PS4 Won’t Turn On ?, Fix by the Steps

Once you’re PlayStation 4 fails to power on, you may hear an alert and view a light, or you may be no indication of existence at all. The problem can be due to many kinds of reasons, but there are a number of simple troubleshooting steps you can do that will get the system restored and working.

Many PlayStation 4 users have reported that they have been unable to switch on their system. When they clicked the power button on the PS4, the system usually does not turn on or immediately shuts down. A beeping sound is sometimes heard, and the device’s light flashes. However, in many cases, users do receive not anything.

Why Won’t My PS4 Turn On

One of the many problems might be causing a PS4 to not turn on. It might be a problem with your device’s hard disc, software, or power supply, for example. The nature of the problem, you may have to replace the storage device or just use a new power supply.

This is why it is necessary to solve the problem before calling in experts. While a PS4 won’t power on due to application difficulties, this is generally due to an incomplete system update, or damaged data.

All of these are simple to fix, and your PS4 has a provided safe mode that you may utilize for trying a number of solutions. Most power problems are also simple to identify and resolve. It’s possible that you have an issue with your power connection, power strip, shock protector, or electrical socket.

You may safely find the root of this kind of problem and then fix it by properly trying alternative solutions.

PS4 won’t Turn On

When a PS4 Won’t Turn On – Follow the tips to Fix it

You can fix it when a PS4 won’t turn on for follow the given methods.

Unplug the Power Cable

Disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable for a minimum of 30 seconds is able to resolve problems by working as a fast reset. The power cord connects to the back of your PS4, but you may unplug it at your opposite end, into the connection.

Run a Power Cycling Test

Power cycling is a more powerful version of just disconnecting the power line, and it may help you resolve minor problems with your PS4 turning on. Even if the system looks to have turned off, turn it on by holding down the power button.

Unplug the power wires and leave the system for at least 20 minutes once the lights stop flashing, or after roughly 30 seconds. While this device is still disconnected, press and hold the power button one more. Then reconnect the system and check whether it turns on.

Change the Power Cable

When you’re continuing to have problems turning on your PS4, the problem might be with your power cable. Changing it might help you identify the reason that is stopping the device from turning on, or if the problem is somewhere else. Remove the current cable for power and check using a different one if you have another one.

Change the Power Strip or Socket

In case your power cable is not the problem, you may be facing other power-related troubles. Changing plugs or utilizing a different power strip will help it. You may also try connecting different devices to the correct power ports to see if they work.

If you can’t find another power source to use and the one that you’ve been using have a button to reset it, you may use it to fix it. Checks to verify when other devices can be used with the socket to which you’re PS4 is plugged, and then try connecting your PS4 to another socket.

Insert a Game Disc

Once your PS4 detects and takes in a game disc when you insert it, it may resume normal operation. If it fails to work, the issue might be on your hard drive or in your system’s data files this may be resolved in safe mode.

Clear the Dust from your PS4

If particles or dirt has formed on or inside your device, it may be stopping it from operating correctly. As a result, cleaning your PS4 might be a useful fixing tool. To remove dirt, use a cloth with microfiber, an air compressor, and a piece of cotton, and you may need to use a tool for the screw to remove the inside grime formation. Clear all of the dust out of your PS4’s vent gaps. Given the amount of dust, you may need to remove the console and completely clean it.

Start in Safe mode

Safe mode is a simple troubleshooting mode in which your device boots up without using the drivers and software. To start your PS4 in safe mode, press and hold the power button for just a few seconds before it goes shutting down. Then press and hold the power button while you get two beep sounds. Then connect a controller through USB and press the PS button.

Take out the hard drive

Once the hard drive is removed, attempt to start the PS4 normally first, then in safe mode if that fails. When there is an issue with your hard disk, your PS4 will boot into both regular and safe modes. It may be possible to restart the system and reinstall the hard disk at that time, but replacing the hard drive will be more possible.

Look for insect reasons

Considering PlayStation 4 systems contain warm, dark cabinets and big holes for ventilation for heat to flow out, they are at risk for actual insect damage. If you have experienced any bug problems in your gaming location, it’s a strong possibility some of them got into your system. When this is the situation, opening the system and clearing it out can enable it to restart.

Check that your Power Button is Properly linked

The PS4 cover’s power button has a small metal connection to press a button on the inside circuit board, so it’s simple to reconnect the case so that the power button no longer processes. Remove the protective covering and look at the piece of metal that runs from the power switch on the cover. If it doesn’t break off, check that the metal piece touches the power button within the controller when you restore the cover.

Change your Power Connection

 In particular cases, an incorrect power supply is the reason for your PS4 not powering on. The following fails to be any easier to change than a PS4 hard drive, and you’ll probably have difficulties identifying it completely without the correct tools and skills. As a result, you should speak with an expert before attempting to replace the power supply manually.

Why PS4 Controller won’t turn on

While your PS4 controller is charging but not turning on, looks to have very low battery life, or the battery fails to maintain sufficient power to switch on, maybe a bad battery or a hardware issue is the cause.

The PS Button on your controller must be on and link to your system once you push it. When it’s not connected, the light indicator on your controller will flash quickly before turning off. In rare cases, a small defect in the software can stop a controller from charging or turning on. For both of these situations, resetting the controller can fix the problem.

This is performed by simply pressing the reset button below the left button. If you find that the battery in your PS4 controller is the cause of the problem, you have two options, change it yourself or buy a new controller.

How to Fix PS4 Controller won’t turn on

To fix a PlayStation 4 controller that won’t switch on, you can attempt a few different troubleshooting methods. Follow the below some ways to fix the ps4 controller.

PS4 Controller Reset

A minor software issue may allow a PS4 controller to fail. To address the PS4 controller won’t turn on issue, you must reset it. Resetting a PS4 controller is as easy as pressing a button. When resetting the PS4 controller, use a pointed object or sim ejector pin to press the button located on the back side of the controller below the left trigger. Just restart the controller to check when the problem has been resolved.

PS4 Controller Charge

The PS4 Controller is most probably not turning on due to a dead battery. Connect it to a charger and allow it away for a few minutes before trying to power it back on. Because of connectivity difficulties, using third-party charging adapters may cause this problem. Stick with the original charging adapters anytime possible.

Not Working Charging Accessories

This is possible that your current charging cable or adapter isn’t working properly. Try connecting it to another device in your house. When your present cable or adapter fails to work, you should replace it right away. Check to get the charging cable and adapter that are suitable.

Replace the Battery

While your PlayStation 4 controller currently fails to turn on, the battery may be exhausted or damaged. This is a little difficult to replace the controller’s battery. However, when you change your controller’s battery, keep in consideration that it is only suggested if your PS4 controller has been taken out of warranty.

Contact Customer Service

Whenever none of the solutions identified previously work for you, you need to reach PlayStation support for assistance. A dead or defective battery might completely power off the controller. If your PS4 controller still has under warranty, you can have it repaired or replaced. If it’s free, you must surely take advantage of it.

  1. Why is My PS4 unable to connect to Wi-Fi?

    When your PS4 fails to link to Wi-Fi, check the PlayStation Network status, next restart the system, router, and modem. Bring your PS4 nearer to the router, or connect through the wired Internet.

  2. How Can I Correct stick drift on My PlayStation 4 Controller? 

    Clean and reset the PS4 controller to correct stick drift. Remove your PS4 controller if necessary to clean the analogue stick. When Play station is unable to fix the controller, consider changing the analogue sticks manually.

  3. Why is Not My PlayStation 4 Controller Powered ON or Charging?

    This may be fixed by switching off the system, resetting it, and then upgrading it. The USB connector might be damaged or broken, as wires slowly fail over time. Also, going third-party cables are unsuitable for charging the PS4 controller. If your port has been broken, try connecting it to another.

  4. Why is My PS4 Controller Not Turning On?

    Check that your controller batteries cannot be the source of the problem. When your controller does not turn on at all, change the controller batteries and ensure they are properly put into the controller.

  5. How Can I Restart the PS4 Controller?

    Find the little reset button near the second button on the back of the controller. Press the trigger into the small hole with a little tool. Press down the button for 3 to 5 seconds. Connect the system with a USB cord and clicked the PS button.

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