7 Dwarfs Names List from Snow White

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are two of the most famous characters in one of the world’s favorite fairy tales. A lot of people are likely to recognize them due to the 1937 Disney animated picture, that, although more than 70 years old, keeps famous in the hearts of kids as well as adults.

Snow White comes into the Seven Dwarfs’ home after receiving guidance from the Huntsman to leave the Queen’s land. When the Seven Dwarfs arrive home, they detect that someone has slipped in since the home was recently cleaned.

After their contentious discussion, they come across a sleeping Snow White. She awakens and tells them what happened. The Dwarfs said when you can manage the home for us, and cook, prepare the beds, clean stitch, and knit, and maintain everything neat and clean, after that you are welcome to reside with us, and then you will get everything you need and want.

7 Dwarfs Names

Snow White is a famous fairy tale female heroine and people see her as the archetype of a strong woman. Fans also enjoy the Seven Dwarfs, who are first suspicious of her entrance into their house but gradually come to love and take care of her.

Many people who grow up with the movie can easily name all of the characters. Doc, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, and Sneezy are the names of the seven dwarfs. Except for Doc, each dwarf represents the qualities of his name.

  1. Dopey
  2. Doc
  3. Bashful
  4. Sneezy
  5. Happy
  6. Grumpy
  7. Sleepy
7 Dwarfs Names
7 Dwarfs Names


Dopey Dwarf is Snow White’s favorite. He is well known for his dimwittedness, and he continuously manages to cause damage without even realizing it. Dopey is a delightful character from The Seven Dwarfs and a favorite of fans that many people have grown to like.

Considering the fact that he is a figure without words, his personality shines across. If Dopey doesn’t make other people have fun or smile he’s supporting Sneezy and the other dwarfs. Dopey is most known for his funny face, purple cap, and green outfit. Unexpectedly he is the one dwarf without a beard.


Doc is maybe the group’s leader. You are able to identify him differently by his yellow hat and orange-brown tunic, as well as his white beard and wire-rimmed eyeglasses. Doc is maybe the group’s leader. You are able to identify him differently by his yellow hat and orange-brown tunic, as well as his white beard and wire-rimmed eyeglasses. 

Doc has an arrogant manner and regularly clashes with Grumpy. His imposing is a little angry, and it became Walt’s notion that maybe he would sometimes require the other dwarfs to keep reminding him where his place is. It seems like he did this to give Doc some extra charm and vulnerability.


Bashful is the Dwarf who is the shyest. He frequently can be seen getting crimson and laughing under his beard as a result of his affection for Snow White. These characteristics make him as one of the most liked dwarfs among supporters, with many naming him the most beautiful while smiling.

He was also a romantic in heart, with affection for Snow White. It becomes simple when he proposes she tells the dwarfs a love story, but she is out of luck because she’s only interested in her prince. Bashful appears in a yellow-brown coat and a greenish-teal cap. He prefers to fit along with his surroundings, yet his pink cheeks are continuously visible.


Sneezy, as his name suggests, sneezes regularly and powerfully. They are so powerful which means they can move things and furniture. However, under the huge sneezes is an extremely nice and kind-hearted dwarf. Sneezy goes about putting his finger in his nose, trying to avoid sneezing, but it never works.

Sneezy is happy to have an entire group of people that are continuously watching for him in order to manage his sneezing. Dopey, one of Sneezy’s closest buddies in the story, is always willing to help. If you happen to be the “Sneezy” in the home, keep tissues available and ready for the sniffles.


Happy, as his name means, is the happiest of the Seven Dwarfs. Happy, like Doc, is chubby and has a long white beard, but he does not have eyeglasses. He enjoys partying, eating, and smiling everyone up, as one would think from such a cheerful character.

Happy, like all the other dwarfs, has a white beard, but you are able to differentiate him differently since he’s the only one who wears blue trousers. People have started to recognize Happy as one of the most immediately recognizable of the seven dwarfs’ names. Happy never wears a smile and is always ready to share his happiness with other people.


Maybe Happy is the happiest dwarf, and Grumpy is the grumpiest. Just shown by his violent behavior in the story, he can be quick to get angry, as his name indicates. Considering his demeanor, Grumpy loves his family.

It gets clearest once he ends up commanding the Dwarfs in saving the life of Snow White. Grumpy differentiates himself from the others by having a big nose. Grumpy is the dwarf with the brown cap and red coat, but you do not require to know that to recognize him.

He was the one with his arms crossed in a huff, throwing the other dwarf uncomfortable looks. He’s a wonderful man at heart, however, it takes a lot for him to express it.


Sleepy, as his name indicates, sleeps all the time. Sleepy, on the other hand, is not the same as lazy. In reality, he works really hard when required. A lot of people identify with him because of his demeanor, making him one of the most popular Dwarfs.

One of the seven dwarfs’ likable personalities is sleepy and at all times appears tired. Sleepy is dressed in a yellow-brown coat, but it is not the first thing you observe. All you need to do is check for droopy eyelids in order to identify Sleepy in a group.

He has a sleepy expression that makes you believe he may fall asleep at any moment. Think how weary he’d be if he had children.

  1. What do the 7 Dwarfs Represent?

    The Seven Dwarfs represent performing the right decision and looking out for one another. The 7 Dwarfs appear to be caring for Snow White and protecting her in any way they can.

  2. What are the names of Snow White’s seven dwarfs?

    Snow White comes to a home in the forest and comes across seven dwarfs named Doc, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, and Dopey in the story titled Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  3. Which of the seven Dwarfs was silent?

    In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dopey is the one and only dwarf who cannot talk. He makes an expressive effort with sounds to attract attention but says nothing.

  4. What should the name of the eighth dwarf be?

    The dwarfs tell Snow White a story related to an eighth dwarf named Breezy in the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He was a traveling dwarf who went on to achieve amazing success and popularity, according to history.

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