What is a UV Filter: Do You Need it to Protect Your Camera Lens?

UV filter as the names suggest is a focused filter used on all DSLR and SLR cameras to protect its lens by blocking ultraviolet rays. Though the use of these UV filters for precision photography is long gone, these are still used to ensure the camera lenses are protected from UV rays.

If you are a professional photographer or someone who aims to be one then you might be wondering if it is really necessary to buy a UV filter.

Camera UV Filter

Well, there are a lot of ifs and buts that you will hear from people and to stream down the options, we have written this exclusive guide for you to understand whether UV filters are necessary for digital cameras.

Camera UV Filter
Camera UV Filter

UV Filters – What do UV filters do? Do they protect lenses?

Over the past years, we have seen various photography and filmography cameras that are prone to UV rays that make either the film or the photograph look vibrant and distant from its original colors.

So, in order to reduce the blue haze which appears in your photo due to the extreme UV rays the use of UV filters was promoted. Using a UV filter will reduce the blue haze on your films and photos and help you give original quality.

Modern cameras used in films and photos are not highly sensitive to UV rays which makes them less prone to blue haze even in the widest of climates. Most modern cameras now come with pre-coated UV filters which means if your camera has this feature you don’t need a UV filter.

How Does a UV Filter Actually Protect Your Lens?

We have learned above about how UV filters help to qualify the film and photos but other than that using a UV filter can be helpful as it protects your lens in case of a simple mishap like falling down.

Assuming that you drop your lens with a UV filter on it, then it will only damage your filter, which is 100X less than the cost of your lens. So, UV filters not only reduce UV rays but can also be used as a way to protect your lens from external damage.

Still, you would need to understand that UV filters can protect from simple damage, dust, scratches, sand, spray, and other issues, but if it’s a hard fall, then it would surely damage the whole lens and its exterior as well which cannot be protected by UV filters.

Are there any Optical Effects of UV Filters?

One last thing that would be bugging you would be whether are there going to be any optical effects of UV filters on the clarity and the quality of the image. It is understandable because UV filters are just an additional block of the lens but you won’t notice any difference in the image quality.

It is so because UV filters are designed in such a way to block the UV rays which are in the small percentage of 0.1% to 5% that will only reduce your image sharpness and contrast to a small extent.

Should You Use a UV Filter as a Photographer?

Before you decide whether you should be using a UV filter as a photographer you need to understand your requirements first and below are some of the suggestions you can read.

Old Camera: If you have an old camera that cannot block UV rays then you should be using a UV filter.

  • Use a UV Filter since old cameras don’t have UV rays blocking and protecting the lens as well.

New Camera: In case your new camera has pre-coated UV filters, then it’s not necessary but still if you feel your lenses are costly and are prone to dust, weather or scratches then you should be using one.

  • Use a UV filter only if you want to protect your lens from dust, weather, and scratches since it comes with a precoated filter.
  1. Do professional photographers use UV filters?

    Yes, a lot of professional photographers use UV filters not just because they want to block UV rays but also as a means to protect their lenses from external damage such as dust, weather or scratches and more.

  2. Will using UV filters affect the clarity of the image?

    es, in fact, it does affect the clarity of the image but the change is so small that is not noticeable.

  3. When not using a UV filter for a Digital camera?

    All digital cameras now come with a pre-pre-covered lens for UV rays filtering in such a case you do not need to use a UV filter.

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