Custom Profile Picture for Netflix? Let’s Add

Netflix is a most in-demand broadcasting service, providing helpful choices to create their most liked images to set in profile pictures on Netflix services. It is facilitating the features in five various profiles. By using these features you can set your profile pictures by yourself with liked options. Visit on your favourite web browsers such as Edge or Safari or Google Chrome for better resolution to change the Netflix Profile Pic.

Netflix Custom Profile Picture

Subscribers of Netflix have a lot of chances for modifying their profile icons. Viewers can submit their own profile photo or select from a variety of already existing profile icons. The profile pic image can take from your device to upload on Netflix’s custom profile picture or you can import it from an account of your Facebook to upload on Netflix’s custom profile picture.

How to add a Custom Profile Picture on Netflix

Follow the instructions to add a custom profile picture to your Netflix account.

  1. Wish to Log in on by opening your favorite webpage browser on your PC/Mac.
  2. Then you will be logged in or signed in with the appropriate details.
  3. Then, you will notice a group of profiles.
  4. Later, you will notice odd names under the profiles.
  5. Then tap on the + icon to add your own desired profile.
  6. Then Go with the filling details in your profile
  7. Finally, you will be observed that the custom profile picture will be added.
Netflix Custom Profile Picture
Netflix Custom Profile Picture

How to Set a Custom Profile Picture on Netflix using Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the top web browser, and most of the internet users have the browser. Download and install the Chrome extension then set a Custom Profile Picture on Netflix.

The following instructions will drive you to set it.

  1. Follow to Netflix icon changer extension link and download by opening Chrome on your PC.
  2. Add this Custom Profile extension to your web browser.
  3. Log in or sign in with your details by visiting
  4. Netflix’s website shows all the available profiles.
  5. Tap on the extension icon by looking at the top right corner screen.
  6. Choose the Custom Profile extension.
  7. Apart from the displayed drop-down list, Pick your profile and set a profile image according to your desires.
  8. At last, your desired profile picture on Netflix.

Note: Notice that the custom profile photo will appear only with Google Chrome extension installed devices and remember that your profile picture will not be changed on other devices, like smartphones and tablets.

How to Change Netflix Profile Picture on all Devices at Once Using PC/Mac

Let us take a look to change Profile Picture on all kinds of devices at once using your Desktop PC/Mac.

  1. Go with your favourite web browser on your PC/Mac.
  2. And then sign in or log in to
  3. After logging in or signing in, you will see different names under the bunch of profiles.
  4. Then find the manage profiles feature.
  5. Later choose the pencil icon for your liked profile.
  6. Now, again tap on the pencil icon above your profile and choose one picture from the all
  7. Provided features.
  8. At last, it will update that profile picture on all your devices.

How to Change Netflix Profile Picture On All Devices at Once Using Android/iOS

Follow these given steps to change your account Profile Picture on all Android/iOS.

  1. Activate the Netflix application on your Android/iOS device and sign in with your account details.
  2. Whenever you signed in, you will observe a group of profiles with various names under them.
  3. Then find a pencil icon in the above-right region of your displayed screen.
  4. On the top of your profile tap on the pencil icon.
  5. After that, choose one image from the whole given features.
  6. Lastly, it will now fill in that profile image on all your devices perfectly.
  1. Will remove the Extension also terminate the Custom Netflix Profile Image?

    When you uninstall the Google Chrome extension, the custom profile image on Netflix also not remains to view.

  2. Can I add My Desired Profile Pic to Netflix’s Profile?

    Yes, you can add your desired own image to your Netflix profile using the Chrome extension. But the profile image can be viewed on all of the devices where the extension is downloaded and installed.

  3. Can I add a GIF as a Custom Netflix Profile Image?

    Yes, surely you can upload a GIF as a custom Netflix profile image. But need to notice that you lose the resolution of the GIF. So Instead of GIF, It is better to use the Image or picture.

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