Download GIF from Twitter? Save GIF From Twitter

Considering how many GIFs are available on Twitter, it’s unclear why the organization chose to make it so challenging for users to access and save them. The application’s Tweet GIF option allows you to create a personalized Tweet with the GIF if you’d like to pass along a GIF to various individuals who use Twitter.

It is a little tougher to download them for distribution on WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, and a variety of apps and websites. Thankfully, a few private applications and sites have come to the assistance. Learn how to download and edit GIFs from Twitter by following the instructions below. You can download and save the GIFs by TWDownload, Tweet2gif, GIFwrapped app, etc.

How to Download GIFs from Twitter?

While GIFs have become widespread on Twitter for nearly nine years, one would have expected the app to have implemented an opportunity that would protect them at this point. However, Twitter hasn’t gotten over offering the option, so if you want to download GIFs to your desktop computer or mobile device, it’s necessary to consult external websites.

While some applications permit you to download GIFs from the mobile app all at once, if you wish to do the like on your PC, you’ll need to use multiple free sites. The GIFs can be downloaded using other hand apps such as GIFwrapped app, Tweet2gif, TWDownload, etc.

Download GIF from Twitter
Download GIF from Twitter

Download a GIF from Twitter on PC/Laptop.

Getting GIFs from Twitter to your desktop computer involves slightly more time than saving GIFs to your mobile device. You’ll need to take a Twitter GIF downloader like TWDownload to save them.

The following guidelines are useful to you for downloading a GIF using TWDownload:

  1. Go to the tweet with the GIF you wish to save and tap.
  2. To add the URL to the tweet, click the share button.
  3. Open a new tab and go to
  4. To download Twitter videos and GIFs online, copy the link of the tweet you just copied and paste it into the box below.
  5. Click the Download button to start a download.
  6. On the download page, tap on the Download link.

Download GIFs From Twitter on Android?

One of the easiest and most rapid methods to download a GIF from Twitter is via Tweet2gif. Simply copying and pasting the URL from a tweet can allow you to download GIFs. You must install the free Tweet2gif app from the Google Play Store before being able to preserve a GIF from Twitter.

Applying these directions after downloading the Tweet2gif will permit you to download a GIF from Twitter.

  1. Copy and paste the Twitter link for the GIF-enabled tweet.
  2. Start up Tweet2gif and paste the URL into the Tweet2gif interface’s URL section.
  3. Proceed to the drop-down list and opt for GIF Download.
  4. Everything that there is to it is that. In order to determine if the GIF you just downloaded has popped up, browse the gallery feature of the app.

Download GIFs From Twitter on iPhone.

Any iPhone user can download a GIF from Twitter to their handset with the GIFwrapped app. You need to first install the GIFwrapped app to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store.

The following steps will lead to downloading GIFs from Twitter on iPhone.

  1. Access GIFwrapped, insert the tweet’s link into the search box and tap the search option again.
  2. Find Save to Photos from the list of options to save a GIF to the pictures collection.
  3. If you’re going to save the animated GIFs to your library, doing so helps prevent them from getting lost among all of your additional photos.
  4. The image is saved in GIFwrapped’s library, which can be readily accessed for watching and sharing.

Download GIFs From Twitter on MAC?

Following the instructions, you can download GIFs from Tilter on MAC Device.

  1. Tap the tweet with the GIF you want to copy on the Mac. Use the Twitter feed, the exact comments page for a post, or the person’s response page straight.
  2. Tap with two fingers on “GIF” and then press “Copy Gif Address.
  3. At the very top of the page, click the “+” (Plus sign) button that appears to the right of the present tab to create a new one.
  4. At, paste the Twitter GIF link you copied into the video URL box, then tap the “Download” button.
  5. Alternative to right-clicking, two-finger tap the Download Link option on the new page, then pick Save Link As.
  6. Write a file name in the Save As field, pick the download destination in the Where field of view, and then tap Save.
  7. Validate the download was successful correctly.
  8. Make sure that you are on the Video to GIF menu at beforehand picking the Video to GIF additional tab.
  9. Press the Browse box to find the file you just downloaded.
  10. Choose Open after picking the downloaded video to add it to EZGIF.COM.
  11. For converting your mp4 to GIF format, use the Upload video! Tab.
  1. Why is preserving GIFs from Twitter so time-consuming?

    You’ll want third-party initiatives if you would like to save GIFs from Twitter that Twitter changes GIFs into an entering video format as opposed to conserving them as GIFs. It is thus important to install software or consult a GIF-specific service in order to preserve them.

  2. Is it likely to save a GIF?

    Enable the Notifications, and You can save the earlier sent GIF by revisiting the text message that it has been included in. Take the GIF down while selecting Save.

  3. How is a GIF created?

    You may make a GIF with movement from a selection of photographs if you use the Google Photos app on Android (or iOS). Just pick Library and Utilities, and Start New. Locate Animation, which is proceeding to choose the images to use, and then touch Create.

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