How to Activate Fastag Instantly – Easy Ways

How to Activate Fastag Instantly: Fastag is a modern service that runs on the RFID technology which is in use for a long time now but India is now implementing the RFID with mobile number and vehicle number registration for making the toll booth collection process a lot easier. Well, you might have paid for your National highway toll many times at different locations where you see hurdles of long queues and finding an exact change of money to pay at the counter which takes time.

But Fastag is a great advancement from the offline process and now you just have to install the Fastag barcode to your vehicle’s windshield which will automatically pay for your toll fees while you are at different toll booths. But before you pay via the Fastag service you have to activate it as well which is why we are penning down this article.

The easiest way to Activate Fastag Instantly

The Indian National Electronic Toll collection committee has only allowed 22 National banks to serve the Fastag via their Point of sales across Indian. Other than the banking services you can even register for a Fastag at Amazon and PayTM as well but the rates may differ a little between the online and offline point of sales.

Buy and Activate from Any Bank – Fastag Service is Bank Neutral

Please understand and note that the Fastag service is not allotted to a single bank or even an eCommerce platform. Other banks and platforms have only received the right to let the Fastag users recharge their numbers through their service.

But you need to buy the Fastag sticker from a bank or online service like Amazon or PayTM before you want to activate it.

  • Once you have received the offline sticker which you have to read carefully and stick it to the windshield of your car
  • Now install My Fastag app on your phone and then enter the barcode present on the Fastag on your app
  • Then you will be asked to register with a phone number and vehicle number which will take some time to complete
  • Once you have entered those details you have to enter the phone OTP for final confirmation
  • Finally, go to the KYC section of the app where you have to complete your Know your customer process by uploading required documents
  • Also, remember that the KYC process can be completed via the offline bank where you have purchased the Fastag. In that case, you have to submit your KYC documents while buying the sticker at the same time.
  • Both the process will take a few days for approval and completion of your KYC process!

Thank you for reading this article about the latest electronic toll collection service called as Fastag which is now mandatory across India and once you learn how to activate your own Fastag with your mobile number and vehicle number then it will be a lot easier to travel seamlessly across the Indian National highways without waiting for large queues for paying the toll again and again at different toll booths.

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