Banglarbhumi Login & Password Reset at

Banglarbhumi Login & Password Reset (Forgot Password) for Username & Password Recover or Reset at… Banglarbhumi has become exponentially famous in West Bengal as all its citizens can check their land and property records online. If you have previously got access to your Username or User ID along with your password after completing the Banglarbhumi account registration for West Bengal Land Reforms Portal. Then … .

Setup JioFi as WiFi Cloud Storage with a MicroSD Card, Configure Jio MiFi Device

Recently, Reliance Jio Pvt Ltd released a JioFi device, with this device you can set up your internet connection from any time anywhere, here we are showing how to use the JioFi device as WiFi cloud storage with a micro SD card this will have the ability to transfer files, videos or photos using the micro sd card on JioFi MiFi as WiFi storage, before … .

ESIC Login & Signup Registration Process at

ESIC Login or SignUp / Register ESIC for Employees’ State Insurance Scheme Online at… As you already know ESIC stands for Employee State Insurance Corporation which is a State Government owned entity and is well spread across India. It is an autonomous body through which all the employees across India can register themselves under the benefit of Insurance for a certain amount of deductible … .

How to Pay your NJ EZ Pass Bill & Purchase E-Z Pass Online at

If you travel on New Jersey’s roads or bridges, possessing an EZ Pass might save you money and time. The NJ E-Z Pass is not difficult to obtain and lets you bypass toll booths. In this simple guide, We learn how to get started if you don’t know how to apply for an EZ Pass in New Jersey. You will go through how to apply … .

Dharani Sign Up & Login, Telangana Telangana Login Process

Dharani Login or SignUp Process for Telangana Land Records New Account Registration and Login Process for… The government of Telangana has created the Dharani land records for the state they have managed to digitize their service online in the form of Dharani. Dharani is similar to any other land record viewing digital portal online, and this is an Integrated Land Records Management System which … .

How to Install Chrome OS on any PC, Step by Step Guide

How to Install Chrome OS on any PC or Laptop, a Complete Guide with Step by Step Installation Process for installation for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and Mac OS… Chrome OS is an operating system that is focused on the web thus giving a user access to anything that is available on the web. Turning your old computer into a Chromebook can be made possible … .

funimation/activate to activate Funimation on any Device

Funimation is one of the top platforms for downloading or streaming anime entertainment. It is a well-known platform due to its huge library of anime that it has. Its offers Japanese anime, English dubbed anime, and many more options, as well as subtitles for anime shows. We’re all aware that anime is gaining popularity. Children, as well as teenagers and adults, prefer anime to movies … .

SBI YONO Activation for SBI Mobile Banking

Activate SBI Mobile Banking via SBI Yono App, Simple Steps to get Username & Password of SBI YONO App Login, or Sign up… State Bank of India is always growing as we speak in terms of customers and they always tend to make sure they are on the right side of the growing trends. In that aspect, they have made mobile banking an essential feature … .

BBMP Property Tax, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Property Tax

BBMP Property Tax Payment Online Process for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Property Tax at… In the city of Bengaluru, BBMP is the governing body for all the civic and in fracture necessities for the Bangalore Metropolitan area and city corporation. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Property Tax (BBMP) allows you to make the property tax payment online through their BBMP Tax official portal which is … .

Banglarbhumi Khatian & Plot Information at

Banglarbhumi Khatian & Plot Information Search or View Land Records for West Bengal State at… BanglarBhumi is well known all across West Bengal which allows its registered citizens on the website to take a look at all the land reforms, land information by plot, or Khaitan as well. Know Your Property is one of the features that are the main part of the BanglarBhumi … .

Google Play Store has Stopped’ Error, Fix it Easily

If you own an Android phone, it is most likely that you have come across ‘Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped’ error while operating it. This error mostly appears whenever you try to open an app on your phone and may prove to be very irritating. If you have tried to solve this error without any success, then this article will help you in solving … .

How to Delete Instagram Messages & Chat

You may be asking how to delete Instagram messages because you want to clear up your inbox of spam messages. Perhaps your need to erase texts is a reflex reaction to an emotionally charged scenario. There are both good and negative reasons to delete your conversations and bear in mind that this is a final decision, so make it carefully. Here’s all you need to … .

Agra Property Tax Payment Online at

Agra Property Tax Online Payment for Agra Nagar Nigam Property Tax at… Do you reside in Agra? Then I am sure you might know that every year you are required to pay your house, Building, or land tax to the Agra Nagar Nigam corporation which is known for managing all the amenities of Agra. Agra Property Tax For some people, it is difficult to … .

How to Restart Your Android Device in Safe Mode to Troubleshoot Problems

Safe mode is essential when it comes to solving annoying software problems on your computer. But have you ever wanted a similar function on your Android device? Yes, and it’s easy to use: Here’s how to restart your Android phone in safe mode. You can also boot into the safe mode your PC Laptop. You can boot your Android device also with the Android Safe … .

How to Stop Country Redirection on Google Search

When we are open in Our Browser it has automatically redirected to the Country local version for example we are open the in India it will redirected to for France and etc. it is Possible to Stop with Using “NCR”, if you want Stop the Google Search Country Redirection Use No Country Redirection for Search by to Search without all … .

Rajkot Water Bill Payment at

RMC Water Bill Payment for Rajkot Water Tax Online payment at… Being a humble city in the state of Gujarat brings a lot of virtue to the citizens and among them is their water amenity which is well-versed. Every citizen who has access to this basic amenity which is water has to pay for their monthly or yearly bill which is directed towards the … .

File TDS Returns at Income Tax Portal

How to file TDS Returns in Income tax portal, Upload & View your TDS Statement of Form 26AS / 26Q at… As we all know that TDS (Form 26AS / 26Q) filing is an integral part of the Income Tax Filing and Returns process that has been mandated by the Income Tax Department of India. While it is a government mandate, filing TDS can … .

EPF Balance Check for EPF Account Balance Status

EPF Balance Check with or without UAN Number and by Sending SMS or Missed call, EPFO Mobile App, UMANG App – EPF Balance Check from different ways….. EPF (Employment Provident Fund) is an integral source of an employee, EPF is a scheme which is useful for all employees, it is a retirement saving scheme maintained by EPFO (Employment Provident Fund Organization), it is compulsory for … .

RMC Rajkot Property Tax Payment at

Rajkot is well known and versed in the aligned taxing system that they have implemented along with the facilities that they provide. One of which is the property taxes that are collected every year and it is managed by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation also known as RMC. RMC Property Tax In order to make sure that the taxes can be paid online rather than going … .

How to Download Disney+ Hotstar for Windows 11

Disney+ Hotstar is a popular streaming platform that provides a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, sports, and live events from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. It offers a rich library of content for users to enjoy on-demand or through live streaming. With the release of Windows 11, Disney+ Hotstar has introduced a new app specifically designed for the … .