How to Find Mac Address on iPhone or iPad

Find Mac Address on iPhone or iPad: Mac address is a metric unique identity code that is to differentiate and identify the devices when they are connected to Wi-Fi. For any wireless connection, the Mac address will a code which will identify the device and allow them to connect to the network.

Mac address is a combination of alphanumeric code which is of twelve hexadecimal characters which are grouped into columns. In some devices where paid characters are separated by dash or hyphen while on some devices, it is simply differentiated by space.

This address allows you to track the data usage in your home network and also when you want to prioritize a device then a Mac address is always required for Quality of Service.

Find the Mac Address on iPhone

How to Find Mac Address on iPhone or iPad

There is a simple method where you can get the information about your device’s Mac address. This method is similar for all iOS devices which include the iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to settings of your iPhone or iPad from your menu options.
  • Then click on General and then tap on About to show list.
  • Here scroll down to network section and view Wi-Fi Address.

The address shown at Wi-Fi address will be your device Mac address, which must be shared or added to the network to give private access.

Find Mac Address in iPhone or iPad Through Wi-Fi

This method to get the Mac address is very easy and even simple on your device. Follow the steps to get the Mac address of your device noted.

  • Go to the Setting page of your iOS device from the Menu list.
  • Now select Wi-Fi and then tap on network connected with.
  • Here you can find the Wi-Fi Address which is your Mac address.

Find Mac Address of iPhone or iPad through Router

In case if your router has a dedicated app for iOS, then you will be able to get the Mac address of your connected device. The steps to find the Mac address will depend on the model and type of router but the options will be almost similar.

  • Launch the Router App or load the web portal application.
  • Now go to the settings and then select the connected devices list.
  • Select your iPhone from list and move to device information.
  • Here you can find Mac Address of the device you have selected.

That’s it! The Mac Address will be of twelve charters which can be noted and it will secure your connection without misleading any other device to connect your network.

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