yet, this makes our data vulnerable to a wide range of hacking attempts. Ervan, the app’s developer, helped avoid this by developing IP Sniffer. This software is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system; however, it needs the installation of extra components. In addition, NDIS, WinPCAP, and Windows 2000 Raw Nest protocol resources must be installed. Understanding the significance of modifying what happens on the network cannot be overstated. Companies must understand who is using their software and who is collecting excessive amounts of data. Harmful attacks happen all the time and must be prevented. IP Sniffer fixes these issues.
  • IP hashes execute and keep the information, whereas information is often erased from a data packet when it reaches the server and transitions to a different protocol. To keep track of everything that happened via the server connection, utilize a network interface card. Typically, it only functions with data traffic on a particular WLAN router.


Bootyou is a VIP server with many levels that generate a variety of content. It is an online tool that generates protected totals for VIP Tiers 1 through 4. More than 30 distinct layers 4 and layer 7 methods may be used to safeguard the environment. All databases are vulnerable to attacks when using secure hashes and HTTPS. In exchange for a membership that includes a number of services, it offers stress testing of its features.

Bootyou, provides PSN and Skype resolvers, geolocation lookup, IP ping & domain, and other services. The website is secure since it uses SSL, hashed databases, and other conventional payment methods in addition to accepting cryptocurrency. It is rated as being among the most affordable and reliable products on the market. Bootyou reportedly gets more than 2,000 visitors each day. It provides a responsive customer service team that can be accessible in numerous ways including, Skype, Email, Live Chat, and more.


The general method of the webResolvers module depends heavily on addResolver. The method adds a new resolver to the list. It determines the type of resolver by utilizing the name of the JavaScript function (which is not necessarily the same as the name of the variable that refers to the function) and the number of parameters.

The webResolver module resolvers are always processed directly in the browser, which may slow down component recognition. Resolvers registered with the webResolvers module, on the other hand, are useful if many downcalls to the browser are required, such as when using the getAttributeIfSpecified function or evalJS (…).

If you create your SUT script in JavaScript, you may use a function as the register call’s direct input. The specified function will then be stringified and registered in the browser as a resolver. Be mindful that this resolver function is run in the browser rather than the QF-Test SUT script environment, and variables are not transferred between the two.

  1. What is the relationship between xResolver and OctoSniff/VPN/

    xResolver together with OctoSniff and OctoVPN, both built by the same persons is a rogue website that packet sniffs Xbox Gamertags in order to provide the Public IP Address (also known as an IPv4) that no one should be able to view outside of the Xbox Live Networking Staff.

  2. What is DDoS Attack?

    Distributed Denial of Service is referred to as DDoS. It is also more effective than a DoS attack. When an attack is founded from a single source to a single destination, it is referred to as a DoS attack; when launched from various sources to a single destination, it is referred to as a DDoS attack. DoS or DDoS attackers frequently target high-profile sites or services located on high-profile servers, such as a bank, payment gateway, or other financial institution.

  3. How does xResolver for Xbox work?

    Change your Xbox gamertag to a specific IP address via the xResolver website. You may also use other gamers’ gamertags to determine their IP address and location.

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