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We have all received calls from unknown numbers or spam callers at some point in our lives. As time goes by, the desire to identify the caller becomes stronger. Truecaller offers an online phone number lookup service on its platform, and we are here to help you access it for free. That’s right, you can add a mobile number to Truecaller to learn more about the caller, and even text and block them if necessary.

Truecaller Online

Truecaller is simply an app that verifies who is contacting you. This type of caller identification is essential for detecting telemarketers, spam calls, and scammers. Truecaller classifies callers as Spam or Safe based on contact information from network providers and data from other users.

The colouring of the incoming caller’s contact indicates whether or not it is spam. A blue contact card normally suggests that it is safe, but a red contact card indicates that you should not take it with you.

truecaller online
Truecaller Online

Truecaller Phone Number Search Online

Use the procedures listed below to find a phone number using a computer or laptop.

  1. Start a browser and type into it to access the website.
  2. Use your Google or Microsoft account to sign in.
  3. You may use the search bar once you’ve logged in on the homepage.
  4. To search for a phone number, copy it or insert it, then click the search symbol.
  5. You will receive all the information about that specific number if the facts are contained.

Truecaller login

Create an account on Truecaller, here to get started.

  1. Start by installing the Truecaller app by visiting
  2. Mobile-based login and registration during onboarding.
  3. Next, login number verification is done during the checkout of the cart.
  4. Auto-fill confirmed user information for guests during checkout.
  5. Get more by capturing high-intent users and leads on your campaign sites.

Truecaller Phone Number Search by Name

Truecaller contains a massive database of phone numbers, logos, and other information, and it just provides us with its data and the number and name of the world through the same.

  • To begin, download and install the Truecaller app on your Android phone.
  • Afterwards, at Truecaller, sign in using your phone number.
  • Here on the Main Page, there is now a Search Box.
  • Every name you want to search for is available.
  • Many mobile numbers are now visible here.

How to Check Phone Number Details on the Truecaller App

  • To know about the phone numbers, use the search box on the app.
  • There will be a symbol in the upper right corner of the page. A camera with a magnifying lens will be used.
  • When you press on this icon, Truecaller will display a window asking you to point your camera in to search for any phone number.
  • Now, follow the prompts and instructions and wait a little while. The software will scan the number and check it against its database as soon as it is detected.
  • The information about the person to whom the number belongs will be included in the results when you have them available in a minute or two.
  1. How Can I Find out More About Any Number?

    Use Truecaller to acquire more information on any number. firstly, download and set up Truecaller on your Android phone. Please enter your number now. You may now find out information on any number.

  2. Is it Possible to Trace Banned, Hidden, or Obfuscated Phone Numbers?

    It is usually possible to trace calls made from private or limited lines. Nevertheless, calls that are unknown, unavailable, or outside of the area cannot be tracked since they lack the necessary information.

  3. How Can I Search for a Person’s Phone Number Using Their Name on Truecaller?

    Just open the app and enter someone’s name or phone number to find them. As a result, you will obtain all relevant results. You may also transfer pictures from the gallery to one disc.

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